21 Jun 2015

#111 The big game

The big game

For last couple of minutes I’m not being able to concentrate on my books. Whenever I lose my concentration in studies, the immediate thing that I do is to switch on to the latest apps that I’ve installed in my mobile phone and most of them are games of different variety. I’ve never been so much addicted to games until the arrival of my new mobile which make them readily accessible. The games of my interests are word games, puzzles, board games, Sudoku. Each game has its own charm and significance. For instance, word games have always been thrill for me and help me to recapitulate the words that I’ve learnt so far. Thus they help me to recover words from my vocabulary. Puzzles are very interesting games. They demand the application of a lot of intellects. They invoke the appropriate faculty of thinking in the brain. Sudoku is a unique puzzle game which always puts me in a state of amazement when I try to think about its invention and the number of different possible formations. It has been so intelligently designed!! The game is associated with a lot of memories of my school days when I initially got introduced to the game. The daily source of Sudoku was newspaper “The Hindu”. To secure that special piece of newspaper, there used to be a competition between the three-me, my sis and my father. The demand for that piece naturally depended (inversely, to be frank :P )  on the level of difficulty .Board games are another set of games for recreation. It’s because there’s always a competition between the two. The other competitor may be the person or the computer itself. The battle begins with a desire to overcome the opposite. I begin the game at the lowest level with the computer. My confidence increases with each victory, then I increase the level of the game and move on to the next one with the same spirit of winning.

In virtual gaming world, the craze for winning the game has become addiction for many including myself. Whenever I get defeated, I strengthen my resolve and try once more with a hope that I will be victorious in this attempt itself. The thought, that got birth from the experience of playing game, is a deeper one indeed. Aren’t we all playing the big games of life? And yes, life is a game- the real game. The difference between the virtual and real game is reflected in our attitude towards them. When we fail in virtual game, we never hesitate to make the next attempt but it rarely happens in real game. Like those virtual games, life too offers different levels of difficulty with which we all are acquainted with. It requires no further elucidation on the aforementioned sentence.

If we correlate life with the favourite virtual games that we like to play , we’ll find a zeal to face the challenges and of course the spirit of winning it gets generated automatically with the word “Game” itself.

Life- a game, the real game
Play , play and play it again
When you fail
Don’t go out of the rail
Because you never know
about it’s next show
Fail a thousand
So that you’ll never repent
For not trying once more.
[- Swati Sarangi]

I would like to end this article with one of the inspiring quotations “Life is a game. We must keep playing the game. The more we play, the more we will understand the game of life.” 
Lailah Gifty Akita, Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

Swati Sarangi

#110 Celebrating Yoga day daily

Celebrating Yoga Day daily

Yoga has been derived from a Sanskrit word, “Yug” which means to unite or to join. Yoga is a series of exercises that is performed to gain control over the subconscious mind and soul. Sometimes we are in search of the mental peace and it is achieved through Yoga. Yoga is a great way to stay healthy physically and mentally. In this era, we are so busy in our daily schedule that we hardly find any time for practicing exercises.June 21 is celebrated as International Yoga day.  But why do we wait for this day?? Why not observe Yoga day daily??

Different forms of yoga are mentioned here-
·         Gyan Yoga (Philosophy)
·         Karma Yoga(Path of action)
·         Raja Yoga(For controlling mind)
·         Bhakti yoga (Devotional bliss)

Now, a question hits up, what are the benefits of practicing Yoga?? In the following paragraph, I have listed few advantages-

1.      Improves flexibility of body
Various Asanas help in improving flexibility of body . By practicing daily, it becomes quite easy to perform all the tasks easily without anybody pain or fatigue.

2.      Increases heart rate
It helps in increasing the heart rate, thus lowering risk of heart attacks and other heart related problems. It has also been found by the researchers that Yoga can relieve depression. It also increases the rate of inhaling oxygen in our body.

3.      Lowers down blood sugar
It is advisable for the high blood sugar patient to practice yoga daily. It controls the sugar level of the body to a greater extent.

4.      Increases concentration power
It increases the focus, reaction time and coordination power. People practicing Yoga can boost up their memory power.

