24 Apr 2015

#101 A Farewell Note

A Farewell Note
Theme- This poem is all about my journey of four years in the Department of Chemical Engineering, IGIT Sarang. Many memories are still alive. Good memories will be cherished forever and bad memories will remind me of my faults. It seems as if the time has passed quite quickly. I feel privileged to be a part of this institute and 30th batch of Chemical Engineering.
So, I dedicate this poem to all the members of family of Chemical Engineering, IGIT Sarang.

I joined this institute in first year,
My eyes were filled with tears
Reverse were the conditions,
But to move back wasn’t an option.

Didn’t know about Chemical Engg. before,
With a hope that I would enjoy it more
Perplexed was I, in the beginning,
To achieve something big was a dream.

FM and MO got introduced in 2nd year,
Were taught very nicely here
CPT provided us flow sheets of plants,
In CPC- material and energy balance.

Interesting were the subjects- PDC & CET,
The more you learn, if you read carefully
Were the words uttered by our teachers,
Pushed us to cross all barriers.

MT and HT gave us some view,
Of engineering world with some clue
Extractors, evaporators and distillation columns,
Started to form my realm.

Came the turn of CRE,
We trembled much initially
The only way to develop an interest,
To solve many problems without any rest.

PRE, MST, PID, & FBE couldn’t be ignored,
Within them some new things to explore
In the verge of completing our course,
These have become our companions forever.

There’s no age limit to learn,
This is what should be our passion
Thanks to all for lending your support,
Without which I couldn’t move at all.

Doesn’t matter whether we win or fail,
Plans of destiny can’t be delayed
Wake up, move but never stop,
We’ll reach definitely, at any cost.

Sweta Sarangi

#100 My voyage to blogging

My voyage to blogging
I dedicate this poem to the 100th post of my blog. I am privileged to write this post. My blog started with random scribbling about two years back. Later it turned an integral part of my life. I just wish this journey to never end.

My voyage- began two years back,
Held my pen, let thoughts to work
Immersed myself in realm of words,
Got landed into a diverse world.

Difficult part was narrating a story,
I felt like molding clay in pottery
Imagined a plot that suited the most,
And elaborated that at any cost.

Characters should justify the scene,
To lay an impact based on theme
Holding the readers till its end,
A powerful message to comprehend.

Rhythmic collaboration of words-A poem,
Initially like growing seeds on barren
Selection of words, always a challenge,
To browse within my vocabulary’s range.

To write essays, reviews and articles,
Necessary to overstress on title
Systematic presentation of points,      
A good notation in the end.

My blog endows me a way,
To maintain my words in array
An arena of day-to-day life,
Helpful in providing me relief.

Like a friend it supports me,
When I pen down my worries
Experiences never let me alone,
To write down in another tone.

I wish this journey to persist
In whichever world I live,
A unique source of recreation
Will continue to be my passion.


19 Apr 2015

#99 Valedictory Note

 Valedictory Note
A poem dedicated to my soon-turning-out-to-be Alma Mater, Indira Gandhi Institute Of Technology, Sarang.
Source: Google Images
 Standing at the end of a phase
And counting all previous traces
To optimize future perspectives
With the experience of the past to be retrieved

Click by me from the terrace

Never knew about God’s plan
To let me discover my own realm
Of words blended with imagination
Reflecting my heart’s elation.

Natural swimming pool

Entry was a complete shock
Far different from what I had ever thought of
Consistent struggle with all hurdles
Became part of this harsh battle.

Sunset View of Divine Brahamani River
With the passage of time
That was what I could find
Hostel’s life- the best
To leave out all the rest.
Route to Brahmani River

There were days of high and lows
Urged me to look below
To read between the lines of
Those never ending chapters.

Greenary across the border of the hostel
The bunch of all happiness and sorrows
In form of smiles and tears
Helped me to conquer all fears
And made my each day special.
Lord Shiva's temple

Indebted I’m to all teachers
For their unconditional love, care and support
For kindling a lost hope in myself
By offering all helps that I needed

My serene and calm companion of terrace
Difficult to wash away those memories
Which are quite large in numbers
Of gossips, fun and laughter
And precious moments spent with one another.

Route to Brahmani river

This day of graduation I waited for
With a load of hopes carried before
A heartfelt gratitude to my Alma Mater
For completely renovating my sphere

View of Brahmani on a cloudy day

I feel I’m now more determined
And strong enough to move against the wind
Adversities and challenges have taught me
Never to run away from the battle field
Eiffeil Tower of Sarang

With these lines, I bid an adieu
May you all become very very successful
With flying colors in days to come
For an eternal transformation.

Cultivated land near hostel's border

P.S: All the pictures have been clicked by me over the terrace..  Each picture is associated with thousand memories of past.. 

Swati Sarangi


18 Apr 2015

#98 Few days of 'Togetherness'

Few days of ‘Togetherness’

I am about to complete my graduation and simultaneously end the journey of college days. Soon I will step into a professional world. This journey began almost four years back when we stepped into the hostel.  Unaware of the situations, we were thrilled, energetic and passionate to achieve something big. The first hurdle that we faced was adapting ourselves to the prevalent condition. As most of us were the first-timers residing in hostel, we didn’t know the rules and regulations to be followed and adjust accordingly.  

