31 Dec 2014

#87 Let there be

Let there be

Let there be a world of peace
Each heart be filled with
Kindness, benevolence and mercy
Let the brotherhood spread
On the cutting edge of humanity
Across the prevalent geographical borders.

Let not the innocence be snatched
Or buried under the unlawful acts
Of rapes, marriage , carnage or slaughter
Let not the tiny hands be found
Away from the shelter of puerile creations
Cleaning the dishes and leftovers

Let there be a world of security
For every man and woman
Let a world of freedom to flourish
And The era of rapes ,ruthless murder,
Atrocities of acid attackers, robbers
And all illegality be vanquished.

Let there be a world of bliss
A place of secularism and sanctity
Let the rays penetrate
Through every crevice of the roadblock
Let’s all pledge on this new year’s day
To make this World a better place …..

Swati Sarangi

29 Dec 2014

#86 New year resolutions

New Year Resolutions

A fresh and new year is approaching. We all wait eagerly for this day with endless hopes and aspirations. It is a general ideology of people to make resolutions on this day. In most of the cases, resolutions are made keeping in mind those habits that are required to be changed. These are just commitments for oneself in order to get rid of bad habits and replace them with some new ones. In other words, resolutions are statements that our minds frame, to be followed by us in time period which are in contrast to our behavior.

These resolutions are dynamic in nature because these can’t stay for long. Once these are broken, next time another set is formed apparently. It’s obvious to make resolutions but not obvious for one to clutch to those for long. That’s why these are not static. If these are followed strictly, then these can inculcate positive developments in one’s behavior and bring transformations.

Here are listed some resolutions –
1.   Pursue your interest
2.   Eat healthy food
3.   Be more consistent
4.   Be happy
5.    Be grateful
6.   Meditate on yourself
7.   Stop procrastination
8.   Maintain routine
9.   Spend time with family
10.         Be focused

So, don’t wait for any special moment, make resolutions in any hour and day. If possible, stick to those for long. New Year provides just a way to start something new.

I am wishing every reader of this article “A very happy and glorious new year”. May this New Year open up all channels of success and happiness for you and your family and bring new opportunities.


21 Dec 2014

#85 Thank You!! :D

Thank You
Thank you everyone for being a part of my journey..

20 Dec 2014

#84 Those who try, never fail

Those who try, never fail
Hari Vansh Rai Bachchan

This poem is one of the most influential poems of Hindi Literature composed by Late Harivansh Rai Bachhan .This is among my favorite poems. This poem was used to be a part of the syllabus of Hindi Literature in my primary classes. Whenever I feel down, the words of this poem fill me with immense enthusiasm. So, I’ve attempted to translate it (keeping the intensity of the original words and their meanings intact).

Leheron se dar kar nauka paar nahin hoti
Boats can’t sail through the sea by fearing the waves
Koshish karne walon ki kabhi haar nahin hoti!
Those who try, never fail.

Nanhi Chinti jab dana lekar chalti hai
When a small ant climbs up the wall
Chadhti deewaron par sau bar phisalti hai
It slips hundred times during its trial
Man ka vishwas ragon mein sahas bharta hai
The determined spirit energizes the body
Chadhkar girna, gir kar chadhna na akharta hai
The process of continuous ascend and descend does not bother it
Aakhir uski mehnet bekaar nahin hoti
Finally, its hard work does not go in vain.
Koshish karne waalon ki kabhi haar nahin hoti
Those who try, never fail.

Dubkiyaan Sindhu mein gotkhar lagata hai
Sea divers dive deep into the sea
Ja ja kar khali haath laut kar aata hai
He returns empty handed many times
Milte nahin sahaj hi moti gehre paani mein
It’s not easy to search for pearls in deep water
Badhta dugna utsaah isi hairani mein
The anxiety for searching doubles his spirit
Muththi uski khari har baar nahin hoti
His fist does not remain empty every time 
Koshish karne waalon ki kabhi haar nahin hoti
Those who try, never fail.

