30 Mar 2021

#423 8 years of musings and reflections


8 years of musings and reflections

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    It’s absolutely a thrilling experience to share this day with you all when our blog turns 8 years old. It is no different from witnessing your baby growing into a matured one and learning through its own experiences. It’s like an act of introspecting my own thoughts all over these years. I must say, it has been a hell of an experience and many more to experience in days to come! So, this post is going to be a contemplative one. 8 years are long- isn’t it? To be honest, it’s the only thing that I have clung to, over these years.


What a coincidence to share my biggest day falling in this month as well! So March has definitely got some of my favorite and interesting episodes of my life to look forward to, each year.  On 4th of this month; in March, I completed a year of togetherness with someone whom I just met a year back and Cupid conspired us to be with each other before Corona put everyone within the confines of their four walls. Life has its own timing and plans which no one is able to decipher accurately.


About my journey of writing, I was not so regular in this platform, I must admit, but it, in no way, implies that I gave up on this activity; writing. I was always writing on one or the other platform; either on digital media; online or with a pen over a piece of paper and experimenting with different forms of writing to express myself better. Sometimes, I seriously get stuck about the topics to write, you know, that’s writer’s block which every writer faces when he goes out of prompts to write about. This year, I am serious about reading as much as I can and make myself comfortable about the topics which have been obscure to me. I hope reading can be one of the ways to tackle writer’s block. Another resolution of this year is to meditate as much as I can so as to organize several thoughts to enhance my creativity. Of course, there are a lot of goals for me to achieve in the professional front as well.     

            People mature with their age and experience. For me, it has been a bit opposite. I feel the graph of maturity seems to be inversely proportional with age, in my case. I am still figuring out the real purpose of my life; the reason of my existence. I am still figuring out different options to advance my career. I am still figuring out the ways to accomplish my bucket list which I created a year ago. Among all these confusions, episodes of rise and fall, I did really learn to control my emotions in a better way. I have again started to dream like I used to and believe the possibility of my thoughts as no goal is difficult to achieve once you’ve decided firmly to achieve it.

            My heartfelt gratitude to the almighty for helping me to find my soulmate and a lovely family who have accepted me as part of their family with so much love and care that I always make myself feel pampered. What can I ask God more than to have a partner who shares similar goals, aspirations and supports me to achieve them. I really apologize to God for the days when I felt ungrateful, unloved, or underconfident in spite of having everything in my life.

            My vision associated with this blog still remains intact; to write to inspire people or create a change in their lives.  May I get experiences ordained by the almighty to derive wisdom to put them in my writing.

            Thanks to all readers for constantly supporting me in an unconditional way.  I couldn’t have gone so far without your words of appreciation. I always look forward to your feedback for my improvement.

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Swati Sarangi


29 Mar 2021

#422 : Book Review : Life's Amazing Secrets

 Life’s Amazing Secrets-How to find balance and purpose in life

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AuthorGaur Gopal Das

Genre: Non-Fiction


Number of pages: 209

Star: 4.9/5 (Self)

Published by: Penguine


Review: Who doesn't know Gaur Gopal Das? This book is written by one of the most respected and loved monks of today’s time, who is also a disciple of Radhanath Swami. This book provides a very interesting read just like his lectures that you might have come across in YouTube. This is a self-help book of its own kind which is written in a very simple and narrative tone.


Gaur Gopal Das has made sure to inculcate precious philosophies of life through real-life examples. This is the reason why he has created a main character Harry who invites him over the lunch prepared and served lovingly by his wife Lalitha. They discuss several aspects of life, right from how those couples met, fell in and out of love to the meaning of life. This is when the monk goes on narrating several incidences from his life to emphasize on the fact that our car-like-life must be balanced on four wheels as Personal life, Relationships, Work-life and Social Contribution. If there's an imbalance in any of these wheels, the car might get lost from its path while moving towards its destination. He also has discussed the importance of gratitude, spiritual practice, the act of forgiveness, speaking sensitively, self-discovery, decoding spirituality at work, selfless sacrifice, etc through several stories and anecdotes to make it relatable by the readers. Philosophies of life are better understood when those are relatable. This is what Gaur Gopal Das has exactly done.

