22 May 2017

#267 Jyeshtha Issue of Agnishatdal

Critic of Troy David Loy

Critic from Troy David Loy

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#266 WOW post-3

19 May 2017

#265 The defeated devil which once tried to master me

The defeated devil which once tried to master me
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“Hahaha, see how you’ve come under my grip so easily”, laughed the devil vehemently creating a lasting impact.

“YOU CAN NEVER BEAT ME”, shouted I at the top of my voice as a reply to the devil.

“When I have been victorious in many such battles, winning the battle against you won’t be that tough for me, do you understand it very well, girl?”, asked the devil very confidently.

I replied him at an even more confident tone as, “I am bigger than you and my existence definitely has a greater purpose, I believe it strongly.”
  The above has been a figment of the conversation between me and the devil sitting inside my mind. Of course, the devil has no physical existence. It has no resemblance with anyone else in real life and I can never blame my surrounding or people for anything. The devil is the result of some distorted thoughts which might have born unknowingly out of failures, insecurities or unpleasant experiences of my life. These conversations used to get so intense at times that I feel my condition to be no different from a wanderer searching for his destination.

I had to make a move as I could not tolerate the devil winning the battle against me. I soon realised the reason behind my mood swing was only the non-refinement of my though processes. Now the pertinent question arises, how I controlled myriads of thoughts that kept affecting the course of my actions.

I could do this through a series of actions listed below-  
1.     I had to select something, be it a goal or an emotion from past or any fear that would push me to get out of my bed early in the morning as per my time table.
2.     I chalked out a plan for my long term goal so that I am not deviated from my goal.
3.     I started noting down the way I spend each hour of my day.
4.     I started doing physical exercises at least for 30 minutes in a day.
5.     I kept some time for my hobbies apart from professional work that I’m engaged in.
6.     I focussed on completing a task at a time before moving on to the next.
7.     I meditated on how I want to be and how my future should be and chanted shlokas and mantras for peace of mind.
8.     I limited my time on social media.

What acted like a challenge for me yesterday, is no longer a challenge to me for today. Everything that I have thought to achieve is completely achievable- a thought that came after carrying out the above activities seriously.

I learnt that it is the action that brings utmost satisfaction in life. After all, whatever we’ve wished to achieve in our lives is always out of our comfort zone as very aptly quoted by Joseph Campbell, “Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.”  

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Swati Sarangi

18 May 2017

#264 Book Review

Beyond 24

Author: Prakash Hegade

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Smashword

Pages: 42( E-book)

Star: 4.8/5 (self)

Review: Surprisingly, the story starts with my birthday introducing the lead character Keerthi about to face an interview. She gets rejected in the interview and surprisingly next day , she meets one of the members of the interview panel who is supposed to have the same name as her. The main player of the story is the destiny which keeps adding an extra our each day for them to spend time. A  bonding starts to exist between them which later turns into a lifelong partnership. Beyond 24, adds another member (to their family) to be recognised by them in future.

My experience: From the title of the book, I was anticipating it to be something related to experiences of life beyond the age of 24 years but soon all my anticipations turned out to be incorrect. I’m fascinated by the lines written under dedication. Research is among the mind boggling tasks and requires a lot of focus and dedication to accomplish. It was great to find how writer chosen writing his passion out as a medium of stress buster. A great storyline making use of the concept of time so beautifully and keeps the interest of readers alive through out.

Swati Sarangi


15 May 2017

#263 Blogadda's WOW post-2

14 May 2017

#262 Boundless gratitude

Boundless Gratitude
Image result for mother's day painting
A boundless gratitude to you Mom
For having held me for 9 months
Painfully in your womb
For bringing me to this world
Full of beauties to behold
For gifting me a priceless friend
An angelic twin sis too dear
For nurturing both of us with equality
Embedded with all qualities
Image result for mother and daughter paintings
For being there with me always
In all ups and downs of my life
Your unfathomable love and care
Forming a protective sheath
Over me; layer by layer
Image result for mother and daughter paintings
Without your tender touch
How would all my pain
Truly ever disappear?
For your words of encouragement,
Filled with all wisdom and experience
Even though we’re not together
At the very instant, I wonder
The values taught by you
Would always make me
A better person in future
With all your deeds
You’ve set an example for me
Image result for mother and daughter paintings
Wishing you a very
Happy Mother’s Day!
I just wanna pray
May your shelter protect
Me even till zillion births.
May you be blessed with 
A good health and boundless happiness.

Image result for mother and daughter paintings
©Swati Sarangi

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13 May 2017

#260 A letter to Mom

A letter to Mom
Image result for Dear Mom writing
Dear Mom,       

I just wanted to say that I’m the luckiest daughter ever born on this planet. I can never ever forget to thank God for helping me to find the safest place in your arms.

I always cherish the moments of togetherness with family till I got the chance to be at home. You have always been under my observation, being a home maker. How well you play different roles of yours so fantastically, I always wonder. You’re a perfect daughter, wife, daughter-in-law, aunt, sister, sister-in-law and most importantly the best mother on this planet. Treating twin daughters with equality so that no feeling of jealousy and rivalry has ever bloomed is the benchmark of your upbringing that has made you a role model for many.

Your handmade delicacies can never ever compete with the best cuisines of the world, I believe. I literary crave for the magical dishes that your culinary expertise can invent.  Not a single guest has ever left the doorstep of our home unsatisfied by your hospitality. Your way of feeding empty stomachs with the handmade dishes has always attracted me. You have always surprised us with your eagerness to learn new things and implement them in your life. How can I ever forget your talent of making something out of nothing and by turning a garbage into something magical! You’re among the rare species who gets satisfied even with little things that life offers. This character trait of yours always makes you feel contendent with yourself in every situation of life.