Asphalta ek chunauti hai, ese sweekar karo
Being unsuccessful is a challenge, accept it
Kya kami reh gayi, dekho aur sudhar karo
Look out for your shortcomings and rectify them
Jab tak safal na ho, neend chain ko tyago tum
Untill you are successful, forget everything
Sangharsh ka maidaan chhod kar mat bhaago tum,
Don’t run away from the battle field
Kuchh kiye bina jay-jay  kaar nahin hoti
Nothing comes easy without trying
Koshish karne waalon ki kabhi haar nahin hoti
Those who try, never fail.


Swati Sarangi

19 Dec 2014

#83 The ultimate abode

The ultimate abode

 The first time I got a chance to embrace hostel life is during my graduation days. I’ve a number of experiences associated with it. Reflecting back to those days, when my parents dropped me at new shelter for the sake of attainment of educational qualification, I was filled with tears symbolizing the grief of separation. I had never imagined then that I would later start to appreciate living in hostel. In four years, I got to stay at two hostels; former presented a bag full of adversities and made me strong enough to survive in all situations reminding me of Charles Darwin’s hypothesis of survival of the fittest. I could conquer some of my fears, the most important being the fear of darkness. How can one be afraid of darkness by dwelling inside it? In other words, the erratic power supply helped me to befriend darkness. Earlier frequent power cuts bothered us but later we could find out that it signaled the commencement of end semester examination. Everything has its own importance let alone the challenges.  The regular crisis of water those days made me value each drop of water even more. The journey from being a junior to senior resulted in a complete transformation in myself for good.

One can enjoy life more when he lowers down his expectations from the surrounding. I learnt this slowly. I had never thought that I would ever be able to stay in that new hostel, but this fortunate thing happened. As student of 3rd years, our batch along with final year batch got shifted to the newly constructed hostel and my life changed with new roommates. I found them more connecting and it seemed to have happened very quickly. From broken floor to tiled room, blistered wall due to seepage of water to smoothly painted pale coloured wall- everything seemed so magical and I started enjoying every moment. May be it all happened because we ceaselessly struggled in first two years and now was the turn getting the result of our struggle. This new hostel had everything that a hostel, in general, should have and the most important room being the Conference room with the provision of power supply during outage from inverter. Other good things such as better connectivity, cleanliness in maintenance, proper lighting facility, and delicious meal made each student contendent. I started to revert back to my old form which I had lost in initial years. I started enjoying my hobbies such as writing, painting and singing. The center of attraction for me in that hostel was the view of sun rise and sun set from terrace. How breathtakingly beautiful those scenes were! Oh! I was completely mesmerized. One can very well make out the extent of its influence over me from the frequent mention of terrace thing from other articles of mine. I fall short of adjectives to describe that divinity- at one side the vibrant red colored flag from the apex of the temple seemed touching the sky, other side the calm and serene river flowing endlessly, and another side green open fields beyond the boundary of hostel’s periphery, I would regularly climb up the stairs (with my mobile and ear chord) leading to terrace to spend time by observing the elements of nature. Terrace provided me perfect place for thinking and imagining the limitless, many also felt that the cool breeze, the night sky studded with little twinkling stars, the river side view from the terrace drove away their anxiety and restlessness.

The new hostel brought each batch closer. Our batch (3rd year) resided in top floor. Each one of us felt the freedom of staying with own batch mates. The mutual interaction brought us close enough to strengthen the bond of friendship. I got to discover many with whom I had a limited interaction earlier. Each one of them was filled with uniqueness- someone was artistic while the other a brilliant dancer, when other impressed me with her non-flickering dedication, other was very confident and eager to learn each moment. The experience of staying in the hostel has made me systematic, self reliant, confident and determined. The incidences such as late night birthday party and celebration, the open dance, hostel functions, stressing over the result of examination, leg pulling of each other, searching for latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies and series( and audio tracks J ) , home theatre, addressing each other by self devised nick names can never be washed away from my memory. Not to forget, I had also managed to gain an appreciable amount of readers for my articles in the non-virtual world, before I publish any article , I always had a set of enthusiastic readers to scan my article thoroughly .All those tiny precious moments have left an indelible print in my mind. The hostel turned out to be an ultimate abode for me as I always looked forward to return back to it as soon as I was away from it.

