8 Mar 2016

#117 Women of my life

 Women Of My Life

I’ve been blessed with the existence of a set of wonderful women. I refer them as Super Women for the bunch of  super qualities they possess. They are my grandmothers, mother, aunts,sister,cousins, teachers and friends. I’m lucky to have witnessed the love and care of my great grandmother also, she was the iron lady of our family who fought till death. I’m always inspired by their way of leading life in a disciplined and systematic way. I can never imagine a moment of my life without any of them, they are God’s most beautiful creations- I admit.  As a matter of fact, they don’t require any special day to be honored or blessed as they are an inseparable part of my very existence. This is a tiniest attempt of mine to display my respect for them. So I present this poem as a humble tribute to all women of my life. A heart felt gratitude for making me who I’m today…

To all the beauties out
Manifesting in all relations, no doubt

About your wisdom and care
You’re my grandma
The owner of fantasies and land
Of exotic arena

From you I exist, Oh! Mother
Every bit of me, you gather,
Nourish and your touch-so tender
You’re my life’s essential flavour.

From being teachers, to friends
You’ve been in my precious moments
You’re my aunts – so lovely
Amongst the world’s finest ladies.

My shadow, my soul
You’re the one whom I always call
To dispel the hideous thoughts of despair
You’re none other than my sister

Oh! My teachers and your charm
Who transfer me to a utopian realm
Your infinite words of courage and guidance
Would put me in a state of trance

At last but not the least
I met with you all by fate’s trick
You’re wonderful jewels- my friends
Rise up high till the end

You all don’t need a day
To be remembered and blessed
As you dwell in my heart’s cage
I worship the innocence and valor
Embedded in the existence of yours.

You’re my role models..

Wishing you a very Happy International Women’s Day !! :D

Swati Sarangi