31 Dec 2013

#45 Count down begins

Scroll down please........:)

.            We have entered into a refreshing year,                                           2014 .

             We, the writers of creative constellation,
                    wish you a prosperous, magnificent
                       and wonderful new year.
              May this year fulfill all your dreams and 
                       bring a lot of success in future 

30 Dec 2013

#44 New Year 2014


New Year arrives with
New hopes and expectations,
New discoveries and inventions
New resolutions to be made,
New histories to create
New moments to cherish,
New ideas to furnish
New thoughts to nurture,
New steps towards future
New dreams to chase,
New stuffs to purchase
New waves of renovation,
New world of imagination
New promises to keep,
New leaders to lead
New doors get opened up,
New energy within us
New paths to follow,
And no more sorrows
New messages to spread,
New advancement in tech.
New friends on circle,
New faces on dance floor
New carols to sing,
New creations to bring
Newly born desire,
Newly picked up attires
New places to explore,
Newly craved sculptures
New stories to scribble,
And new things to google.

Sweta Sarangi


29 Dec 2013

#43 Namesake


 In one of the Bollywood movies, (sorry!! : ( for unable to recall the name of the movie), the superstar of the era Amitabh Bachhan once uttered in his grave baritone ,”Naam mein kya rakha hai?” (What’s in a name?). When I wondered on the topic, I felt that names have got some meaning. When every creature has been assigned with very typical scientific names (evidences: biology text books), how can human beings, HOMOSAPIENS lag behind in this race? If names were worthless, then why are people much worried about it? It’s the name which brings both fame and shame. It’s for this name, the entire world runs before frantically. If you try to analyse little more to get into the seriousness of the topic, you’ll find it to be responsible for triggering several crimes.

   Now, I would like you to look into the connection of the names to our lives at a closer distance. We all are associated with a lot of names right from our birth which is not unique (unfortunately). In other words, the names that supposed to indicate one’s identity coincidentally matches with others. The custom of Nomenclature of new born babies according to Kundli (Horoscope) is regarded as a grand occasion in Hindu Culture.  It’s not just the parents who are excited about this auspicious event but relatives and kins pour their unconditional love and blessings in form of names. More the number of names assigned to the infant, larger is the number of relatives in the family as one name (or can be more) corresponds to one relative. Interestingly, those names stay alive throughout that child’s life and get renewed each time he meets his relatives. Just imagine the situation, suppose one of your relatives finds you (accidentally) in the public space and starts addressing you with his-assigned-nickname, what will be your reaction at that point of time? Names are also indication of one’s hierarchy in terms of generation in a family. In many cases, it is the future generation which carries (or inherits) the names of the predecessors.

  Names are often seen as synonyms to one’s prestige and social status. People do all sorts of things to keep their names high. They do this, that and what not, and why? -just for namesake!!In some cases, the spirit of maintaining a good name for good deeds incite the people to tread the virtuous path while in some other cases, it is the extreme fear of losing the social status that pushes the people to follow a wrong path. I don’t think I need to provide any incidences to exemplify the aforementioned statement. We, in our day-to-day life, witness many incidences of such types. In my school days, my teachers used to suggest, “Beta, achhe kaam karo jis se parents ka naam roshan ho”( Do good deeds to make your parents proud of you).

      Names do nothing except imparting identities to individuals. Our brain is so much accustomed to relate names with individuals that when a name flashes before our eyes, our mind starts to portray the individual bearing that name. (It becomes quite easy for the brain to recall an image stored inside the memory rather than guessing a complete stranger).Just imagine a situation where all names are vanished from the world, then what could have been the way to trace an individual? The task of reaching the individual would have become an impossible one just like searching for a flaw in the metal without using of any technology.

        If someone asks me, “naam mein kya rakha hai?”(what’s in a name), I would answer that “ naam mein bahot kuchh likha hai”(there’s a lot of importance in name) because without name there’s no identity(primary). I’m referring primary identity to the identity by virtue of birth and the other identity can be created by one’s actions. The second set of identity is one’s original which acts as a parameter for making him different from the crowd. Many born (with a name), live and die, their names get wiped away once they’re gone. There are some whose names survive even after their death. What I can infer from this that it is only one’s karma (deed) which is solely responsible for creating names. That’s why it has been very aptly said that” A good name is worth many riches”.