Swati Sarangi


14 Dec 2014

#82 Anonymous_A short story

A Short Story

Winter symbolizes dormancy and dullness. With the arrival of winter, everything seems to have gone into a state of hibernation. Similarly, winter has already entered into the life of Ravi. It has coiled him so hard that he finds it almost impossible to drag himself out of it, despite of his successive attempts. He feels chocked and wants to be in peace forever.

Wearing a black leathered jacket, a denim jeans and a woodland shoe, walks subconsciously Ravi in a state of confusion on the road. It’s only 5’O clock in the evening but it seems to be as late night. That’s because it is a chilly winter evening. There is an eerie silence all around. This silence seems to be killing. Only a few vehicles can be found running on this road and the sound of their horns pierces this prevalent silence. This road, on which he is treading, seems to be deserted. Trees on the road sides are standing still without any movement of leaves. Moon is nowhere to be found on the tar coloured dark sky.

With each step Ravi takes, he thinks about his past, and connects himself to all such memories which are not at all pleasant. He has encountered many ups and downs in his life but this time the level of trauma is gigantically high. Thoughts of his past are haunting him very badly and future is simply unpredictable. It’s just beyond the control of him. He is hopeless and a circle of despair has trapped him. He is not able to search for any alternatives. His own words are resonating in his mind which is in contrast to the silence of the outer world and thus accelerating his heart beats. His brain is now packed up with so many unwanted thoughts, creating a great havoc.

This path leads to seashore and it is one of those spots where a person loves to spend his time with his near and dear ones. This place is the store house of all old past memories of him. It’s one of the favorite spots of him where he hangouts with his friends most of the time.
But for today, it seems to be of no more interest, rather this spot is associated with completion of a big mission of his life and it’s going to be a turning point for him and for all.

He reaches this sea shore, searches for a corner which is secluded. He doesn’t want to be disturbed and prefers to isolate himself from crowd present over there. He sits still on sand and observes those waves minutely, ascending and descending in a systematic manner. Sound of the waves is not striking his ears or he has lost the sensation of hearing temporarily. Nothing seems to interest him today. Those waves once used to fill him with new energy, positivity and passion for life. But he is incapable of drawing any energy from them. These are just meaningless for him, for this moment. He feels as if the lord of ocean wants to embrace him by whispering his name and it’s a better option to surrender him to this battle of life by being lost in the waves of sea forever and ever.  When all sorts of thoughts begin to clash with one another, it becomes very difficult to keep rapport. The case is similar for him as well. Being completely trapped in negativity, overcoming it, is almost impossible.

“Excuse me, do you know where is Amodh Palace?” Asks a girl very softly.
This question breaks the sequence of his thoughts and drags him to the real world. Very hesitatingly and in a meek voice he replies affirmatively.

He turns around to have a look at her; a girl dressed in a light pink gown appears before his eyes. Her face radiates divine glow, eyes are very serene and shining, her curls have fallen over right ear and her simplicity is admirable. Her face resembles some kind of familiarity.

“Hello, I am new to this city and I have just got to know that this palace is located somewhat near this shore. I asked you thinking that you might know. Would you mind helping me reach this place??” she introduces herself to this stranger in order to be helped.

“………Y……yes……, I can show……..” Ravi answers monotonically.

“I guess that you are in some trouble, as your face reflects. May I be any help to you, if you don’t mind sharing your problem with me?” Her voice is now friendlier than before.

There is a pindrop silence for next few minutes and the girl again initiates discussion, “I am Tanisha, I have joined IMS Company yesterday. I am originally from Delhi. I’m not acquainted with most of the places of this city. I asked you thinking that you may have known the place.”

