31 Jul 2016

#138 Linearity of life

Linearity of life

Nothing can be a better teacher than the experience of life. I can regard the experiences of life as live teachers who are capable of teaching the most important aspects. I have always wondered about the applications of some of the bookish knowledge that I’ve gained as portions of academic syllabus. Whenever I try to correlate these concepts with simple outlooks of life, I’m always fascinated by the existing congruence between them. So, in this post I am going correlate some of the scientific terms like sensitivity, linearity, output etc from the prospective of Engineering course (Since I’m an Engineer J )to the experiences of life. I should not forget to thank one of the professors of my college whom I met recently for this wonderful explanation.

Starting with the concept functioning of an electronic instrument, one of the important factors is sensitivity. Sensitivity can be defined as the change of output due to change in input. In other words, how quickly an instrument responds to change in the input parameters. Now, it’s the turn for linearity. A linear instrument is something in which the relationship between input and output parameter is a straight line. In other words, the slope is one. That means the amount of change in input parameters is equally reflected in the change in output parameters. More sensitivity leads to non linearity which results in instability. In simple words, a sensitive system can never be stable or linear.

We can apply the same concepts to our life. If we compare ourselves with those electronic instruments then situations act as outputs and our responses to them define our sensitivity. So to get the output i.e favourable result in proportional to the input i.e efforts, our sensitivity towards these situations must be as low as possible. The tougher the situations, the better will be the result provided we control our sensitivity. My father says that the fixed duration test in the examination hall checks our knowledge whereas the life knowledge is tested continuously through several ordeals. That’s the real test we are appearing in every moment, a timed one.     

So, the concept of linearity is not just important for the proper functioning of an instrument but equally needed for overcoming obstacles of life at ease.

Swati Sarangi

28 Jul 2016

#136 Destiny


How strange is destiny
All our actions seem tiny
When making numerous attempts
To achieve something
In a broad sense
The ultimate rate of unpredictability
Wrapped up in the veil of uncertainty
The extent of our imagination
When gets blurred by negation
Leaving the track has
 Never been a wise option
And getting stuck to it
Is the only way of correction!
What a confusing situation!
Amidst all these turbulence
The show goes on!

Swati  Sarangi

16 Jul 2016

#135 Responsibilities on our shoulders: Filling ITR

Responsibilities on our shoulder: Filling ITR

Before going into the details of the topic, I would first like to define tax. Income tax is a certain amount of income to be paid to the government at the end of a year. This has to be paid on a specific day regardless of whether it belongs to an individual or a business under condition if the annual income exceeds Rs 1,60,000, after making all deductions under Chapter VI A, then the person will have to pay tax..

The word tax has its root with the word taxation which means estimation. It’s not a new concept. As a matter of fact it has a history as old as 2000years. In earlier days, it was levied on sale and purchase of merchandise or livestock and was paid in a random manner. The earlier evidences are found in decrees of Greece, Germany and roman empires whereas in India, the evidences of the system of direct taxation have been found in literatures like Manu Smriti and Arthashastra. Then taxes were paid in form of gold and silver coins, cattle, portions of agricultural produce, raw materials and even by rendering personal service.

Income Tax Act of 1961 governs issues related to direct income tax in India. According to this act, the calculation of the income tax on the annual income of the person or organization starts on 1st April and ends on the 31st March of the next financial year. These are known by the terms – previous year and assessment year respectively. It is collected by the government in following ways-
i)                   voluntary  payment by the tax payers
ii)                 Tax deducted at the source(TDS)
iii)               Tax collected (TCS)

Income Tax return (ITR) is the form through which a tax payer communicates with the income tax department. This leads to a transparent system where a citizen just tells the government about the amount, source and mode of earning income. Income tax return filling provides a method to the citizens to give information about the income and detail of the tax paid. There are different forms available for filling ITR which is based on different status and head of income.

The income tax paid is used in the development of the country such as building of roads, infrastructures, defence. Government uses these taxes to fund the public activities and other welfare projects. A rising income tax shows a corresponding growth in the income. So, it can be regarded as the barometer of the progress.