By Swati Sarangi


25 Dec 2013

#42 Wishes........

   Merry Christmas

We ,the writers of creative constellation, wish you a wonderful and joyous Christmas......... 


23 Dec 2013

#41 A pinch of salt

Short Story____By Sweta Sarangi     
       A pinch of salt

 Girls stood in a queue in mess waiting for the meal. Since it was Monday, the meal was supposed to be pure veg as per as the mess schedule. After attending lots of classes in the morning, we got exhausted completely as well as hungry even more. It was the time to get relinquished by having delicious meal. Whenever there are arrangements going on in the mess, it is one of my habits to go through the menu list pasted on the wall of the mess. The list tempted me so much that I would not have resisted myself more. The meal comprised of rice, dal, green freshly spinach, cabbage curry, curd and chips. If one is pure vegetarian, then she would be more satisfied after having a glance at the menu. The entire meal was enough to satisfy one’s hunger as well as taste. All of us got the trays and we headed towards the table to have lunch with our friends.

“But, the bowl is empty. Wait let me search for the other one.” Said I after looking into the bowl just kept in front of me on the table.

“Same thing here. Even if I am felling hungry, I can’t put a bite into my mouth as I use a lot of salt in my meal and you know it very well.” Grumbled a friend who occupied the adjacent seat to mine.

She added more to her speech “I thought that this menu would be better after reading the list. But I could not imagine something like this would happen accidentally.” She was fond of eating and would never mind suggesting the ways to improve the quality of food, what should be added and what not and which would yield a better flavor.

“I think we will have to manage today without salt.” I said who had already put a bite in mouth and any how I could not hide that. In order to make the environment quite calm, I gave such a statement. But later it proved to be fruitless.

“If you can manage, then it’s fine. I won’t. Can’t they provide salt??”Said my friend in an aggressive tone.

“And finally a day has come, when we will have to stop relying upon salt as a staple ingredient. But, the meal tastes sweet as if sugar have been added instead of salt or the greatest chefs of our mess failed to distinguish between salt and sugar rather…..Huh!! It’s ridiculous.” Said the friend sarcastically and made an attempt to put another bite into her mouth. Her body gesture made me smile a bit more than previous.

“A day without salt, you mean”. Interrupted a girl who was sitting in front of my friend and started taking interest in our gossip as she found herself sailing in the same boat as that of ours.
The pages of history book started getting opened up in my mind. I felt as if the non-cooperation moment was going on. The mess authorities might want to test our patience by making us wait for a pinch of salt which was the ultimate requirement. If this was so, then we girls would not lag behind.  

“How are you eating?? The curd is so sour and the curry is equally tasteless with lots of spices. Yuck…..I can’t eat.” The girl vomited out a lot of complaints with a weird expression in her face.

“Today, maggi will help to solve the crisis of salt, at least far better than this salt less meal.”Said the girl and suddenly she rose up from the chair and moved towards her room.

“Listen friends; imagine that a pinch of salt is being sprinkled over your meal. If you fail to do so, let me know. I will help you by making an action of sprinkling”. I said jokingly and tried to bring smile to everyone’s face who seemed to me gloomy right there.

“Availing salt is everyone’s birth right. We are not an exception.” Shouted a girl sitting at the end of the row. This was her reaction after hearing our gossip. What to do, this is the nature of girls to intensify every situation. They comprehend every situation in their own way. This statement indicated the premonition of a revolt in mess.

“Please pass the salt,”said a friend of mine impatiently.