“There is nothing much to know about me. I’m in a state where every moment has ceased, an unfortunate guy struggling very hard to overcome the problems of life.” Said Ravi frustratingly in one go.

“Sometimes adversities get generated to check the ability or enhance tolerance level of a person. Don’t worry, every problem will be solved soon or later. Problems do not stay for long. Just wait patiently for the right moment.” Says Tanisha in order to comfort him.

“Right moment, Huh? I have been searching for a job for last few months and I have also appeared for different interviews but not got selected in any. I’ve got fade up with this life. And this life has got nothing interesting to admire now. Everything has got finished for me, so it’s better to finish myself than to wait for unprecedented moments.” With these words, he shows her discontentment with his life.

“Were you there previously in any job?” Enquires Tanisha.

“Yeah, I was in Axcess Company previously. Due to economic crisis, a lot of employees were fired out and unfortunately I was one of them.” He reveals his problem.

“Ok, I can understand.”

“Until unless I find any job, it is not quite possible on my part to arrange marriage function of my sister. My sister has to wait for my job to start her new life. Alas, I am of no use to anyone……….” Ravi opens up his miseries in front of this stranger who seems to be quite amiable.

“I am sorry to hear these from you. Be hopeful, bad times never stay for long. It’s natural that after very winter, spring comes. So, don’t ever think to lose yourself. Your life is crucial for those who want you so much. You are very fortunate to get surrounded by your loved ones.” Tanisha tries to make the situation in control.

“My life is not so pleasant as well. Recently I have lost one of my relatives. It’s very painful.” She shares her problem as well.
Ravi stares his watch’s dial, then he replies,” Sorry to have wasted your time. I was so busy in narrating my story that I forgot to drop you to your place. I have killed your important time.” Apologies Ravi who unknowingly tells his problems. He did not want to express his trouble. But behavior of this girl, the companionship that she provides, urges him to open up his troubles to this stranger all of a sudden. Now, he feels relieved.

“Let’s move now.” Says girl who stands up quickly.

They start walking, leaving this shore behind. The purpose for which Ravi arrives to this place remains unfulfilled. He gets rid of all the pain and suffering within few minutes of talking. He reverts back to the route he took initially to reach this shore because this palace is situated somewhat near the shore. It’s about 1 km from the shore.
While walking on the road, she gossips a lot with him regarding her interests, latest news, about her family .He feels as if he has already met this girl somewhere before, otherwise how can someone be so frank within limited time? Finally Tanisha reaches her destination. She stops her narration and bids him goodbye. She enters into the gate and suddenly vanishes before the eyes of Ravi . He is completely perplexed. Now, he recapitulates his meeting with this girl in his mind standing in front of the gate of this palace. He tries to recall all those moments once again. But he gets stuck at one point. 

“What is her name?” He asks himself and moves slowly from the point where he stands. The name of this girl fades from his mind and he quests for that now.
It’s like a mystery, meeting a girl at the shore, befriending with her within few minutes, sharing troubles, then accompanying her to her place and suddenly she goes out of sight. “Oh God, was it all magic? She vanished all of a sudden.” He ponders upon.

Now, his mobile beeps. He unconsciously takes that out of his pocket and presses one of the keys.

“Happy birthday to you, Where are you and when are you coming back to home??” Asks Ravi’s sister. She is not at all aware of the step his brother was about to take to end up his life.

“Ahh…..Today is my birthday……Oh….I am near the shore, will be back within few minutes….” Replies Ravi who is surprised at first.

“Come soon, we are waiting for u, otherwise I’ll cut the entire cake, and some surprises are waiting……I’ll not reveal now.” She maintains suspense for him. With these words, conversation is over.

He stares up this sky and finds a shooting star descending. He folds his hands and like all other days, makes some wishes and takes those steps back to his home.


