6 Apr 2018

#351 The preciousness of human life

Preciousness of human life
One evening, there was a power outage in my hostel. Most of the inhabitants of the hostel had been away. I was doing some important work.
As soon as the darkness of the surrounding grew stronger wrapped up with the silent demeanor of the empty hostel, I started reflecting on the passage of time inspired by the sound of ticking of the wall clock which only broke the prevalent pin-dropped silence.
Below is the article that I wrote in my diary. Being always inspired by the beauty of numbers, I tried to quantify the essence of preciousness of human existence which often gets marred by the lack of awareness of it.
Think of preciousness of a human life!
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Once Krishna told Arjun that a soul takes form of different species in 84,00,00,000 births to obtain the body of a human being.
Aren't the acronyms YOLO (you only live once) and YODO(you only die once)true in context of the birth of a human being?
We get a set of 86,400 seconds each day.
In a year we get 86400*365=3,15,36,000 seconds .
Supposing the average life expectancy of a man to be around 70years.

So, in a lifetime, he will get  seconds……............................................ (1)

Oops..here I've not taken into account the additional days that are given in leap years.
In a lifetime of 70 years, one can expect an additional days of 17.5 (due to leap years), so, 17.5*86400=15,12,000 seconds ….. ...............................................................................(2)
From (1) and (2)
The total number of seconds that one gets in his life time is 2.209032(10)^9 seconds

“Don't wait .The time will never be just right”- Napoleon Hill
Aren't these enough to accomplish what we want in our lives? Do we need more lives?
Remember to get one life of human being, your soul will have to traverse through the lives of 84,00,00,000 species.
After realising the above points , How can we ever feel
1) defeated because we failed in different examinations?
2) low because someone broke our trust or someone cheated us in relationship?
3) weak because of struggling through different aspects of life?
4) dejected because the interviewer of company for which we appeared did not select us?
5) humiliated because someone behaved rudely with us?
6) neglected because we did not get the acknowledgement for the work we put our utmost efforts into?
7) lost because no one believed in us?
Just think about the extent of largeness of a number as big as 84,00,00,000!
I'll conclude this discussion by following lines which I want you to think deeply whenever you feel low or down for any reason. I’m sure that the next moment will be a moment of enlightenment for you.
You are nothing but a soul wrapped up in a physical body. You are a part of that brave ,patient, infallible, indomitable , indefatigable soul which has travelled through the lives 84,00,00,000 species to acquire your body!
Whenever I feel down or lost (be it for any reason mostly external), I try to just realise the essence of what I wrote then.
Sometimes , it’s the lack of something which makes its presence beautiful.
Never had I know that the darkness or lack of electricity can let some of the most powerful philosophical thoughts to come into existence!
 ©Swati Sarangi

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