My Review:                                                           

I feel so grateful to have picked up this book for reading as it’s my 5th book of the year. The language of the book is such that I felt listening to his lectures. This book acts as a gist of all the lectures given by the monk. I would definitely recommend this book to those who are on the path to figure out the purpose of their lives.

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Swati Sarangi


12 Mar 2021

#420 Certificate of Publishing; Magic comes in Pieces

Hi folks, 

I hope that you're doing well! 

Here comes my first publication of the year! Do give it a read!

Grab your copy here; Magic comes in pieces!

31 Dec 2020

#419 Revisiting year 2020

Revisiting the year 2020

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all are doing well. You may be engaged in the process of bidding adieu to the year which is going to slip out of our hands in the next 3-4 hours.  It has been a customary practice for me to reflect on all the moments which I lived in the year and express my gratitude to it before it fades away. So, through this post, I feel so excited to walk down my memory lane.


This year made me believe in the power of the Law of attraction and manifestation of intentions. The first month of the year promised me to establish a lifetime relationship with someone I had come across then. There was a family reunion to celebrate our engagement. Then followed Valentine’s week which had always been an ordinary week for me except this time, it had a meaning. There was a joyous phase of preparation for the D-day of my life. I trusted my intuition to invite someone I had come across a few months ago, in my life. I let myself go with the flow of the process that the Universe had designed for me and finally the D-day arrived for us to depart from the home I had been a part of and to take responsibilities of the family I was very warmly accepted as.


Then it was the conspiracy of Universe to let me quarantine with my partner to know him better. I learned to cook and be more responsible for dispatching my duties of day-to-day life. The phase of lockdown was never easy but it had definitely provided me enough time to be with my permanent roommate. During this phase, I tried to create beautiful memories to cherish for the rest of my life. The phase of lockdown had definitely slowed down this fast-paced life and enabled all of us including the nature to bloom in our own way, away from the unknown rat-race we had been into. I started following the activities that provided me internal happiness. It included singing, painting, writing, reading, learning different programming languages, revisiting my bucket list and striking off a few points from that, and developing some healthy habits. I completed watching all movies from my movie list which had been pending since time immemorial. I participated in some of the virtual competitions and garnered appreciation for my performance.  I was successful in getting an international test score.


I realized how important it is to live in the present moment as the future is uncertain and it is promised to none. The importance of health cannot be ignored; I realized it until I fell sick twice and the fear of getting infected COVID started haunting me. The reunion with family after a long period was literally emotional. I am so grateful to God for letting me meet one of my dear friends.


The most important thing to feel grateful for during pandemic days is that I am healthy and safe and so are my family and friends. I wish that this trying and challenging the phase will pass off soon when we all will be getting back to the normal state of life when we will be able to breathe in fresh air devoid of this deadly virus.

No doubt, this New Year’s Eve is different from all other years and all of us are locked up in our rooms, practicing social isolation, many of us are away from our family and friends but amidst all difficulties, let us hope for a bright future which is about to embrace our lives.

So, wishing you all a very happy new year! May this year 2021, fill your life with abundance in all spheres.


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Swati Sarangi




30 Dec 2020

#418 Book Review:The infinite Road


The Infinite Road

Grab a copy from here :The Infinite Road
AuthorShefali Arora



Number of pages: 147

Star: 4.8/5 (Self)

Published by: Locksley Hall Publishing


Review: This novel revolves around the central character, Alunkrita, who works in the corporate sector of  IT. She discovers a disabled and abandoned child, Anokhi (which she names her later), and brings her to her home to take care of her. Slowly and steadily Anokhi becomes the motivation of her life and her mundane corporate life does not seem to be dominating now. When she returned from her office, Anokhi’s description of her day at school and her mesmerizing skills of art would always enchant Alunkrita. Alunkrita’s life consists of Sowmya, her childhood best friend who invites her to be her partner in her business venture with Parth, who was her lover from her school days. Alunkrita was in a relationship with Parth and because of the career priorities of pre-University days of preparation, their relationship broke up on a bitter tone and Alunkrita has still not forgiven Parth for that incident.  It was from that incident, Alunkrita has never fallen in love until she meets the neighbor, Siddharth who located from Dehradun to her neighbor’s house which remained empty for many months. Alunkrita’s attraction towards Siddharth grew more over the fact that he bonded so well with Anokhi.

