16 Oct 2017

#303 Conversation of modern gadgets

Conversation of modern gadgets

Raman, one of the reputed businessmen of Delhi had left for vacation to Miami with his five-years-old daughter and wife for a month. With his luggage being packed, he had his brand new Apple iPhone 8 in his hand which was radiating its lustrous hues. This was his new mobile phone which he had ordered ye after replacing his Samsung Pro mobile.

Apple’s iPhones remain unbeatable since they have entered into the market of electronics in the year 2007 and swayed away all mobile phones with a blow.  Now Apple iPhones have successfully completed ten years and proved to be the most iconic smartphones ever made. These iPhones have not only brought revolution in the world of Smartphones but also gave a new touch to the electronics industry.  Apple’s iPhones are not within the budget of a middle-class family and this is what makes them a matter of status in a society. These smart phones come under luxurious gadgets like a deluxe hotel not everyone could afford. There is a huge difference between the way people handle normal phones and iphones. Often iphone owners are seen taking selfies in front of a mirror so that its logo gets reflected perfectly. News like a guy selling his kidney in order to purchase an iPhone has hit the media for long. Such is the craze of iPhones. Gadgets really play an important role in simplifying our day-today life. From e-shopping to e-transaction of money, everything is at one’s finger tip.   

Raman’s house was not empty at all. It was a shelter for a lot of gadgets being occupied at different locations. In his absence, there would be hot discussions among all the gadgets regarding the world and what not! And now, these gadgets had plenty of time to carry out their conversation at an ease without being bothered by their owners for about one month.

“Hi, what’s up?” said Voltas Air Conditioner with a smile in face.
“Nothing much these days, lying dormant here on table.” Replied a Samsung Pro mobile.
“Why so, aren’t you being used by your owner now-a-days?” Voltas AC fired another question.
“I feel quite lonely because I think that my owner is no longer interested in me now.” Samsung Pro mobile opened up a bit more.

“Nothing like that, he may be busy. No need to worry much as he is out for the vacation. Perhaps for a month!! Just chill as it’s the time for us to relax as well. We were being used tremendously. Don’t you feel so??” Said Voltas AC with one blow in order to lighten up the mood of Samsung Tab.

“Oh my God!! One month. But I miss Riya. Because she was the one who would love to watch cartoon and I am the one who would love to see her reactions. How lovely she is!! The way she uses my remote to operate me is just beyond any description. I don’t like to remain shut down for such a long time.” It was always a habit of Sony Bravia LCD TV to jump into the conversation all of a sudden. It did not like to keep quiet and for that reason only it was hated by other gadgets present in the house.

“Yesterday only, I saw my owner holding a parcel in his hand. He was very much excited to unpack the parcel. I was surprised to see his reaction on unpacking the box. It was a brand new Apple iPhone 8, glittering and radiating its spark. The moment he held this smart iphone, kept me aside. I felt neglected and unworthy.” Samsung Pro mobile broke down and cried like a child.

To this, whirlpool washing machine could not resist itself from consoling Samsung Pro mobile. It was like a child to this old gadget (washing machine) which was brought to Raman’s house a decade ago. “Please have patience ,my dear. He has purchased a new smartphone in order to gain some status among his friends. You have always been a part of his daily life. It’s natural for him to go for an advance model. It’s wrong on your part to think like that.”

“He is thinking absolutely right. He is of no more use now. When one has an advance model of something, why would one ever think to use the old one??” Said LG refrigerator."

“Whatever you told, may be correct but one could not predict anything right now. He may use both of them also.” Voltas Air conditioner tried to balance the conversation.

“I just visualise myself to be left unused forever like Philip’s Boombox. Without being in operation, we gadgets are just dead.” Continued Samsung Pro mobile.

“I have been praying for last one year to get sold as soon as possible. It’s always better to be in use of someone’s else rather than lying dormant here in a house where your existence is just negligible.” Philip’s Boombox participated in conversation by raising his voice.

“I agree with you completely. It is a wise decision to sell your gadgets which are not in use. By this way, one would not only get money but also make it available for some needy people.” Whirlpool Washing machine discussed a logical point.

“I wish that, if my owner doesn’t want to make me a part his daily life, then I should be better sold off. I would prefer myself being at someone else’s hand rather than lying dormant here. It’s an ideology of every gadget to fulfil the expectation of his owner.” Samsung Pro mobile spoke his heart out loudly.

“I think if you are not being used by your owner, you will be sold definitely. He can’t keep a lot of gadgets. He will have to clean up everything one day. So, I wish the same only for you. Let’s leave a message with the help of the e-pen.” Concluded Voltas Air Conditioner.

A message was left for Raman to receive over Windows.
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  1. Impressive! A big applause to your efforts in dialogue writing. I completely enjoyed the conversation, too creative. Way to go! More power to your creativity.. :*