12 Nov 2014

#81 Cultivation


Like always, in the morning I went over the terrace to extract the inspiration of the day, observing the surrounding full of life and energy. Really, the view from the terrace has always been so enticing and has provided motivation for this post. I observed something today which is worth mentioning. As I looked down from one side of the terrace, I found that a barren piece of land lying adjacent to the periphery of my hostel’s boundary had got beautifully transformed into a cultivated land producing crops and cereals. The meticulous division of the land for the purpose of growing different crops looked no different from the political maps representing demarcations of different regions in geography books. The putting up of scare crows (artificial human beings) dressed up in today’s fashionable attire (for protection of the crop from birds and animals) added an extra delight to the sight. I recalled those days I visited my village few years back and such scenes were quite less in number , even though the frequency had reduced to a great extent due to the effect of urbanization and modernization. The architects of that field lived happily near it in a temporary settlement reminding me of another one which was once existent in another side of the hostel.

I reflected for a moment that whatever I was witnessing then, was the result of relentless toil of those people. They took every care to convert a barren land into a productive one. I could relate that land to our minds and the crops to the countless thoughts which are required to be cultivated with utmost caution. Our thoughts make us who we are. In fact, we are the portraits of our own thoughts. All our emotions like pain, suffering, joy, sorrow are deeply connected with our thinking process. That’s why someone has very well remarked that “We suffer more in our thoughts than in reality. We become happy or sad because we revise the thoughts of our past. Thoughts keep on creating utopian environments continuously in our mind. They have enormous power to transform us into anything.
“You never can tell what a thought will do
In bringing you hate or love-
For thoughts are things, and their airy wings
Are swifter than carrier doves.
They follow the law of the universe-
Each thing creates its kind,
And they speed O’er the track to bring you back
Whatever went out from your mind.
Looking at the importance of thoughts, Napolean Hill has advised everyone to devote sometime for analyzing one’s own thought pattern because our mind processes each destructive thought the same way as in case of a constructive one. Both problems and solutions are present in our mind according to a saying there are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge. Quoting the author’s statement from the novel “Think and grow rich”, “We are what we are because of the vibrations of the thought we pick up and register, through the stimuli of our daily environment.
Concluding this post with some of the most powerful lines taken from the bestseller “Think and grow rich” by Napolean Hill,
“If you think you are beaten, you are,
If you think you dare not, you don’t
If you like to win, but you think you can’t
It is almost certain you won’t.
If you think you’ll lose, you are lost,
For out of the world we find,
Success begins with fellow’s will-
It’s all in the state of mind.

If you think you are outclasses, you are,
You’ve got to think high to rise,
You’ve got to be sure of yourself before
You can ever win a prize.

Life’s battle don’t always go
To the stronger or faster man
But soon or later the man who wins
Is the man who thinks he can.”

Taking care of your thoughts is as important as taking care of your body. So, take care of them.
Swati Sarangi

5 Nov 2014

#80 Homework_A short story


“Shriya, have you completed the homework?” asked Maya to Shriya hurriedly. By being a sincere student of the class, Shriya would never avoid home works.  Rather she completes all the tasks assigned to her enthusiastically.

“Aww, actually…..I had attended a party yesterday, so I could not find any time to complete that”. Said Shriya in a low voice. From her body gesture, it was quite visible that she was lying.

“But, you told me that you had returned from that party quite early. Still you haven’t done.  It’s strange.” She knew that Shriya was lying but she never did that for homework.

“I fear that you are hiding something to me. I’m just guessing any reasons out.” She raised her eyebrows high.

“The thing is that I have tried many times but failed everytime. New madam is very strict and since morning I had been giving a lot of excuses to bunk the classes. But she did not agree and………….”.Suddenly she paused.
Their conversation was interrupted by ringing of the school bell and it was the prayer time. All the students had to assemble at the playground of the school.
All the students along with Maya and Shriya marched towards the school ground but Shriya was very tensed. Their topic of discussion was completely based on the homework assigned by the new teacher, who had started taking classes a few days back.