5.      Relaxes body
It is a great way to relax your body as well as mind. It provides eternal peace.

6.      Increases self-esteem
Negativities can be avoided by practicing asanas. We can be able to discover ourselves and by this way self-esteem can be improved.

7.      Helps to sleep deeper
The effect of Yoga is better sleep. It relaxes the body, so one can experience sound and healthy sleep.
8.      Improves immune system
It prevents our body from getting attacked by different microorganisms by developing a strong immune system.

9.      Makes you slimmer
Different exercises not only help in increasing the flexibility of body but also burn calories. So, one looks more confident and attractive.

10.  Builds muscle strength
Strong muscles protect body from falling into different health related issues like Arthrarites or back pain etc.

Here is a list of Pranayam which can be practice to gain control over breathing process.
·         ANULOM-VILOM
Step 1: Sit silently and in a comfortable position.
Step 2: Use right thumb to close the right nostril.
Step 3: Inhale from left nostril.
Step 4: Now, close left nostril from the index figure.
Step 5: Exhale from right nostril.
Step 6: Reverse the process and keep on doing this for sometimes.

·         UJJAYI
Step 1: Sit in a meditative pose silently.
Step 2: Keep muscles in a relaxed position.
Step 3: Keep back straight.
Step 4: Inhale slowly and deeply from both the nostrils.
Step 5: Hold your breath as long as possible.
Step 6: Continue for 10-15 minutes.

·         BHRAMARI
Step 1: Sit in a meditative pose silently.
Step 2: Keep muscle in a relaxed state and close your eyes.
Step 3: Close both the ears with index fingers.
Step 4: Inhale slowly and raise your elbows to the level of shoulders.
Step 5: Exhale slowly and make a buzzing sound like bee.

I practice these Pranayams and these help in improving breathing power. These also drive away stress and depression and relax mind. These improve confidence level. To get best results, I would recommend you to practice either in early morning or at night.


Sweta Sarangi

#109 Eloquence of equipments

 Eloquence of equipments

A route so distinct
And surrounding calm
Leading me to
A Utopian realm
Traverse along I,
Unaware of the
Awaiting things.
Flashes before my eyes
The entrance gate
With the rails of
Cow grazers
Frictioning my cycle’s tyres
Then my cycle halts
With the effect of brake
My sub consciousness
Directs me to a lab
A hard push for
The cocoa-colored door
Opening a small entrance
I’m now exposed to
The world of electronics
The Power Management lab
With two chambers
Stickered with 101A and 101B
A seat for myself
With a pale colored wall in front
I gaze there for long
Against a background
Of tiny inanimate creatures
Switches,PCBs, bread boards,
Colored wires,ICs,resistors,
Caps,sources,scopes with probes
Those colored wounded wires
Wrapped over different cores
For transformer and inductors
A lot more stuffs
Of different colors, so unique
And so dear
It seems as if
All those are speaking
With their voices
So unheard and low
For several days
I befriended those
Intentionally or unintentionally
I don’t know
That PCB turned
Apple of my eye
With the call of time
I can do nothing
Except sigh at the
Wonderful journey
Of knowledge
That discontinues…
For some time,
With a hope that
Someday, those friends
Of mine would
Speak about their
Untold tales to me.

-Swati Sarangi


14 Jun 2015

#108 A glowing skin

A Glowing Skin

Courtesy: bliss.com

Rita seemed to be upset because of unwanted pimples growing anonymously on her face. She tried all the cosmetic creams but those did not help her. The worst thing happened with her because of applying an ointment prescribed by doctor that got allergic to her skin resulting in irritation and redness. In next month, she would be appearing in an interview. 
These pimples would just blow down her confidence level.

She discussed her problem with her granny and she advised her to follow certain remedies for dimple free and glowing skin within few days. She was relieved to hear that these remedies would not lead to any side effects!! So, no tension for being applying the natural tricks on face. She noted down the tips which are mentioned below-

1)       Take little bit of turmeric powder, gram powder and chunked curd in a bowl and mix them properly to get a paste. Apply this paste gently on your skin. Keep it for some time and then wash with clear water.