“Be quick, yaar. I’m feeling hungry and today the entire meal is just tasteless because of lack of salt as ingredient.” Said the same girl again.
     After that every one present in the mess started demanding for the salt as if it was a great possession. Shouting loudly and relentlessly and each time even more. The entire scene in the mess seemed chaos. While asking to the manager of the mess, we got the reply that the salt had gone out of stock. If anyone wanted salt then she would have to wait for some time. The phrase ‘some time’ indicated that long duration of time not exactly defined, to reduce the curiosity of the girls asking helplessly for the salt.
     Girls are gossip mongers, so they don’t have to search for any topic to initiate a discussion. They are much faster than any news channel to reveal what is going on around. They are themselves journalists in their respective areas. Generally after returning from college, the topic of discussion is confined to only the happenings of the college and professors but the salt made its way into our discussion. The expressions of girls while eating were worth watching. We were impatiently asking for salt at small intervals of time with a hope that the last few bites would provide us the actual pleasure of eating. Without finding any alternatives, I tried hard to finish my meal because I had already taken 25 minutes but on an average, time taken to finish the meal is 15 minutes. While returning to room, as harbinger I spread the message to my fellow batch mates to carry some amount of salt to mess.   
      At that instant of time, we were in need of a pinch of salt. A pinch of salt that would add flavor to the meal, satisfy the taste buds and hungry stomachs. It was of greater importance at that point of time than anything else.
    The importance of something is felt only in its absence. In a similar manner, one should be like salt whose presence is not felt but its absence makes everything tasteless.  Salt is added as an ingredient daily but whenever it is less in amount spoils the taste of the entire dish. Everyone should try to cultivate such a characteristic that highlights one’s absence rather than presence. Everything is significant in its own way, whatever ordinary it may seem.

Wishing every reader of this short story “MERRY CHRISTMAS”.


19 Dec 2013

#40 IMUNing few experiences

IMUNing few experiences

        As the year 2k13 approaches its end, I’ve got a fabulous pack of experiences to share with you all. This, I think, is one of the memorable experiences of mine at IGIT (Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology, Sarang, Odisha) till now. So, you can very well expect this post to be quite long but I promise you all readers to make the description as interesting as possible to read.

         Starting with the famous quotation of Nelson Mandela, “Things seem impossible until they’re done”. I was undergoing a period of similar phase involving the thought of impossibility during initial days of preparation of iMUN (Indira Gandhi Institute Of Technology’s model of United Nations). The experience of IMUN has already begun from the day of workshop held at college level by the executive board of iMUN Secretary-General Ipsit Bibhudarshi and Director-General Akash Sahoo. The first workshop was an introductory one which presented a fair picture of Model United Nation and its need. To tell you all readers, Model United Nation, as the name suggests, is the replica of United Nation where all the international issues are discussed and later solved. After the workshop, we were allotted countries and agendas to work upon and the session was held to make us acquainted with the proceedings of the event. I was one of the delegates of Ukraine. As it was my first experience, I was not clear about many things but at the end of the session the actual picture of United Nation started getting built up in my mind. It is after this mock thing, I started reading the column of International news (published in my favorite newspaper) Times Of India which I used to scan very quickly before.

   The reasons behind participating in IMUN 2k13(12th Dec-15th Dec) are mainly personal.
First, being a student of technical background, I hardly realize the importance of the political stuffs. So, participating in it would give a chance to gain knowledge about different countries as well as different international issues.

Second, it was an (international level) inter college event organized at our college. Semesters and the pressure of syllabus hardly permit us to participate in such events. Why missing out something grand taking place in your own college?? I did not want to miss this golden opportunity at any cost.

Third, it was my attempt to motivate myself to speak up in public. I very well remember that I never participated in any inter Youth Parliament held at school level during my school days in spite of the teacher’s suggestion. 

10th Dec, 2k13
 Countdown begins (2 days to go) for this mega event ….
   The country allotted to me was Bosnia and Herzegovina in the council UNHRC (Human Rights council). The allotment list was out before 15-20 days. I started collecting the facts as much as possible about the allotted country after the semester of 5th Semester got over on 27th NOV, 2013. The agendas were Cyber Crime and safeguarding the Rights of journalists in conflict areas. I was happy with both the topics given.

      The preparation of the organizing committee was at its peak. Thanks to the organizing committee for giving us important information regarding the event otherwise I would have missed out the most important information (from the fb page) of mailing the position paper to the director of our council and the deadline for submitting the paper was (horrifying) 10th Dec. I had only 6hrs left. After I returned to the hostel, I quickly downloaded the study kit of our council where the format for writing the position paper was very well mentioned. With the help of the collected information stored in my laptop, I started writing the position paper for the first agenda and my co-delegate on second agenda. The writing of working paper got over after 4hours and we were saved luckily.