You’ve always gifted your daughters the biggest asset of life i.e your good wishes. You have always been successful in deciphering every unsaid word of us .Gratitude for everything you’ve done for both of us which can never be expressed by mere arrangement of words.

At the end, thanks for giving life to me and please forgive me for all the mistakes I’ve committed. Your voice acts as drops of water for my parched soul and the tenderness in your touch makes my paralysed soul functional. You are the saviour of my life. Thank you for being very patient with me and supporting me in every situation. You’re the one whom I turn up to during any adversity. I will always pray God to be under your shelter for million births. Never ever give up on me. I promise to grow into a better person than ever before.

Please continue to be my torch bearer and path finder.

May you be blessed with all happiness and good health. Wishing you a very happy Mother’s Day in advance! J

Your loving daughter

Image result for handmade mother's day card ideas for children

Image result for MOther's day

Your loving daughter

12 May 2017

#259 Out of the blue

Out of the blue

I have never ever doubted on the uncertainties of life. Life is uncertain and yes, it always will be. It’s a mixture of suspense, thriller, mystery, joy, sorrow, despair, victory and all those ingredients required to make a movie successful. Life is no different from a live movie.

I have a habit of going on a small walk after dinner. Yesterday too, I went on a walk after my dinner as a daily ritual which I follow too religiously. Before I left, I locked my room. Never ever I imagined that many things would change after I enter my room. After my walk, when I turned the key and stepped in, what I saw was nothing unusual to be noticed by my eyes. Everything was put perfectly in its place as it should be. Since I don’t believe in super natural phenomenon, whatever my expectation regarding the physical arrangement of objects before and after locking the room, was completely met but I never knew that I was going to receive unexpected news shortly. I switched on my laptop and from one of the sources; I got to know the declaration of the result of an exam in which I had appeared in. To my surprise, I was not in the list of selection. I could not believe my own eyes and might have checked my roll number for about 20-30 times. I felt as if the bed over which I was sitting, had slipped away and letting me to fall down suddenly hitting the floor very badly because I was quite sure about myself making it to the list.

What I realised from this experience that there are always changes happening around us. Those changes are sometimes visible or invisible. Some invisible changes are the most powerful ones. If those changes have the ability to push up down, they too have the ability to drag us up, if we think optimistically.

While I was contemplating hard on these subjects, I received a call from my mother, probably out of the blue (unexpected for that hour). Holding on to the suspense of the event was the best I could do at that moment. “Let the moment of shining glory come. I’m eagerly waiting to embrace it”- I escalated my energy through these words of consolation.

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©Swati Sarangi

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8 May 2017

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7 May 2017

#257 One Quote I live by

One Quote I live by

Image result for nothing is ever wasted in life-bhagvad gita

I’ve a penchant for quotations and they’ve always rendered enchanting effects on me. Thoughts spoken by famous and successful persons become quotations which are followed by many as life lessons. I’ve pasted couple of thoughts on the walls of my room so that they remind me about the way to act in different situations.

Image result for never give up miracles happen everyday

I remember the days of my schooling where thoughts were shared during morning assembly. “Never give up. Miracles happen every day.”- Zig Ziglar. This was one of the quotations which kept ruling my life during those days. It always helped me to enjoy even the stressful moments of life. Whenever I felt like giving up, this thought gave me a push to try once more at least. I had started believing in the fact that everyday stores a miraculous part in it and at the end of the day, I would try to figure out that miraculous substance of the day. This in turn brought a sense of gratitude for me.
Image result for nothing worth having comes easy
Over the course of time as I grew up, I came across many situations where my aspirations did not get materialized.  When expectations don’t turn up in reality, the feeling of bitterness crops up. I came to know that “Nothing worth having comes easy” in life. To reach the place of one’s desire, one has to pay the price of it. During the perplexing periods of my life, I seek advice from the ultimate epic Bhagvad Gita; “There is nothing lost or wasted in this life”- Bhagvad Gita. This quote throws light on the importance of everything in our lives. When we start valuing everything in our lives, be it a favorable or unfavorable thing, everything starts to be seemed as an important part of this vast journey of life.  My parents keep quoting Bhagvad Gita and the best one giving ultimate wisdom in all situation is – “Whatever happened , happened for  the best , whatever is happening is happening is happening for the best and whatever shall happen will happen for the best”  Every word of this quotation acts as an antidote in curing anxiety offered by different situations of life.

So, it would be unjust to state a particular quote to define the course of my life. As a matter of fact, I’m influenced by the thoughts and ideologies of many great personalities whose quotations help me to deal with different situations of life wisely. There’s is not just one quote I live by, I live by a guiding and divine mixture of several thoughts that are shaping my life.
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Swati Sarangi

6 May 2017

#256 An offering to my passion

An offering to my passion
Image result for writing

An offering to my passion
An art of incredible creations
When I let the words flow
Making thought’s pace slow

Filtering out required portion
To plot on a paper with caution
As the process of thinking progresses
Makes myself fully liberated

What has writing stored for me?
When louder is the world’s cacophony
I search for a state of tranquillity
To weaken my mind’s agility.

Behold ! the vibrant hues
When colours symbolise so true
When painted on a canvas
With experiences so vast

An offering to my passion
Which keeps me alive and awakened
Filling up my time vacant
By lending a terrific impact.

Image result for writing

 ©Swati Sarangi


1 May 2017

#255 JYESHTHA Issue of Agnishatdal

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#254 May Day Wishes

Image result for Happy May

Image result for Happy May

Image result for Happy May