28 Jan 2018

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25 Jan 2018

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22 Jan 2018

#333 A humble request

A humble request
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Give me all strength, Oh! My lord
So that I can utilise every ounce
Of what you’ve gifted me
May I not get intimated by
Anything distracting me from
The destination in course of
The destined journey

May I never wish for the
Power to suppress the weaker
May my words never put
Someone in the state of dejection
What’s the use of knowledge
When it can’t enlighten our lives?
What’s the use of wealth
When it can’t feed the poor?

May I never step back from
Benefitting the mass in need
With whatever resources I possess
May my needs never turn
Into a voracious state of greed
 May I always seek for the
Ultimate truth, knowledge
The fountain of bliss and happiness

I’m an ignorant soul, I know
Sometimes lost in the
Path of finding my destiny
On this special day
I make a humble request
To grant me confidence to
Lead untraded path to my destiny
Knowledge to understand
The mechanism of life and death
A personality magnetic
Thoughts metallic to attract anything
Favourable for my destination
Any repel anything making me
Weak in any form.

P.S: On the auspicious day of Vasant Panchami, I wish every reader of this blog. My Goddess Saraswati bless you with knowledge and wisdom.
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©Swati Sarangi

21 Jan 2018

#332 Evion Vitamin Enhancer

Evion-Vitamin E Enhancer


While watching one of my favorite T.V series, I carelessly untied the curl of my hair and found a bunch of hair falling over my bed sheet. I really got annoyed with this hair fall issue. I had been dealing with this problem for a couple of days. The fear of extinction of my hair made me impatient and curious to figure out the possible causes of hair fall.

Deficiency of Vitamin E is one of the main factors contributing to hair loss. I started doing my research on Vitamin E and the measures that should be taken to resolve this issue. Let me share my research on Vitamin E with you all.

About Vitamin E
Vitamin E is a group of compounds including both tocopherols and tocotrienols and γ-tocopherol is the most common form. There is a slight difference in the chemical structure of both the compounds and tocopherols possess saturated side chains, whereas tocotrienols have unsaturated isoprenoid side chains along with three double bonds. Four different forms of tocopherols exit and each one has different biological activities. Alpha-tocopherol shows the highest biological activity and easily adsorbed and stored preferentially in a human body. So, in other words vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin vital for human body.

Sources of Vitamin E
Here is a list of food containing Vitamin and the quantity:
1.    Sunflower Seeds: 1 cup contains 33.41 mg
2.    Almonds: 1 cup contains 32.98 mg
3.    Hazel Nuts: 1 cup contains 20.29 mg
4.    Wheat germ: 1 cup contains 18  mg
5.    Mango: 1 whole raw 3.02 mg
6.    Spinach: 1 cup contains 2.9 mg
7.    Kiwi: 1 medium: 1.1 mg
8.    Tomato: Raw 0.7 mg
9.    Brocolli: 1 cup contains 2.4 mg when cooked
10.           Avacado: 1 whole raw 2.68 mg
Source: drweil.com

Amount of requirement of vitamin E in body according to age group
Here is a list of the amount of Vitamin E that one requires on daily basis according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the U.S. Daily intake is quantified in milligram and international units.

Role of Vitamin E
1)    Intake of Vitamin E is essential for the body to maintain the formation of red blood cells that can store some other vitamins such as vitamin A and K, iron and selenium.
2)    It controls the cholesterol level. Vitamin E has antioxidant property enables it to fight with cholesterol oxidation.
3)    Vitamin E also prevents cancer and heart diseases.  Free radicals are responsible for breakdown of cells in human body resulting into various diseases. So, isomers of vitamin E heal the damage caused by free radicals, fight inflammation and help slow aging of cells.
4)     Vitamin strengthens the capillary wall of the face and prevents aging of the body. It also helps in maintaining a healthy and youthful skin which adds glow to the face.
5)    As the vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, it decreases the damage to hair and reduces hair fall by circulating blood to the scalp. It helps in retaining moisture in skin and prevents the dryness of scalp. As a result, there is faster growth in hair naturally.
6)    Vitamin E is also known to have played a critical role in balancing the level of hormone in body.  Imbalance of hormone can lead to weight growth, PMS, allergies, anxiety, fatigue etc.
7)    Vitamin E improves the eyesight. It decelerates the age-related eye problems.
8)    Vitamin E improves the strength of the muscles by reducing the stress level of muscles after carrying out exercises. It also helps in reducing fatigue in the body by enabling circulation of blood throughout the body.

Supplement of Vitamin E
Evion is one of the leading brands which provides the supplement of Vitamin E and highly recommended by doctors. Here is the list of different products of Evion:

Ø Evion Cream: It contains 1% of vitamin E and 10% of aloe vera. Vitamin E protects the skin from aging by acting as an antioxidant and moistures. It plays an important role in repairing the dead cells of the skin and maintaining its glow for long. Aleo Vera possesses the ability to moisten the skin. This cream is ideal for both dry and oily skin type. Apply over the skin and massage it gently on daily basis to experience the best result.

