12 Oct 2019

#389 My eternal guru


My eternal GURU

The poem is about my journey of getting connected to the eternal GURU, my inner conscience, the gut instinct which is blessed by universal wisdom, during my search for GURU elsewhere.

Blessed I feel when I think about the teachers whom I met
In every walk of my life; Be him a vendor or a waiter
As each of them taught me at least a thing or two
To carry them forward in the journey for search of truth.
My belief in them strengthened when I witnessed them not giving up
When giving up was the only and best option available
They refused to surrender and strived to keep their spirit alive
I was always wonderstruck by their attitude so strong.

So I tried searching for that GURU in everyone I came across
As I was now exposed to the test of the real world
A world which was challenging and asking to be at your best always
To win this battle, I needed my army of soldiers.

How to forget about the moments of low during this battle?
All my external GURUs seemed to have vanquished somewhere
Then my quest for eternal GURU grew manifold
It was an intense desire which could not be put into hold.

Then followed a moment of introspection which put me into a contemplative mode
Little did I know that the Universe, which I thought to be a field for battle,
Was a motivator for awakening the GURU residing within my core
That was a moment of realization of my life’s purpose.

In the end when my quest got over, it brought me a realization that
My inner conscience as my eternal GURU has always been closer than I had ever thought of.

P.S: This poem has bagged first prize in creative writing competition organized by "Vivekanand Samiti" on the occasion of Teacher's Day at IIT Kanpur. 

Sweta Sarangi

29 Sep 2019

#388 Navaratri Wishes

Let the divine energy within you connect with the supreme divine!
Let the divine power, intellect,love within yourself get evoked and heal you emotionally, mentally and spiritually! 

Happy Navratri to you all!

17 Sep 2019

14 Sep 2019

#386 Universe has already decided the winner

LOA Story -2

#386 Universe has already decided the winner
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Hello readers, 

I feel blessed to share this incident with you to reinforce your self-conviction and belief on magical powers of the Universe which always listens to our every thought and desires like a faithful genie.   

Once my sister, Sweta, found out a competition which was requesting the participants to submit a hand written letter to their special ones on the eve of Valentine’s day and the deadline was few days before Valentine’s day. She challenged me to participate in that competition even after knowing the fact that I have never ever attempted to write anything in the genre Romance. I accepted her challenge. Unfortunately I missed out the deadline because of some of the academic commitments but deep down in my heart, I wanted to participate in that competition.

After few days, again my sister insisted me to participate in that competition as the deadline of the event had been postponed to 6th of March for non-receipt of unsatisfactory entries. I perceived it as an opportunity which served two purpose; first, to win the challenge that my sister had given me and second, to try out something new in the field of writing. So, I poured my intentions of heart over a piece of letter.  When the result was declared, guess what? I was the winner.

It was as if the Universe had already decided the winner even before he occurrence of this competition.

Thanks to the powerful Universe and magic dust to all.

P.S: Read the winning entry here; Winning Entry; Contest by Writer's Ezine

Swati Sarangi

12 Sep 2019

#385 When LOA itself finds a way to my blog

When the LOA itself finds a way to my blog
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Hello Readers,

I hope that you all might be doing great in your life as usual.
I’ve thought of starting this section of LOA; Law of attraction; for presenting our LOA stories to you so that you can get inspired by it.

Since my childhood, I have always been attracted to the immense power of thoughts as my father would always encourage us kids to be as positive and inquisitive as possible because nothing is impossible for a fully awakened and enlightened mind. We were always taught to be grateful to the almighty for everything we have with us. So, we grew up with a belief of infinite abilities of mind in achieving everything in life and felt blessed about it as a result of it we could manifest a lot of things as dreamers even without actually knowing that it was LOA.

Fast forward to many years, I feel so happy to relive those wonderful memories of childhood and again coming in sync with powerful LOA. With challenging circumstances of life, I had forgot my habit of feeling constantly grateful and became quite dubious of benevolent Universe. In 2016 , I discovered LOA again when I found out the book “The Secret”  by Rhonda Bryne when I stumbled upon blog of one of the IAS officers while randomly surfing in internet. The title of the book was so appealing as if it had contained some unknown treasures, I immediately downloaded it and started to read it. Today, I have read many books by Rhonda Bryne and stories published in the platform; https://www.thesecret.tv/all-stories/.

As I’ve always been so fascinated by psychological stuffs, I keep doing my research on it. During my research about LOA, I’ve come across a lot of videos in YouTube. I would definitely recommend YouTube channels; Awesome AJ and MindBodySpirit ( the recent one catching my attention) to anyone looking forward to know about what LOA actually is. Inspired by the success stories by mind,body and spirit , I thought of writing something under this category. It would also provide me a way to prevent my blog from going into a state of dormancy; that’s writer’s block which every writer faces.  Certain stories are related to this blog too, so it’s going to be exciting.

Hoping to inspire you through some stories of my manifestation through LOA technique from my past and present. Let our future be created by the directed visualization of our thoughts. 

Magic dust to all! 

Swati  Sarangi

14 Jul 2019

#382 Those Letters

Those Letters

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[Let's go back to 90's! How beautiful were those days when letters were used to be the media of communication! The era san mobiles, smartphones, social media was something different yet more connecting. It built important relationships. Waiting for letters as medium of communication was something inexplicable, wasn't it? ]
Sharanya and Shubhra have been best friends. They took admission in same school from pre-school. 