       There are several benefits of filling ITR:
i)                   It serves as a standard proof.
ii)                 Technology has made the filling up ITR online the easiest task.
iii)               Availability of VISA becomes possible through submission of ITR which opens      up  the gateway to abroad.
iv)                Easier refund claims
v)                    Creates a strong financial background
vi)                  It can be filled even after the scheduled date
vii)         The amount denoted can be used as deductions which help in reducing the taxation income.

We, being the citizens of India, have a greater share of responsibility for the development of the country. So, it is our obligation to pay the tax for our nation. When the paying of ITR is just few clicks away on platforms like H&R block, why should we even procrastinate? The way each drop constitutes an ocean, similarly when we, as responsible individuals move forward and join hands for building our country, it will definitely lead to a great transformation.


I’m taking the #TaxPledge to file IT returns with the easy Income Tax efiling option from H&R Block at BlogAdda.

Swati Sarangi

15 Jul 2016

#134 Be a better citizen by filling up Income Tax return

Be a better citizen by filing up Income Tax Return
In this competitive world, we have no time to halt and think. We are very busy in our daily schedule that keeps us away from many responsibilities.  One of such responsibilities is filing up Income Tax return, which should not be ignored at all. We think that it is just wastage of time and nothing else. But the truth is something different.  Income tax constitutes a large part of revenue for the government of India which is used by the government for the growth and overall development of country. Filling of Income Tax Return not only highlights our patriotic nature but can help us in our financial life. Still confused??  Let me tell you the importance of filling up IT return.

 What is Income Tax?
The biggest revenue mobilizer for the government of India is the Income Tax Department. Income tax is actually the percentage of income that a citizen pays to its government. This helps the government to raise funds for infrastructural development and stabilizing economy of country by paying salaries to the employees working in different spheres with collaboration with government.

Who pays the income tax??
The income tax is paid by citizens of country, corporate firms, corporations, Association of person, body of individuals and companies. It is paid at every month or at the end of contractual earning.
The Income tax payers are classified into 3 categories
1.     Resident and Ordinarily Resident
2.     Resident but Not Ordinarily Resident
3.     Non-Resident

What is division of income of a person??
Total income of a person is divided into following sections-
            1.      Income from salaries
  1. Income from house property
  2. Profits and gains of business or profession
  3. Capital gains
  4. Income from other sources
Why is filling up Income Tax so important?
The income tax return serves the following purposes.
·         It is a showcase of income tax liability and taxes paid.
·         It is a self certification that we have paid the correct tax.
·         It gives the justification of taxes paid.
·         It diminishes any ambiguity in earning and paid tax.
·         It avoids unnecessary search and notice by the income tax department.
It should be kept in mind that if we don’t pay Income Tax, we will be penalized.

What are the benefits of filing up IT Reurns?

Filing up Income Tax return can provide us a lot of benefits which are mentioned below-
1.      This tax will help our country to prosper.
2.      We can get the loans sanctioned quickly and easily without wasting much time.
3.      It is a proof for the income.
4.      We can trade in stocks, open bank accounts, get bank credits, and make investments etc quite easily.
5.      Income tax returns are a must to become eligible to secure certain tenders (for many organisations).
6.      A proof of return filing is a main requisite at the time of applying for a visa.

What are the different forms available for ITR??

The income tax forms are termed as ITR forms.
Return Form
Brief Description
ITR - 1
Also known as SAHAJ is applicable to an individual having salary or pension income or income from one house property (not a case of brought forward loss) or income from other sources (not being lottery winnings and income from race horses).
It is applicable to Individuals and Hindu Undivided Family not having income from business or profession and capital gains and resident who do not hold foreign assets do not have foreign income.
ITR - 2
It is applicable to an individual or a Hindu Undivided Family having income from any source other than "Profits and gains of business or profession".
ITR - 4S
Also known as SUGAM is applicable to individuals and Hindu Undivided Family who have opted for the presumptive taxation scheme of section 44AD/44AE.
ITR - 4
It is applicable to an individual or a Hindu Undivided Family who is carrying on a proprietary business or profession.
Source: incometaxindia.gov.in

How can a person pay income tax easily??