Ø Evion Capsules: Different compositions and content of capsules are available as pearl drop such as Evion 200. Evion 400 and Evion 600 to be taken under doctor’s recommendation. Dosages may vary according to age groups.

Sorce: Evion

Ø Evion LC: These are taken to reduce the muscle cramps and improvement of  skeletal muscles.

Ø Evion Forte: This has the advantage of intake of antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. It maintains the heart rate and supports lipid profile.

After gathering a lot of knowledge on Vitamin E and its benefits, I prepared a mixture to apply over my hair. I somehow succeeded in my attempt. The compositions are mentioned below:
Ingredients needed:
1)    Aleo Vera: 2 table spoon
2)    Evion Capsule 200mg : 2

1)    Extract the Aloe Vera gel from the interior of leaves by cutting it from the middle.
2)    Put two tablespoons of this gel in a bowl.
3)    Take two Evion Capsule 200 mg and cut it from one end to release the liquid to the bowl.
4)    Mix it thoroughly and keep it for some time.
5)    Apply it over the hair from the bottom gently to the scalp and massage it for some time. You can use this mixture after shampoo to prevent hair fall.

This was one of the most effective and efficient uses of Vitamin E through Evion Supplements for eliminating hair loss and increasing growth of hair.

Thanks to Evion for providing me a permanent solution to deal with hair fall problems.


Sweta Sarangi


#331 Evion:My companion

 Evion;my companion

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Worried was I for the rate
Of falling of my hair which is
Always treated as the symbol
Of beauty and youthfulness.

Broke down I with the
Shattering of my dream
Of owning Rapunzal’s hair
Incredibly and fascinatingly long

Adding to my woes was the
Degrading charm of my face
Always crowded by a sense of
Anxiety of the problem pre-mentioned

The heavy load of professional work
Sitting hours before the computer
And nights of sleeplessness
Have invited ugly dark circles

Never did I know that it was
The consequence of a
Deficiency of something
As important part of the existence

It took me quite long to
Discover the causes of my trouble
When I made up my mind
To visit a specialist doctor

The doctor very easily tracked
The root of my problems
Perhaps it’s the reason why
They are worshipped as GODs.

The following are the words
That came out of the mouth of
A highly experienced doctor
While inspecting my problems.

“The vitamins aren’t things fancy
Even though their names may seem
Few alphabets they appear as
Yet constituting a vital sphere.

From the symptoms of
Fatigue, muscle pain, pale skin or hairfall
I could deduce the root cause to
 Be missing out of Vit. E

Vit. E is an anti oxidant
Helpful in repairing damaged cells
Maintaining the level of cholesterol
And improving the immunity level

It has advantages uncountable
Like maintain the hormonal balance,
Preventing allergies , urinal infections
Which can’t be neglected.

Take my words seriously
To prevent its further depletion
Your diet must include leafy vegetables
Grains,eggs,nuts and seeds.

The so-called-king of fruits; mango
Too consist of it, broccoli, avocado,
Spinach, tomato ,kiwi
Not to forget almond and hazelnut

Adding to the above list
I must not forget to mention
The supplement for vit. E, Evion
Available in capsule form

Apply the drops of it
With some rose water
On your portion below eye
To bid an adieu to dark circles.

Mix few drops of it
With olive oil to prepare
A serum for your
Skin to shine like a diamond.

Managing an easy and cheap manicure
Is possible with Evion
Collect oil from its ruptured form
And massage it over your nails.

You’ll be surprised to know
How few drops of it mixed
With Aloevera gel can drive away
The problem of skin pigmentation.

Not just the above points
You can get rid of
Unnecessary stretch marks
By applying its oil.

I hope that all these
Benefits of capsule Evion
Will transform you like
The way you’ve dreamt of.”

I’m neither a monk nor
Someone owning or selling a Ferrari
But the prescription of the doctor  
Came to me as the secret of Sivanas

Never did I know it helped
Me in a zillion ways
Few vital drops from its distorted form
Acted as a perfect saviour.

This is the tale of regaining
My lost youthfulness while
Being active and young with the
Help of my companion: Evion.

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P.S :
More about Evion  
Supplements of Evion: Evion 400, Evion Forte, Evion LC
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©Swati Sarangi

13 Jan 2018

#330 A journey to remember

A journey to remember

Dear Jeje (Grandpa),

A greeting from the apple of your eyes (younger grand-daughter). I hope that you might be doing fine. I am about to share the details of my journey to Chennai which would be a piece of a treat for your eyes to glance through.  You always wanted me to travel different parts of country independently, so presenting before you the tale of my journey that I proudly traversed.

The idea of traveling to Chennai stroke my brain few months before was supported by the theme of attending an academic conference. Let me tell you what exactly an academic conference is. An academic conference/Symposium is a meeting of researchers from different areas such as academia, laboratories and industries to share their works on a particular domain and acquaint themselves with the latest innovations in the field. Such conferences not only enhance knowledge but also encourage one for collaboration and extension of network professionally. To present any research work in a conference, one has to submit the required abstract within the deadline. If the abstract gets accepted by the committee of the conference, then there is a call for full paper submission and one gets a chance to visit there to present his/her work in form of a poster or oral presentation.