2)       Take a carrot and boil it followed by smashing. Add olive oil to it. Apply it to your skin. Keep it for 10 minutes and wash it with clear water.

3)       Take 1 teaspoonful of honey and add a few drops of lime juice to it. Then do massage with your skin. Wash it after some time.

4)       Add a few drops of lime juice to milk and stir it well. Apply this solution to your skin.

5)       Take any of these in a bowl- milk/cream/curd/chunk-ed curd and add either turmeric powder/alum to it. Apply the paste evenly on skin at night and let it be like this till morning. Then wash it with cold water to get clear and radiating skin.

6)       First apply few drops of milk on face gently with the help of cotton. Then separate albumin from yolk and then apply it on face. Keep it for some time. Wash your skin with clear water. Now, take yolk in a bowl and add some amount of honey to it. Mix it well to get paste. Massage your skin with the paste and leave it for some time. At the end, wash with clear water.

She followed any one of the mentioned tips very well daily without skipping it for a single day. These tips were quite simple to follow. The result was in her favour. Within one month, she got rid of her pimples and her skin was radiating a glow. She was now confident and happy. No more worries for pimples and dull skin.

It would not have been possible to attain a radiant face without the mentioned tips which proved to be fruitful to her. So, all the credit goes to her granny for coming up with lots of remedies for glowing and natural skin.

Apart from the remedy, Vicco Termeric cream is a herbal cream which can be used for curing pimples, blemishes and other skin related issues.

Sweta Sarangi

6 Jun 2015

#107 Questions to be asked

Questions to be asked
Dear God,

From childhood I have been hearing a lot about you as a powerful being who is a creator of this universe.  Till now, I have not met you but worship your incarnations in form of idols. I’m not in doubt of your existence because you are omnipresent although you are invisible. You are needed the same way oxygen is required for breathing. You have got uncountable forms throughout the world. People worship because they feel that there is something incredible residing in you. That’s nothing but their faith and belief. I do believe the same. Miracles do happen and it’s because of your enormous power when you try to protect your devotes from evils. I have got many questions stuck in my mind that need to be answered by you.

1)     There is a famous proverb saying “as you sow, so shall you reap”. Is it always justified?? I have encountered many such instances which disobey this principle. Karma is all about one’s action and the consequences one face thereafter.

2)     Why do innocent people get punished?? This world suffers because of the silence of innocence people but cruel people are always spared and they keep on doing crimes. Why is it so??

3)     Is not there any provision to eradicate poverty from world?? The world will be a synonym of heaven if there is no difference among the people in terms of economy. Everyone will be well equipped.

4)     I believe hard work and dedication over luck. People living in this era adopt many wrongful means to get their work done. This can be exemplified by a corrupt individual. They can go to any extent to get their things done. Is it always hard work that pays off in the end or any other factor is responsible for becoming successful??

5)     Why is there increase in crimes against women?? Aren’t they come under your devotee?? You are regarded as savior but why is their voices go unheard??
I am not sure whether these questions are valid or not but these questions hover all around me.  I am in search of the answers. So, please show me a way to feed my mind with relevant answers.

Your devotee,

This post is written for Indispire 68 for Indiblogger: Do you have questions for God? #QuestionforGod

4 Jun 2015

#106 Now no more two minutes waali Maggi

Now no more two minutes waali Maggi

Maggi noodles, one of the food products of nestle has been an indispensable part of food items from many years in India. It is popular among all age groups because of its ease in preparation. It’s quite fast to cook and tasty to eat. Being a Maggiholic, it is quite disturbing for me to get the news that Maggi has been banned in many states of the country. There were many instances when maggi became a survival food for me especially during late night studies in my college days. Whether I am happy or sad, Maggi is always a delight for my taste buds.I find that there is no substitute to Maggi noodles and it tastes best when served hot and soupy. Government has decided to ban this Maggi noodles which accounts for about 70% share in market. So, it’s going to be a great loss to Nestle. This instant meal has vanished from most of the restaurants, hotels and kitchens of people.