12th Dec, 2k13
A day before the mega event

       I was super excited for the event. We read our researches (courtesy: Google) on the given agenda and prepared the speech for general speaker’s list. In the evening, a mock was organized for all the delegates as the distinguished and experienced members of executive board had already arrived. Initially, a brief introduction was given by Surendra Kumar and Ashes Das about model united nation which was followed by a session of inspirational talk by the Guests of Honor Colonel Dev Anand Lohamorur and US embassy Peter Vrooman. It was a very interactive session in which the participants got the chance to interact directly with the guests who encouraged their questions. It was great to find the spirit of our guests in supporting the event and wishing it to be a Great Success.

13th Dec, 2k13
Day of the mega event

     It was one of the most awaiting days for me. I got my delegation identity card as well as other important required stuffs from the Organizing committee. I checked the documents given to us and pleasantly surprised to see a CD containing all important stuffs related to MUN especially the videos of a Mock UN. It helped me a lot in actually getting the procedures.

The moment of performance ….

      In the second half of the day, we arrived at the hall as instructed. My heart was pulsating with both a sense of excitement and amazement. It was still difficult for me to believe that I was going to be a part of such event. On finding the placard of my country, Bosnia and Herzegovina, I calmed down my tensed nerves and occupied the seat. I also got to know that students of 26 colleges and schools of different parts of India and 4 countries had registered for this event.
   It was a session for making us acquainted with the rules and regulations of MUN. This was unexpected for me as I thought it to start formally. The executive board members of UNHRC were Ashes Das (Chair) and Ananya Bharadwaj (Vice-Chair). It was quite an informal session which started with the introduction of each delegates. There were 31 countries on list for this council. There were in total 6 councils: UNGA (General Assembly)-1, UNGA-2, UNFSC (Futuristic Council), UNHSC (Historic Council), UNSC (Security Council), UNHRC (Human Rights Council). All delegates were informed to report to the council at 9a.m the next day.

14th Dec, 2k13(2nd day of the event)

 As instructed, we reached the council on time. We applied for PRESENT and VOTING option during the ROLL CALL. Three motions were passed by the delegates of different countries for selection of the agenda and after voting, it became quite clear that the delegates were more interested in discussing agenda one i.e cyber crime. Our country was first to be recognized for the General Speaker’s list. To make the things clear, General Speaker’s list is created as per the order in which the participating countries raise their placards and the delegate gets a chance to present his/her views on the agenda. I had the chance to present a 1minute long speech on cyber crime on the dais. There after other delegates presented their views as per their rank in the GSL. In the first session, we exercised our power of using different point like point to personal privilege, point to information, and point to parliamentary enquiry etc. If the points raised by the delegates are WELL NOTED by the executive board members, then some marks are awarded. This is the procedure of MUNing.

Social night

Social night was very enjoyable. All the delegates were invited. And not just delegates, executive board members, IP (international press) team and volunteers were also present. Everyone present there looked stunning.  Every one danced on the beat of the latest Bollywood and Hollywood songs and IGITs performed their self discovered traditional dance, Khaadi.  The journey from hostel to the hotel and back to hostel again was memorable. There can never be silence when girls are around, so the trip was full of fun amalgamated with Bolly songs and gossips.  

15th Dec, 2k13 (the last day)

4 a.m and….

My mobile rang up breaking the cold and eerie silence of a chilling night.
Dear delegates of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a crisis has occurred and you’ve to report at the council within 1hr”, instructed a commanding voice on the other side. I’m generally not weak at recognizing the voices of the people. So, in spite of being in the state of 70% sleep, I could recognize that to be the voice of the chair of our council. I could not, at first, take this instruction seriously.  

    I could not think of reporting at the institution (venue: United Nation Human Rights Council) as early as 5a.m in a cold chilly morning!! It was dark and foggy then.

