6 Oct 2017

#298 Waves of nostalgia

Waves of nostalgia
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When I look back
At my glorious past
Numerous waves of memories
Inundate my mind
I start to feel nostalgic
I miss my parent’s care
For these geographical distance
That stands tall between us
I start cherishing every moment
Of being a child
School days and associate accessories
Bubbling innocence with no worries
Getting up early was a ritual
Which I never missed
Late comer was the tag
Which I abhorred till my school day’s end
Books which said the unsaid
Became my comrade
My family members cheered me up
Whenever situations made me cry
An omnipresent friend in
Form of my twin sister

Sitting on a chair in
An empty room in my hostel
When a cloud of loneliness tries
To shadow my intuition
I let this feeling of nostalgia
To play the episodes of my past
Over and over again.

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I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge  (Hyperlink this to: http://writetribe.com).   

©Swati Sarangi


  1. This post made me nostalgic too. Beautiful memories of childhood and innocence.

  2. Very reflective and a tad sad too. Yes home and childhood were great days.

  3. Evocative lines of the past; I can read the loneliness and the love between the lines.

  4. lovely and nostalgic too...Yes! childhood days were the golden days of life. and you had re-called those days so beautifully.

  5. Very beautifully you penned down the memories of your childhood. Feeling nostalgic too. Great write up

  6. Those were the days when the heart was free and life was pleasant and full of fun.

    Lovely lines penned beautifully.

    1. Yes..those were those golden days.. Thanks for commenting after going through this post.. :)