Sabarmati Hostel and a deer in the vicinity
I got a golden opportunity to visit IIT Madras for presenting my poster in the conference of COMPFLU which was organised in December. I was very much excited to reach there. This was the primary motivation which led me to pass through the hectic journey of 38 hours by train all alone. I landed on Chennai Central at 2 AM and reached my destination at 3 AM. I reported to one of the hostels on the campus of IIT Madras. I had never traveled for such a long hour before, it made me occupied in my room until noon of the next day. The schedule of mine included visiting the campus and Marine Beach which is just situated few kilometers away.

IITM Campus
The campus of IIT Madras covers around 620 hectares of area and out of which the green forest sprawls over an area of 250 acres. It is also home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. Even one could find a lot of monkeys roaming and playing inside the hostel. Being unacquainted with the aforementioned fact, I was chased by a troop of monkeys because of carrying a polythene bag which residents of campus didn’t use. I tried to capture photos of a herd of deer which were grazing near the hostel. Sabarmati hostel was the newly constructed one having seven floors and it was situated in the vicinity of two other girl’s hostels named Sarayu and Sharabati. All of these had a common mess. Institute was somewhere located about 2.5km from the main gate. I had my lunch in IRCTC canteen which was closer to the swimming pool. Lunch was too delicious as compared to the monotonous meal provided in the train. As the institute also organized inter IIT sports meet at the same time, so a lot of participants from different IITs all over the country were roaming in the campus. Interestingly, the name of the hostels in IITM is assigned on the basis of rivers of India.  I headed towards Student Activity Centre, as I heard a lot of voice cheering out loudly. It was a volleyball match: IITM vs IIT Ropar and IITM was in lead by 20 points. I was fascinated to observe some students engaged in spray-painting. I went back to my room to prepare for the upcoming event.

Skating ground
The next day was the D-day. The venue was IC-SR building which was in front of the administrative block. The main attraction was the elephant statue at Gajendra Circle. I had to take a few steps from the Gajendra Circle to reach there.  The conference was organised by the management team. This conference was divided into 18 sessions to be covered within the duration of three days. I presented my poster in the afternoon session followed by talks of distinguished speakers. It was indeed a nice experience to share my work with other researchers across the country and get some valuable feedback which I would incorporate into my work for a better outcome.

Each day of the conference would start with the talk followed by a session of a poster presentation and followed by talks again. It would end up with a poster session in evening. After three consecutive talks, there would be tea break, where the delegates and participants would assemble for refreshments and discussion at the hall. Playground of Kendriya Vidyalaya was just adjacent to the venue where the conference was held. While watching students playing relieved some of the memories associated with my school. Being a student of KV, I could very well recollect those game periods and inter-house matches organised in school during last periods on Fridays. Somewhat I felt that I was back to the nostalgic days. I thanked God for giving me a chance to enjoy my life as a student pursuing research. I strongly believe that this phase (student) is the best part of life as there is always a scope of learning and implementing knowledge for the advancement of society. In the evening, certificates were distributed to all the participants.

Last day of the dinner was arranged in Westin restaurant which was at a walkable distance from Velachery Gate. I was awe-struck at the interior design. We all enjoyed the dinner and we had a photo session there. We bid goodbye to each other with a hope to meet again. We left for our respective hostels. I packed my luggage keeping in mind that essentials were not left hurriedly.

IITM Campus
I reached at the Chennai Central at around 10:30 PM. As I could not find the name of my train displayed on the screen, I waited there and there was an announcement made for the delay of the train. So, I had no option other than passing my time by reading a novel. Finally, I boarded the train at 12 AM. This time, I got a company of an old man and his grandchild sharing the same coach as that of mine and we had a good conversation over a variety of things. He introduced himself as a retired faculty of Economics and he had come to pick up his grandchild who was a student there.  He reminded you. I just imagined you in place of him. My journey would have been marvelous. The relationship of grandparents with his grandchildren is really unique and they shower their unconditional love all the time by protecting from the wrath of parents.

Although the conference only lasted for three days yet it proved to be a life-changing experience for me. I not only met with intellectuals and experts in the field but also got an opportunity to explain my work to them. This journey has also transformed me in a sense that I feel much more independent and confident now for having been traveled to an unknown city and managing things in a proper way. Through this journey, I discovered some of my abilities to tackle different situations deftly. Somehow it also helped in boosting up my spirit to pursue what I am interested in.  One of the fascinating things about Chennai is that there is no barrier to communication arising from a language. A common man can understand and speak English. It's not necessary that you should know Tamil or you should have a local friend to guide you. 

Grandpa, It was my habit to share all the interesting incidences with you. Though you don’t reside in this materialistic world yet you are there to read my letters and appreciate my effort. I need your blessings and support for every venture of my life. 

Your loving grandchild,

P.S: You can grab a copy of the book " A hundred little flames" by Preeti Sheenoy
A hundred little flames


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8 Jan 2018

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