This teacher had been very strict from the day she had joined the school. Everyone was afraid of her because of her behavior. Shriya was the one being constantly targeted by her in class because of her poor performance in Hindi subject.  The teacher would assign extra home works to her than other students.

This behavior had annoyed Shriya a lot. She was a very good student but lagged in Hindi subject. For her, the new teacher was paying extra attention. She would never appreciate her.

Prayer leaders stepped on the stage and prayer began with these lines accompanied by tune played on synthesizer “
“All things bright and beautiful and
All creatures great and small.
All things wise and wonderful
The Lord God made them all”

A large number of students hummed this prayer and it got echoed throughout. Prayer makes morning beautiful and that’s why it is an integral part of each day. Even a two-minutes-prayer provides peace and satisfaction.

Each lip of students got engaged in singing the prayer while Shriya’s eyes were busy in catching the faces of teachers present there.

She lost her concentration in prayer because of her homework. She prayed God to make her Hindi madam absent for this day only, as the first period was allotted to the new Hindi teacher. She did not want this day to go in vain due to homework. All kinds of thoughts terrorized her. She felt horrible and kept thinking of the consequences of not completing homework until she entered the class 5-G.

First period began with ringing of the school bell , class monitor started filling all the details mentioned on the class blackboard like date, period, subject and name of the teacher.

While seeing the name of the teacher being written on the blackboard, Shriya stood up from her seat and asked abruptly “Is Meeta ma’am present today?”

“Yes.” Gautam replied in a grave tone. Gautam was the class monitor and favorite student of Meeta madam because of his proficiency in Hindi.

“But I did not find her in assembly.” She uttered just after the class monitor finished his statement.

“She is supposed to check your homework first and you are asking whether she is present or not!” He mocked at Shriya which was one of his habits.

Meeta madam entered the class with an attendance sheet and a Hindi poetry book in hand and each student rose up from his seat to wish her good morning. She started taking the attendance by calling out roll numbers of the students.

“Roll 36……”She called out loudly. She waited for the response and the sequence of calling out the roll number of students broke in between.

Pin-dropped silence was observed in the class and madam called the roll number 36 twice and louder this time.

“Pr……Present ma’m.” Said Shriya in a trembling voice.

“What were you doing before when I called out your roll number thrice??...Perhaps busy in talking. Just keep standing until the attendance gets over.” She was crossed by the attitude of this girl. She usually warned students to be attentive while she took attendance so that she would finish that within less time and proceed to the teaching.

Shriya wanted to hide herself by not responding to her roll call. At the same time, she wanted to bunk the very first period of the day.

“Today students will come to the front one by one and read out the poem given in chapter 3 of ‘Umang’(Hindi poetry book). Take out your books as I have already ordered you to practice it beforehand. Wait, from today onwards I will call out the names randomly. So, don’t raise your hands.” She clarified. “Calling out the names in order: Shriya, Satish, Medha, Mrinal, Karan……Please come to the front one by one.”

Shriya went to the front holding the Hindi book and browsed the content. She started reading in a not-so-confident voice. It was quite apparent from her style of reading that she had not practiced.  After finishing the poem she rushed towards her seat without much delay.

“Your performance is not at all satisfactory, rather it is poor and it shows that you have not prepared well.” Commented ma’am in a harsh manner. Other four students came to the front one by one and recited the poem. In the end, ma’am appreciated Medha.

Then arrived the most crucial period-homework checking. She glanced through the list of the students whose performance were going to be judged through their homework.

 “How shameful!! In spite of doing it for the fourth time, I still can find a number of errors this homework. ” She was very angry. She tore the pages from her notebook harshly and threw that away.

Out of embarrassment, Shriya could not lift her eyes up. She felt miserable and tears rolled down her cheek. She had never imagined that Meeta ma’am would do something like that. This was not just a   punishment but more than that.

