16 Oct 2017

#302 Cashifying an old mobile

Cashifying an old mobile

Smart phones have changed our lives tremendously. It’s difficult to imagine our lives without them these days. Think about anything and smart phones will be there at your service. Thanks to the the technology which has made many things possible just by a simple touch over the screen of smart phone.  Various applications also called as apps most popularly, are like “jinns” in this modern world. They are very well equipped to take care of you in the best possible way. When you feel bored, you can access millions of songs from apps like saavn,gaana without worrying about collecting them on your own. Gaming apps provide entertainment in the best form. My favourite have been Sudoku, chess, checkers,puzzle games. For every android user, google play store has been the store house of useful and important apps. These apps have formed an integral part of my life, from (alarm app) waking me up in the early morning like my mother, prompting me to exercise, my digital diary; mirakee app, aiding the process of providing me knowledge, capturing various moments of life to be treasured forever, satisfying my hungry stomach, helping me to commute from one place to another, bringing different things at my door step, helping me to build up many habits like meditation to singing lullaby to sleep. My life was totally different few years back when I was not exposed to the world of smart phones.

I got my first smart phone 2 years ago. I was not much interested in purchasing it until various advantages associated with it caught my attention. I was sceptical about choosing a smart phone and ended up selecting Huwei Honor Bee through a popular site of e-commerce. Little did I know that I would get too impressed by its features.  To be frank, it never disappointed me. Full value for money. I started wondering about the intellectual abilities and innovative skills of the designer. I appreciated that. This 4.5 inch device started ruling my life and kept on impressing me through its wonderful applications. How easily it became an indispensible part of my existence, it’s difficult to say.

Technology is an ever changing entity. It keeps on getting modified each moment with the demand of the customers. There’s almost no check on the advancement. Recently I purchased another smart phone. Instead of throwing the old one which accompanied me for years, into a trash, won’t it be smart to convert it into cash? I have chosen to sell it in a website called Cashify,  https://www.cashify.in/.. Cashify guides one to sell any electronic gadget within 60 seconds or less. Think about such a hassle free process. I mean, just imagine about the speed at which this world of internet will market your old gadgets. Incredible it is! You have to do few things to get your gadgets sold. Log on to the website, select the device and based on the condition of it, you’ll be guided to fix the price of it in comparison with the current market price of the gadget.  So , you are few touches away from getting the cash at your doorstep as cashify app is available in google playstore which can be downloaded absolutely free of cost. That’s how the process of selling has got simplified and again through an app. In addition to selling your gadgets, you can also get the facility of repairing your mobile phone in that website. For that you have to select few options such as city, brand and mobile.

P.S: I’ve included the coupon code CLEANCASH in this post so that my readers will get an additional Rs.250 on the sale of their gadgets.


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