One day, Alunkrita’s mother arrives at her home surprisingly and finds Anokhi to be there. There’s an unpleasant discussion about Anokhi between the two. Anokhi overhears their discussion and Alunkrita’s plan to send her to a boarding school in the future. The fact of going away from Alunkrita saddens Anokhi.

Alunkrita plans a surprise birthday plan for Anokhi where she has also invited an orthopaediatrician couple who will be doing surgery on Anokhi’s feet so as to remove her disability. On her birthday, Anokhi goes missing. After a lot of efforts of Alunkrita, Siddharth , Sowmya and Parth, it’s Parth who finally finds Anokhi and takes her to her office the next day after finishing off all formality.   

All misunderstandings between Alunkrita and Parth starts to fade away after Anokhi’s discovery and Alunkrita decides to give love a second chance after Parth’s honest confession of feelings towards her. Both of them get engaged and plan to marry in the next two months. Parth gifts a well-designed office room to Alunkrita to begin the start-up journey that she has always wished to.


Alunkrita gives a nod to Siddharth’s wish to adopt Anokhi and take her to his home at Dehradun. Siddharth, a widower, who has lost his wife and daughter, in a car accident, feels that Anokhi would alleviate the emptiness of his daughter, Diya in his life. With an understanding partner, Parth by her side, Alunkrita’s journey of the infinite road of life now seems less challenging.

My Review:

First of all, I would like to thank my dear blogger friend, Shefali for gifting me her book as a Christmas gift and this is a really great book to end the year with! It’s really great to connect with one of the dear blogger friends of google+ days and witness her pursuing her passion along with her profession.

I always prefer a happy ending in fiction and I am glad the story has a happy ending to it. I like the way the characters have been introduced in the plot and connected to the existing characters. The style of describing different events and expressing different emotions is simply superb. The narrating style is so interesting and engaging that I finished the book within three sitting and I felt like I was one of those neighbors of Alunkrita who witnessed everything happening in her life and neighborhood. I was so engrossed in the plot that I left everything aside to finish off this book. Believe me, it was a very engaging read! With this novel, I'm successful in completing the 2020 Reading Challenge of Goodreads

I would definitely recommend you to read it. I’m sure about the fact that when you get hold of this novel, you’ll simply lose track of the time until you reach the last page of it which exactly happened in my case.

I wish the budding Author and my friend great success in all her future endeavors.

All Rights Reserved

Swati Sarangi


28 Nov 2020

#416 Dreams into reality

 Dreams into reality

It’s a story of a girl, Richa who enjoys being in her world of fantasy; where she has all rights to do anything, where there’s hardly any difference between imagination and reality, where there’s no time delay between her wishes and their manifestations.


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Richa is someone who believes in happy endings. In spite of keeping optimistic views about life and her future, she had to go through several incidences of heartbreaks or breakups. Perhaps she was not so lucky in love or her prince charming was yet to arrive in her life.  Life’s unpredictable, there’s no one who has been successful enough to decipher the equations of life. So was Richa. When she attained marriageable age, her parents set out on a path of groom hunting. After meeting a few Rishtas or proposals, her marriage got fixed with Rohan.


It was an arranged marriage everything happened so hurriedly from engagement to performing rituals in Mandap; they barely had any time to know each other. Like every other girl, she had a lot of rosy dreams about her marriage and partner which she decided to keep aside for daydreaming in the future. She was wondering if Rohan would be her prince charming or it would be ever possible for her to express her dreams and world of fantasy to him.


Just few days after their marriage, the news of the breakdown of Corona spread like a forest fire. Everyone was unprepared for this uncertain phase which had never happened before. This pandemic was life-threatening and scary. She had made a lot of plans for trips which couples go after their marriage; so-called-honeymoon-trips. She made a secret list of her attires, poses that she would make while posing for a couple pic; kind of pre-wedding pics which she had always wanted to treasure for her lifetime and which will be framed to adorn the walls of her house. She searched for few destinations from the internet along with options for hotels to reside in. Why would she need a tourist guide when she was so passionate to research and make all plans?     


There goes a saying, Man proposes, God, disposes. Corona was testing everyone’s patience by spoiling all plans. Richa was no exception in this regard. How can she ever imagine her plans to materialize in reality when social distancing became the new norm? She surrendered her wishes to this unexpected phase.