The same behavior of ma’am continued for next two months. Daily, she used to tear the pages from homework notebook of Shriya until she corrected her mistakes. According to Shriya, it was gradually turning out to be one of the habits of Meeta ma’am.

“Good Morning to all students present over here. I am here to announce that our school is going to celebrate “Hindi Pakhwada” from next week. There would be several events such as poetry writing, debate, extempore, article writing, essay. The students who are interested to take part in these competitions, kindly submit their names to their respective class monitors. I request the students to participate in a huge number because lots of exciting prizes are awaiting.” Announced vice principle madam from the dais in morning assembly.

While returning to their respective classes, students kept on discussing about the forthcoming events. Shriya was not seem to be interested at all.

“I am gonna participate in two events, what about you, Shriya??” Enquired Maya with a sweet smile in her face.

“Definitely not, because it’s in Hindi. I do not want to embarrass myself once again.” Shriya showed her discontentment.

“At least, you can participate in any one of the events. It would just be fun. Please don’t deny. Just try once, take it easy.” Maya suggested and encouraged her to participate in the competition.

Gautam overheard their conversation and wrote Shriya’s name without her consent in a piece of paper and submitted the paper. On the day of competition, Gautam announced the name of the students in the class who had already given their names to him in addition to Shriya. This annoyed Shriya very much. In order to trouble Shriya, Gautam clarified that the names once submitted could not be omitted from the list. All the students had to assemble at the meeting hall.

She entered the hall and occupied the positions. The head boy entered the room and announced the topic of the article and the duration of the competition was 45 minutes.

All the students started scribbling on a piece of paper. Shriya kept on writing the article with a high speed without caring for the outcome. This event was followed by extempore and debate competition. The writing competition got over. All the students had to wait for the announcement of result after the completion of the following two events.

In a short span of time, other competitions commenced. Everyone was eagerly waiting for the performance of their friends. The two programs got over and name of the winners were declared by Vice Principle ma’am. Next was the declaration of the result of the article writing competition. The head boy stepped towards the stage and requested the panel of judges announce the result and hand over the prizes. It was just shocking news for Shriya to know that the panel was consisted of Meeta Ma’am, Singh sir and Vice principle ma’am. She had already developed a negative place for her Hindi ma’am for assigning her Homework daily.

Head boy handed over the microphone to vice principle ma’am for the announcement of the result.

“Good morning students, you have been waiting for this moment for long. It was very tough for us to choose the winners because everyone performed very well. It’s very glad to know that students have a lot interest in national language of our country. As per the design of the curriculum, only one subject is studied in Hindi. Their respect for the national language had got reflected in their writings too. Without delay, I’m  declaring the names…….3rd prize goes to Gautam, 2nd prize is a tie among two students Maya and Ketan, 1st prize goes to…………………… and 1st prize goes to “Shriya”, it was an exceptional article. Students please come to the stage for collecting prizes.”
Shriya headed towards the stage with a sense of derilium and vice principle ma’am presented her a certificate and Meeta ma’am handed her a story book of collected stories of Ruskin Bond. Other friends congratulated her and Maya and Shriya exchanged the books with each other to review the content. Maya found a sticky note pasted inside the book addressed to Shriya from Meeta ma’am, she could not resist herself from reading “I am extremely happy today for your success, for a moment I could not believe that you are the one who was so much afraid of making mistakes in Hindi. I’m proud to say that you are among my favourite students.” Read Maya who was amazed and remained dumbstruck for few minutes.

Shriya was thrilled and her conception about ma’am had changed. She had preconception that Ma’am disliked her for her poor performance in Hindi. For sure, it was possible only because of the Homework that had assigned to her daily. She had subconsciously developed interest in Hindi by completing the Homework. Homework had opened up all the doors for improvement and created a unique space for Hindi in her heart.   

She read the note again to make sure that, it was from Meeta ma’am only. She felt contended and smiled a little. She wished that may the first period be allotted to the new Hindi teacher forever.

Sweta Sarangi