Finally a moment arrived when all of us had to bid an adieu to our parents standing at the entrance of our hostel. Some looked tensed, some sad and very few in normal state of being. I controlled my tears from falling down with a hope that I would bring smiles to the faces of my parents in future.  Though we did not want to depart from our homes, yet it was a necessary task to be performed against our will. The ultimate aim was to become a graduate with a good score at hand in the end of final year. This added fuel to our purpose of stay in those four years. This was the only thing that reminded us to work hard despite brooding over the past.

As we were very hungry, we moved to mess. The first thing that we observed in mess was staring each other’s face. Brand new faces with curious eyes and cutest smiles drew some of us to interact with each other. By this way, we got to know about each other and this helped in fostering a bond of friendship which stayed undisturbed for consecutive years.

There were numerous incidences that united us as a batch and developed a strong relationship. We would never forget organizing functions for juniors and being involved as organizers was an icing on cake. In water and electricity crisis, we stood together and fought for the cause. We were also successful in making wi-fi available in our hostel. Those unfamiliar faces among us turned out to be popular and lead us to many ways.  The most interesting part of any hostel curriculum is birthday celebration. We were the Wikipedia in remembering birth dates of our friends so that we would wish them as early as possible, I mean wishing them at sharp 12 O clock was no less than an achievement. Then arrived a series of Indian festivals. Holi, Diwali, Saraswati Puja, Ganesh Chaturthi, Utkal Diwas and lots more would add glory to our celebration. In the evening, latest songs of Bollywood played on loudspeaker would force us to come out of rooms and tap our feet together on the beats. Organizing functions at institute level was just fun at its peak. Horizon, Anweshan, Annual Function, Film Fest, Fun Fair, Sports Meet, Teachers Day, Grand Welcome and Branch welcome were enough to bring us together to make something different.

Time has got wings and it shows that exactly after one month, we will be separated and placed in our destined location. The thing that will remain unaltered is the warmth and compassion that we received from each other in these four years. We came to this hostel with our parents but going out from this place with lots of experiences and good memories. All the good days would be cherished forever. Bad days have taught us great lessons to be noted down in our memory. We developed patience, resistance and endurance while coping up with hardships. Now, we can think ourselves as much stronger and matured than our past. We learnt not only to depend on ourselves but also to take care of the needs of the people in our surrounding. To expect least from the surrounding and to work for the betterment of the society is an important aspect of being happy. Whether we have won or failed, doesn’t matter but what matters is the values that got induced within ourselves in the entire journey.

The feeling of being ‘togetherness’ has evoked ourselves to think the brighter side of everything patiently and work assertively to achieve something purposefully. As the days are approaching towards the end, we are ready to open a new chapter of our next phase of life. ‘Being together’ made us realize that if efforts are put in a systematic way, result will definitely come in favour.  And by this way we can multiply our happiness and divide our sorrows.
So, I am just enjoying few days of ‘togetherness’ at hostel.  


8 Apr 2015

#97 A winning moment

A winning moment
My poem in spot poetry competition of Anweshan 2015
Duration- 1 hr
The picture was shown in a slide....

Passion to win- a desire,
With energy so high what I aspire
Roads are not straight but curvy,
How can life be so easy??

When I try to reflect back,
Memories are enclosed in a sack
The hardships and endless worries,
Have paid off in the end with glories.

I smile over those incidences,
Which made me cry harder then
Endless drops of tears of happiness,
Roll down from my eyes to face.

I toiled very hard before,
Without caring for world anymore
Practicing in the field-day and night,
Made myself confident and bright.

The day when match began,
We crossed our fingers and hands
Prayed god to support us throughout,
Lest we should not get all out.

For us, it was a final match,
We won toss and chose to bat
Crowds cheered our names aloud,
That made us feel very proud.

Our ultimate aim- to win,
For our motherland and kin
To let our national flag fly high,
Among all other nations, in the sky.

Target was set to 320 runs,
Because of our Batsmen in right form
It was quite satisfactory,
Hoped that they wouldn’t chase easily.

Now, it was a turn of our bowlers,
To swing and accordingly bowl
Initially they didn’t perform well,
We all got very tensed and failed.

With arrival of an experienced bowler,
Bowled three batsmen in a row
That developed confidence in us,
To win our match in another blow.

Finally we succeeded in winning,
Faces of our fans were shining
It was a winning moment,

We celebrated this success in the end.
Sweta Sarangi


2 Apr 2015

#96 Analysis


Introspecting into myself
At the hour of dawn
To delve deeper into the
Existence of my own

As I find that
Life is long
And so is the list
Of tasks to be performed

Life is unique
Given to everyone as a gift
Which requires not to be
Wasted in mundane activities.

After the moments of rise
Came the moments of fall
Amidst all turbulences
To make me stand tall.

Several uncountable trials
One after the other
To estimate the level of
Agility, patience and vigour.

Everything has a purpose
Which may appear with a gust of a wind
To test the maturity of mind
To transform into unique kind. 

How grateful I’m
To be alive
To experience
Each moment of this life.

Blessed I’m certainly
To be under God’s grace
As each thing has been put

Perfectly in its own place.

Swati Sarangi