29 Oct 2014

#79 The Competition

The competition

The battle ground
Lies stretched in front
Obsessed with aspirations
And numerous expectations
Mind dares to confront
The obstacles as challenges
Without a dint of revenge
To compete with the situation.

The denizens of this mortal world
Seem as competitors
Fighting against each other
Oblivious of the stark reality
Thriving unconsciously and
The invisible sheath of envy
That is housed within.

Apparently, the warriors are
We and our thoughts
Clashing each moment
And Creating all chaos
The environ created
Different from
What is existent.


Swati Sarangi

25 Oct 2014

#78 Life


An experience is life
Or an ever flowing river
Situations ephemeral
And lessons several
Sometimes strongest are the blows
Proposes the need to look below
And read between the lines
Of those never ending chapters.

What a connection
And weird coincidences
Instances chained
Through invisible linkages
Rise and fall, fall then rise
It’s a series mystified
Coupling the desires
With concrete reality.

A platform offered to everyone
Where roles are played
Without each other’s part
Incomplete will be the act
Bounded in the time frame
Unbounded dream’s train
Running ceaselessly
Without one’s attempt.

Thoughts travel
To empty the emotional wall
Interacting with a mixture
 of opportunities and despair
 Like success and failure
Smiles and tears
All constituting what we call
A part of our share.

Swati Sarangi 

16 Oct 2014

#77 Individual and Individuality

Individual and Individuality

This post is totally based on the idea of individual from the book entitled complete work of Swami Vivekananda, Volume-2. While reading one of the chapters of this book, I found the paragraph that holds the essence of individuality very convincing and it is the answer to one of the questions that arise frequently in our minds regarding the existence of an individual. This has provoked me to pen down some of my views on this topic.

An individual is a state of being himself. Every individual is different and unique from each other because it is very difficult to find the replica of two persons. An individual is his own master and critic. He is the one who knows himself better than anyone.

‘Individual’ and ‘Individuality’ are two different terms though they may seem to be related. Individuality is being in a state for long without any change or being stagnant for long. Individuality is the Infinity and in other words, it can be considered as the real nature of man. In true sense, it would not be wrong to state that we are not individuals because we keep on changing with respect to situations. We are struggling towards individuality. To make it clearer, this can be exemplified from an instance mentioned here. A thief has the habit of stealing things from people’s house. If he does not continue doing so, he loses his individuality. From a practical point of view, one can’t always retain the same characteristic in all circumstances. Thus he approaches to individuality but can’t attain that.

Practically, it is not feasible to reach Infinity. How can one reach a point which is not defined? Suppose we want to travel Delhi. For that, we have already set the location in our mind. Hence the distance of the place from our home is known. Infinity is something that can never be reached and it is where individuality exists. It is the only condition of being static or stagnant. Any perturbation or turbulence can create no change.

Our own soul or spirit is an individual because it is infinite. It can neither be divided nor be broken into pieces. It is the Real man who is an individual. The apparent man is merely struggling hard to attain the state of being an individual. It is out of the power of common man.

I would like to mention one example where the concept of individuality becomes more convincing and justified. Imagine that there is a screen between you and a group of people. The screen is translucent. So, the picture of people standing on the other side of the screen is vague. Now, a hole is made on the screen. Few faces are now visible. Just enlarge the hole. More faces will be seen prominently. If the hole still continues to grow on the screen, a point will come when the screen won’t even exist. You can directly see the faces of the people. There is no change in their faces. The case is exactly similar to that of the spirit. Everyone’s spirit can be considered as individual because it remains same without any change throughout. It is already perfect and nothing extra is needed to be added to it.  

So, there is an urge to discover yourself and your potential. We generally search a better individual outside regardless of the fact that the perfect individual is just hidden in ourselves. We often pray God to bestow us with qualities of our choice but we don’t realize that the spirit or our own soul is that perfect one. The most important need is to identify the strengths and analyze the shortcomings in such a way that success comes in our way.

Sweta Sarangi

9 Oct 2014

#76 It's Diwali here.

It’s  Diwali here

The richness of the season
The freshness of air
The scattering of dry leaves
Here, there and everywhere
Over the solid ground
The melodious chanting sound
Of some indigenous birds
Or the exotic ones.

The wandering of free butterflies
I can never catch them
No matter how hard
My hand tries
The fragrance of
Blooming flowers
Spreading and creating
A blissful atmosphere.

With the arrival of festive season
The preparations have
Already begun
A list of various events
Has caught my vision
I want to be a participant
Of numerous events
To showcase my talent.

The open field of an area
So meticulously chosen
To build a Pandal
Decorated with some
Eye catching artefacts.
The carpeted ground
Seems to be glittering with
Colorful floral designs.

The all-stretching blue sky
Being draped by
The vibrant colored
Tent fixed at the periphery
Few small steps put
Leading one to the
Pandal’s foot
Near and close.

Then comes the Puja day
A day of fun filled celebration
And enjoyment, I can say
Goddess’s idol radiating
An invisible divine ray
Attracting the mortals
To that decorated palace.

The night sky gets illumined
With the sparking fireworks
A scene so spectacular
A huge gathering of people
Savoring the brightness of dark sky
And exclaiming over the
Formation of various 
Jeweled patterns.

Oh! Goddess, fill us with
Immense courage and power
So that we are capable of
Fighting with all ordeals
Each moment and every hour
May we drive out the
Thriving social evils
The way you destroyed
The demons and devils.

Swati Sarangi

P.S:I wish everyone a safe and colorful diwali in advance..  J