 Fast forward to a few months;


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The sound of the alarm clock on the table, lying adjacent to the bed started to ring. In an attempt to turn off, Rohan’s hand accidentally slid a diary from the table. It fell down from the table with a loud bang sound. As soon as he opened the diary to see what it was about, the following page came to his notice which read as below;




4th Lane, 3rd Street

Near Park Avenue

London, UK


Dear Diary,


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Thanks for everything. Thanks for the beautiful plan and unexpected surprises.  I can never be happier than today.


You know very well that I have been eagerly waiting for the trip; so-called-honeymoon-trip, because of Corona, we could never plan it. I am so glad to write that it happened today  I felt as if I was dreaming, I pinched me from time to time to be confirmed about the fact that I was neither sleeping nor it was a dream.


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We went on this beautiful trip to celebrate our first Anniversary. It felt magical and heavenlyI wore a beautiful gown. We were on a beach, posed for a lot of couple pics. Amidst the waves, soothing breeze, and scenery, I had forgotten the fact that I was married, I felt like a bachelorette enjoying with her best friend. We took a lot of couple pics on the beach, those silhouette pics are my favorite now which I am planning to frame very soon, I thanked that photographer for capturing precious moments of togetherness.


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            After the photography session was done, he blindfolded and dragged me to a place where he made me sit on a chair; I was excited and nervous at the same time, not quite sure about what was happening. After a few minutes, perhaps 15 or 20 minutes, he removed the scarf from my eyes, by that time, it was getting a little dark. I saw a bouquet of roses with a card in front of a table near me and a very well decorated cake with ‘1’ written over it saying "Our First Anniversary ”. I was so happy to see that. I started to pick that beautiful card kept over the table and started reading it. In between, I had lost my notice, he had already knelt down with a ring in his hand to propose to me, it felt like a scene from a Bollywood movie and I blushed like a girl being caught staring at her crush. 

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He slid the ring into my finger and tears of happiness rolled down my cheek. I don’t know what made me so emotional at that time. I was still in a state of awe, not being able to process everything happening right in front of my eyes.


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          The ambiance was filled with floating candles on the containers having water and these containers were placed over the sand. There was soft romantic music to suit the moment and environment. The tent above glittered with Diwali lights and was decorated with our pics. I loved every bit of the decoration. I was literally in a fairyland, just the way I had always imagined.


We ate the delicious cake together and blew sky lantern which soon disappeared in the vastness of the night sky. We were celebrating everything that day, our Diwali, Anniversary and my dream proposal.


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That day I realized that I was quite quick about judging my partner just within few months of togetherness. To know about someone, his dreams, wishes, aspirations , etc. takes a lot of patience and perseverance. It demands us to put ourselves in his shoes to analyze situations from his perspective.


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Then we went to the hotel, changed our clothes, got ready for dinner. He handed a beautiful box. I opened that to find a stunning necklace set, he put that necklace in my neck and it suited me so well as if I was already the owner of that piece of jewelry. It consisted of colored stones, I was wondering how come he knew about my taste.


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The restaurant was fabulous and the meal was super delicious. I was still wondering if I was sleeping. It was difficult for me to absorb reality and me-being-lucky this time. 


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I was thanking Universe again and again for so many surprises. I don’t know how Rohan had arranged everything to welcome me in a foreign land. The fact which surprised me more was his secret way of knowing my taste. He knew more about me than I had ever imagined. Perhaps, it’s love, and this time I was lucky in love.



      A wave of satisfaction swept across Rohan’s heart after knowing his wife’s reaction to his efforts. The entry was so well written that he was instantly and effortlessly taken to that day and he started to relive all those memories until he hears the voice of Richa from behind. Before getting accused of stealthily reading her diary, he secretly puts this diary back to the place from where he had picked it and resumed his work.


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Swati Sarangi



P.S: This is a second short story under the Series- Lockdown Tales with happy endings which I started during the lockdown. This is purely a work of fiction. All names, characters, places are parts of my imagination. Any resemblance to an actual person, living or dead or actual events is purely coincidental.

This is the first story of the series in case you've missed it ;Lockdown Blessings.

So, Happy Reading!