      I was undergoing a state of drowsiness as we (delegates of all councils, executive board members and volunteers) had a social night at a hotel last night due to which we returned to our hostel as late as 11:30 p.m. Then we had to head towards the mess to satisfy our hungry stomach with frozen cold dinner.

           When we arrived at the venue, it was still very foggy and could find (surprisingly) few fellow delegates. No one had any idea about what was going on. We all had our seats and after the arrival of the executive board members, we were asked to keep our laptops aside. The reason for doing that was quite logical. Since, it was the case of emergency situation, it was expected for us to receive the updates from the chair at intervals. We received around 20 updates and I was amazed at the way they were beautifully designed to get connected relevantly to the topic “cyber crime”. We had no prior information on that issue. The update was about air crashes which happened at three different places of the world due to the failure in the function of OBD system in aircraft and that is because of the attack of some unknown virus over the system.  It was an amazing experience for me to work with strangers in group during unmoderated caucus. There were no seniors or juniors. We all were Delegates representing the culture of a particular country. After working (for continuously 6 hours) for finding the best solution of the issue, all the delegates consented to a common idea and a communiqué was drafted.  Thus, this session of crisis management ended successfully.

    We were given a gap of 2hours after which the session reconvened. The delegates of the countries on GSL continued with their speech. At the end of it, three resolutions were presented.

   After the session ended formally, everyone’s favorite and interactive informal session began with a lot of fun. All the delegates were asked to share their experiences and feedbacks for the executive board. The school kids in our council were highly spirited and energetic. It was amazing to witness their interest on world issues.

   I found the executive board members to be superb and amazing. They were very experienced, cordial, supportive and encouraging. They were full of attitude and knowledge. Their way of presenting their ideas were unparalleled and much appreciable. They were skilled orators, no doubt.
The assembly dispersed with delegation certificate and group photos.

    After attending iMUN, I found following advantages of MUNing:
First, it makes us formal. It improves our personality. It teaches us how to behave or react in a professional field.

Second, it fosters the quality of listening. It’s great to be a good orator but it is equally necessary to be a patient listener as well because a good listener can only be a good orator.

Third, it develops the quality of socializing. In a very short span of time, all the delegates started functioning as a unit to sort the problem. So, it enhances the problem solving skills in real world.

Fourth, it makes us acquainted with a unique way of arguing. Arguing not just means shouting at one’s peak of the voice but what matters most is the audacity of words with valid reason or logic not the audacity of the voice.
The after effects of IMUN over myself is non-neglecting the section of world news in Times of India. Now, I no longer find the world news uninteresting as earlier. I at least try to read something in that section, if not fully then 40%.

I’m looking forward to attend other MUNs in future, if possible!!

   It would be injustice if I don’t mention about the organizing committee. They were the actual people behind the success of this grand event. They put their all possible efforts and it was the result of their untiring and endless efforts that put ever thing in its best place.

So, there go a lot of HIP-HIP-HOORAYS and a HUGE ROUND OF APPLAUSE for the commendable job they did!! They deserve it really.

   The closing ceremony was equally GRAND. Each act was unique and the act dedicated to Nirbhaya was so realistic that it made each eyes wet with tears. I was elated to find the name of our country, Bosnia and Hezegovina in the list of countries receiving a verbal mention in the council of UNHRC. It was really a great for me to hear this as it was the first MUN, I ever attended.
  I find this a life changing experience- an experience to cherish for rest of the life. I could not realize how these 3 days passed so quickly. I don’t even believe I attended a session as long as 6 hours at a stretch!! Yes, it happened and really it happened!! I’ve preserved everything associated with IMUN with me, starting from ID card, files, print out of position paper, placard even coupons for meals( :P) , writing pad and everything, believe me. I don’t want to miss out even a single experience. During those 3 hectic days, we had the opportunity to meet students from different colleges and schools.

 Hoping for a season-2 IMUN 2k14 in our college next year.

   Thanks to all those people who dreamt of hosting and organizing IMUN because of whom I got a golden opportunity to witness this grand event.
With a positive note, I end this article here.


P.S: Link to the official website of IMUN, Sarang is given below.

Swati Sarangi