There are two ways in which a person can pay income tax easily-
1.      Offline Mode-We need to fill up the details in a challan and submit this challan along with your income tax in the bank before certain date.

2.      Online Mode- e- Filing is the process of electronically filing Income tax returns through the internet. We have to fill the details of income, deductions and tax payments in the income tax return forms using internet. The income tax return forms are called ITR. There are various forms of ITR available for the tax payers to fill. The process of filing the forms become quite easy by this mode.

We are left with no reason why we should avoid filing IT returns, especially when the process can be done in a few clicks with e-filing platforms like H&R block.

Then what are you waiting for. Go and fill up your Income Tax Return form before its due date and become a responsible citizen.

I’m taking the #TaxPledge to file IT returns with the easy Income Tax efiling option from H&R Block at BlogAdda.

Sweta Sarangi

11 Jul 2016

#133 Catch up with lost weight

Catch up with lost weight
Children constitute the world of parents. They are the apple of their parent's eyes. Most of them are naughty and they don't spare a single minute to put their parents in trouble. Enjoyment is the ultimate happiness for them. 

All most every parent is concerned about the health of their children. Declining growth rate of their children become a major issue which keeps on haunting parents for long. Parents find themselves in a stressful situation when there is no or very little significant change in growth of their children as compared to other children of same age group.

Why is healthy growth important??
Healthy growth is an important factor that contributes to the overall development of a child. A child can enjoy his/her daily chores if he/she is fit both in terms of mentally and physically. It has been observed by Pediatricians that for children 3 to 9 years is a critical phase of growth. There is growth in terms of height and weight of individuals. Inadequate growth can lead to many diseases and disorders. The reasons for inadequate growth in children are-

Ø Poor Nutrition
Ø Lack of growth hormones
Ø Severe stress
Ø Hereditary
Ø Prolong illness

How to keep track of your child's growth??
One can keep track of the growth of their child by maintaining a growth chart at regular interval.  There are varieties of height measurement stickers available which can be pasted on the wall of a room of the child.
Pic Courtesy
Height and weight calculator: With the help of this calculator it will be quite easier for parents to maintain a record of growth of their children. All you need to do is to simply enter gender, age, height and weight of your child and it will display a chart showing percentile of growth in terms height and weight. Percentile is a measure used for indicating a value below which a given percentage of observation is made. If there is a decrease in the level of the graph, then it is an alarming situation for parents to take all necessary measures to identify the root cause.
                                                          Pic Courtesy

How to catch up on growth??

To fulfill missing nutrients in a diet of the child, Horlicks Growth + can proved to be a useful supplement. Horlicks Growth+ is a nutritious healthy drink which nourishes children who have fallen behind with their weight and height. It comes in form of a milk powder which can be added to hot or cold water/milk to enrich the content of nutrition. It comes in two different flavors- vanilla and chocolate. By consuming this product, it is clinically proven to help children catch on weight in only 6 months. It contains whey protein, essential amino acids such as Arginine, Glutamic acid, Leucine and Lysine important to help children in stay healthy. Other vital nutrients like Vitamin A, C and D strengthen immunity.

One thing should be kept in mind that it can’t be used as meal replacement for children. It should be taken as a part of regular diet. It is recommended to consult a doctor for taking the right amount of Horlicks growth + for the child.

Without delaying much, parents should rush to the nearby grocery stores to avail this balanced nutritional supplement for their children to optimize their growth. They can experience the change within few months.

Buy online  Horlicks growth +
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Sweta Sarangi

10 Jul 2016

#132 Learning and creativity

#131 Learning and creativity

9 Jul 2016

#130 Spot Poetry Competition

#129 Spot Poetry Competition

Anweshan 2k14

  Here is the award winning poem:


#128 Poet Of the Week

Here is the award winning poem:
A Prayer

#127 Awards and Recognition

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