The first time Sharanya saw lil Shubhra sobbing at the entrance gate of the newly admitted school when her parents had left her as it was the first day of Shubhra at school. The grief of separating from her parents was so huge for lil Shubhra to bear that she couldn't control the outburst of her emotions in form of tears. When class teacher pursuaded lil Shubhra to come inside the class where there were many innocent eyes watching the newcomer entering the class , on finding a vacant seat near Sharanya ,teacher asked Shubhra to occupy it. While Shubhra was yet to recover from her sobbing state, Sharanya was already adjusted to that environment as she had already spent 3 days there. Hesitatingly Sharanya extended her hand for friendship, lil did she knew that it would soon turn out to be a friendship of lifetime.

Their friendship was innocent and pure. It grew stronger with each passing day . They grew inseparable. Their friendship was not just limited to the boundaries of school but beyond. Both were cute, sincere and every teacher's favourites. They started to identify themselves as sisters from different mothers, such was the intimacy of her friendship. They always competed with each other to be better than their own yesterday; [what's growth without competition] and never the spirit of competitiveness had even a dint of adverse effect over their friendship. They set friendship goals for others and their efforts for putting their friendship alive were exemplary.

Days passed amidst fun-frolic, examinations, co-curriculars etc, then came to the end of 3rd standard . The destiny had other plan.Shubhra's father received a notice of transfer to another city miles away from their own. When everybody was celebrating the news of transfer of father to a different city in a promoted post, Shubhra was sad inside. The thought of leaving her best friend started to haunt her the very next moment. She cried as hard as she could while she retired for the day. This cry was more heart wrenching and intense than the one she had when she entered into the periphery of classroom lebelled as U.K.G-A for the first time.

On learning about the reason of sadness of Shubhra , father came to her rescue . He consoled her by planting the idea of communicating through letters. For that he suggested her to take the communication address of Sharanya to keep in touch. By that time, they had already learnt how to write letters ;both formal and informal but it was only for the purpose of writing in the examination paper , now it was the time to bring this skill beyond the curriculum to the realm of practicality.

The next day Shubhra decided to crack this news of transfer to Sharanya but she was not hopeless anymore as she had the idea of staying in touch with her even through many miles. The news of transfer of Shubhra's father from Shubhra's mouth came as a bolt from blue. Sharanya didn't know how to react for a second but Shubhra consoled her the same way as her father did and they vowed to write letters to each other regularly.

The D-day arrived when Shubhra had to depart for her new destination, she bade goodbye to everyone at school and a special bye to Sharanya with a promise to write about her happenings of life at the new city.

Shubhra , during her journey to the new city ,was observing everything very minutely as she would be describing every lil detail in her first letter to Sharanya. Days passed and Shubhra took admission in a school in her locality, was excited to start her life there. After a week, she thought of writing letter to Sharanya and got inland-letters from her father. She started writing about every lil event that she was witnessing, the length of one letter wasn't even enough to what she was experiencing in a new city and school, she pondered how precise the act of writing was unlike speaking. As the provided space in the letter started to get exhausted, she had to stop it unwillingly and promised herself to include the remaining undiscussed events in the subsequent letter, at the same time she expressed her eagerness to hear about the whereabouts of Sharanya.

The exchange of letters continued for a while and Shubhra would eagerly wait for letters of Sharanya . One day, the post man came with the undelivered letter of Shubhra to Shubhra's house, on being asked the reason , he said that the address had been changed. Now, Shubhra had lost the contact with Sharanya forever.

Fastforward to 15 years,
Shubhra was returning to her home from hostel by train. She was travelling alone and over the years, she had learnt to befriend books which would take her to places of imagination. While she was immersed in the book by one of her favourite writers, Sudha Murthy, she heard a sweet voice asking her permission to adjust her trolley beneath her seat. She took a glance at the stranger and her face somewhat radiated a feeling of familiarity.

The girl who just boarded her compartment was addressed by Sharanya by her friend. It stroke Shubhra hard and let her enquired if she was the same girl with whom she had started her schooling. The reply was positive, that girl was Sharanya with whom Shubhra had lost contact because of changed address. Then the rest is history. 

©Swati Sarangi
13.07 .2019

Dedicating this piece of writing to all my childhood friends !

3 Jul 2019

#381 Certificate of Appreciation from Story Mirror

Hello Readers,

It feels great to announce that we received Certificates of Appreciation from Story Mirror for having contributed our pieces of writing to the platform of Story Mirror .

Interesting title though :)

You can find our writings at this platform by clinking on the following links which will direct you to the respective profile:

Story Mirror: Swati Sarangi
Story Mirror:Sweta Sarangi

1 Jul 2019

#380 Can I be a rose ?

                                       Can I be a rose?

Whose petals are smooth and silky
Whose fragrance spreads everywhere
Whose luster mesmerizes every time
And everyone whosever observes it
Radiates vibrant colours all the time

Though the stems quite thorny
Yet it’s subtle and elegant in its own way
Stands so firm among all the thorns
Delivers much more enchanting effects
To the world surrounding it
Surrenders itself completely to the worship
Of the Almighty each and every day

Yes, I desire to be a rose
To be a harbinger of love and humanity
To experience all the divinity it possesses
To shower some positivity to the world,
Which comprises of trials and tribulations
I pledge to fulfill this
Yes, when I speak.

P.S: While browsing my folders, I found this poem which I had penned down long back for one competition and it was not posted in my blog.  

©Sweta Sarangi
All rights reserved.