From last many days, television channels are flooded with the news of abandon of Maggi by many stores in the country because of the presence of additives which can cause many health problems. Mostly companies add food additives and preservative to food items to improve the quality, flavor and enhance nutritional content and storage time. There are various food additives being identified such as chelating agents, sweeteners, emulsifiers, binding agents, leavening agents, anti caking etc.  But sometimes the percentage of food additives rises exceptionally high than the desired level which lays an adverse impact on health of consumers.

What has prompted the government to take such a step?? The samples of Maggi were sent to laboratories of states to determine the amount of additives present. Government has come to a conclusion because of the following defects found in ingredients present in Maggi---
·        --A CSE study has found that Maggi contains a very high amount of salt.
·       -- Food additives present in Maggi can induce intestinal inflammation.
·     -- These additives alter gut microbiota composition that promotes development of inflammatory bowel disease.
·    -- Presence of lead in some samples of Maggi has been determined and which would lead to contamination and other health problems.

Till now, state government of various states like Delhi, Odisha, UP, Uttarakhand, West Bengal and Gujarat have opposed the sale of Maggi in their respective states fearing the effects of it on consumers. It’s not only the case of Maggi, but there are innumerous packaged food items where the percentage of chemicals added to it is more than the permissible limit. So, it’s not always possible to ban the food products rather the government should enable certain policies to check and monitor the use of food additives are within the desirable range at a regular basis to ensure the safety of consumers.
Even if Maggi is wiped out from most of the stores but the taste and memories it had provided in past could not be wiped out. I just hope that may Maggi come to market again for sale with some new ingredients and no more chemicals.


Sweta Sarangi

1 Jun 2015

#105 Still miss you

Still miss you

Grandparents – an integral part of life. Being the most experienced members of the family, they guide their children and grandchildren in a better way. The relationship of grandparents with their grandchildren is incredible which can be merely expressed on a piece of paper. They shower their unconditional love and care. For them, their grandchildren are apple of their eyes. They cannot even think of parting their grandchildren. Such is their love and support.  

The love of my grandpa for me was unparalleled. It’s been a couple of years now that my grandpa had left this materialistic world. Last I met my grandpa when I was in standard fifth but  was quite unfortunate by not being in his side when he was sick. I still think that maybe I was destined to be with him for few years only. The plans of destiny can’t be modified. But I can only wish that I may find him in future births.

He was the happiest person in the world when he found me on his lap, as a baby girl, stretching my arms and legs and crying  aloud. I was not the single child but  was gifted with a twin sister . So, he not only found me but also my sister at the same time. He would bring all kinds of toys from shops and put those in front of us. He made me walk slowly by making his fingers a support for me. Sometimes, his legs would serve the purpose.

I still remember his self created stories to light up my mood and self made characters to fit well into the story. Some characters were too hilarious. Most of the times he would like to put ghosts into the stories to frighten me whenever I was not in favour of eating my lunch or dinner.

I got admitted to a primary school and that was the day when he was very worried whether I would be able to stay there for a long duration of time. From that day on wards, he would eagerly wait for my arrival from school. I would never stop narrating my incidences.  This had become a daily routine for him. In holidays, I used to sit on his lap and learned the tables of mathematics.  In the end, I would have to answer his questions related to basic operations in mathematics. He always motivated me to participate in extracurricular activities organized in school.

I can’t count how many times I had vomited on him as an infant. He would never mind me doing so. He would always embrace me and pamper me irrespective of my mischief.  Celebrating festivals with him was indeed a great experience.

There are infinite reasons why I miss him. For me grandpa was a great source of knowledge and happiness. Still all the festivals and functions remind me of his presence. I feel that it would have been better if he would have stayed with us for more years. Then I would have been able to share some of my moments with him.

In the end I would like to write that “Grandpa, you are the most influential person I have ever met in my life. I just pray that may you be there with me always.”

You are among the stars,
Indeed very far and far
My vision can’t reach there
But can be sensed by my heart.

Sweta Sarangi

This post is written for indispire 67 for indiblogger: What do you miss most about people who are no longer in your life or have stopped being someone important? #Missme