30 Oct 2017

#310 A tale of heart prints

A tale of heart prints

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There was a soft knock at my door at 2a.m. At first, I ignored it but when the sound of knocking persisted, I had to gather my courage to go to the door to open it. With trembling legs and hands, I pushed myself to get out of the bed to reach the door. To my surprise, when I opened it, I found a pale blue coloured envelope with heart prints of dark pink colour all over it. I started looking out for the one who had left that envelope there for few minutes before picking that up.

My heart pulsated faster as I tried to open the letter by thinking about the possibilities of sender. Who could possibly write a letter and send it to me at this unearthly hour? I let my mind to exercise a bit for finding the answers but it turned out to be clueless by scanning the history of episodes of my life stored inside it. When I opened it, I found a piece of paper with heart prints of pink colour as watermark and many printed words on it. My eyes quickly glanced for the name of the sender but unfortunately it had still not come fully out of the state of slumber. So, I decided to waken up my eyes by splashing cold water over my face and also to ease out my nervousness.

The letter started with the title ‘Congratulations’ in bold letters. I got impressed by the style of presentation. I liked the font size, the colour of the text was blue as well as the style of the letter which was chosen to be monotype corsiva. The style of letter was my preferred style. I wondered who could know me so well.   It read as, “You may be wondering how I know you but you will be surprised even more when you finish reading this letter. Well, I can’t reveal myself now but eventually you will come to know about me. (let that be a mystery right now)

The purpose of writing this letter for you is to encourage you to be the best form of yourself. I have known you quite well and I’ve felt a change in your behaviour towards yourself. Unfortunately, that change has been little bit unfavourable. How can someone who is so gifted, often forgets about those gifts residing within himself!”
I felt as if someone had heard my unsaid agonies and anxieties.

I continued reading from where I left it, “Don’t forget that it was in your 6th year of life, in 1st standard to be precise, when you left the crowd flabbergasted with your melodious performance. Appearing in the stage before a huge crowd for the first time did not intimidate you. By the time you progressed in your life, you learned to excel in many co-curricular activities like singing, painting, writing, quizzing along with academics. Your love for Maths grew fonder day by day and your untiring efforts made you win many Olympiads at school. You have always tried to give your best. Many times, life did not turn out to be fair to you but never forget the lessons it gave you, those umpteen gifts for your efforts!”

I started to feel nostalgic as there was discussion on my childhood days. After wiping the tears from my eyes which blurred my vision, I resumed the process of reading.

“ Let me remind you that whenever you pass through a difficult phase in your life, just remember that it too shall pass like any other moments of your life. The countless rejections are indications of something better and why not the best! It’s better late than never. Success is actually a journey not simply the destination, you’ll soon realise it.

  Well, it’s year 2017 and let me remind you about your achievements. Your passion has very well been acknowledged. Presenting it in numbers so as to give you an exact idea, including the publishing of pieces of your writing and the contests you won, it is 27 for this year which is something commendable. You believe it or not; I must say that you are different and no words of other’s judgement should affect your creativity.”

I wondered if it was written by my father but from the design of the envelope and writing, I became sure that it was not by him.

It read further, “It’s the time to reveal myself. You might already have started the search for me in your mind but let me surprise you once again by introducing me.

I’m the one whom you always
 Wanted to be a friend in existence
 Oh! Yes, I’m the one with whom
 You share each word of yours as the day ends

I’m the one who kept your every secret very closely
I’m no one else but your dear Diary.
You’ll find such letters of encouragement
Whenever you need one
 May be at another unearthly hour
 Oblivious to the sleeping world.

Untill next time , keep living your life the way it has been designed and destined

With much love
Signing off!”

My eyes opened when my head started to hurt. I called for my mom. I realised that I’ve fallen from my bed and hurt my head. I looked at the clock hung in front of wall which gestured for me to take the medicines. That’s when I could figure out that the effect of medicines of previous day was very intense!

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  1. Mothers are like that only. That was an unexpected end. But yes, it still left Heartprints. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks a lot, Ma'am! I'm inspired by your way of writing.

  3. Nice. I enjoyed reading the letters. We all need these reminders in our life.

    1. How I wish my diary to come alive in my real life many times! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Lovely...this post made me smile. Letters/notes like these can be so motivating...even in our dreams! :D

    1. I'm glad that it brought a smile in your face. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.