22 May 2016

#123 Life so far

Life so far

For me life is like a roller coaster- a felling of happiness, relief, contentment, failure, sadness, excitement. Like a roller coaster, you get acquainted with some other feelings when you try to move further. Sometimes you find yourself out of the world and sometimes not. At a time, you can't predict whether you have enjoyed the ride fully or not. For me, life has not been that smooth rather a bit topsy-turvy. What you expect is not always proportional to what you get. Expectation proves to be an enemy of a person because it kills all joy and leaves you with regret sometimes. It shatters all hope. This is the worst ever feeling and similar to a broken glass which can never be fixed. But can one live without expectations in life?? No, not at all. Because whatever we do is always linked to some purposes and results. It may be theoretically possible to get rid of expectations but practically not.  Sometimes situations appear to be in favour and the next moment, it turns out to be weird which is beyond my level of imagination. A feeling of standing at an edge of the world is so profound to me that all other things, that provided me instant happiness once, are all worthless now. I am unable to observe the beauty of nature or listen to melody of birds. I am completely in a dark zone. Why is this world round, now I get its essence? I have reached the same place where I have started my journey once. Though progress is not that significant, yet it is a backbone of my hardship and labour.

This blog is an alternative way to express my views on anything. Through this blog, I try to lessen load of  my thoughts that get accumulated in my mind. It helps to conciliate me. It mitigates my anguish. Not everyone can decode your feelings because they don’t sail on the same boat as of yours. So, I find this blog to be the best place where I can scream aloud, hum my song and give a direction to my untamed words. A few years back, this blog turned up because of random scribbling and unpleasant experiences. It is not always necessary to prove your worth to the world. When things go wrong totally, no one is going to believe you. One can believe you only when you showcase your old form yes, the same energetic and charming form of yours.

I write for two reasons- to satisfy my hobby and fulfill my need. For the present moment,latter reason is more valid. Yes, I am in a need to comfort myself and rely on my abilities. It may seem awkward to others, but I become more conscious of myself when I write down. I am more expressive in writing. I can exactly decipher what I mean through writing.

There is always someone present by your side; he may not be visible to others. He prevents you from treading in wrong direction or taking any unfavourable steps. Discovery of this blog confirms so. As I write down more and more, I start to get filled up with positivity and negative thoughts get depleted gradually.  This is the magic of words and blogging. I just pray to almighty to shower his mercy upon me so that I may be able to come up with more positive energies and strength.

Here is a wonderful quotation
Good, better, best. Never let it rest. 'Til your good is better and your better is best. St. Jerome

Sweta Sarangi

21 May 2016

#122 Mirror, Oh my mirror

Mirror, Oh my mirror

Mirror, Oh my mirror,
Did you see my anguish?
Hidden in my fake smile,
When I see you daily
It pops up automatically.
Did you observe my trepidation?
Isn’t the end of competition??
Want to come out of troubles,
But nothing seems to be in control.
I want to share my plight fully,
Hope you listen to it faithfully.
At what point my story should start,
So that you catch me up quite fast.
I’m in search of solutions.

Interrupted mirror in between
“I’m aware of your condition,
Fire your troubles with determination
Nothing lies permanent here,
Similarly your fear, my dear.
I reflect your personality everyday,
Wish to see you happy always.
Your problems are ephemeral,
But you shouldn’t be sceptical.
What lies within you is greater,
Than the critics of your haters.
Face the world with all your valour,
Never try to run from your battle.”

“What is in store for you –unknown,
You can make anything happen.
Present is hard , may not be tomorrow,
Perseverance eliminates all sorrows.
Envisage your way through dark,
Definitely you’ll witness a spark.”

I feel relieved after this conversation,
No words to praise you for consolation.
Mirror, Oh my mirror,
Be there when I look desolate,
Your company can propitiate.

P.S- This post is written for friday reflection(write tribe)-What if your mirror started talking to you? What would it say?

Write Tribe

Sweta Sarangi

2 May 2016

#121 Keep going

Keep going
“Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.” Winston Churchill has very aptly quoted this statement which throws light on the importance of courage that plays a vital role in one’s life. This statement implies that whatever you have achieved till now is not final and failure is not that dangerous. It takes an infinite courage to rise up after being fallen down. And this makes a person unique and special.

‘Keep going’ symbolises life and life is always associated with progress, joy and happiness. Everything which has life always shows a sign of movement. On the other hand something that remains still is non-living or dead. Being dormant is a situation associated with death. This is one of the reasons that differentiate a living being from a non-living one. You might have observed ECG chart that records the activity of heart over time period. The rise and fall of curve indicates life and if it becomes straight or stagnant for long, it will denote death.

You should keep on moving irrespective of outcomes; after all you fall under the category of living beings. It hardly matters how little step you take. Until you move, you won’t be able to reach your destination, so progress is all that is needed. Nothing comes your way automatically, you have to keep moving towards the direction of your goal. It takes an ample of courage and determination to move an inch when you face failures in life. Failures are not permanent. These exist for short period of time.

Just imagine a situation in which you are sitting in a restaurant where you have never visited before. You have ordered few dishes and you have no idea about their tastes. Let’s make the number of dishes limited to five for simplicity in understanding. How will you know which one tastes better?? Just by seeing...  No. You have to start by tasting each one. When you keep on trying each dish, you are left with few options. It means that if the first one tastes bad, you know that there are four dishes left, out of which there is a chance that there’s at least one which will suit your taste bud. In this way, you are just trying to eliminate the options. So, you are able to taste the best dish ultimately. In a broader way, life provides many options, out of which you have to decide the most suitable option for yourself. For that you need to analyse each options by trying out. It may happen that you face rejections in the path you’ve chosen, those  failures give you enough idea about the future step you should  take . You learn more from losing than winning and in this way you keep going. You’ve to repeat the process until you succeed.
When you fail in your attempt in achieving something, you simultaneously figure out the reasons for your failure and discover some other ways to rise up. In real sense, you have just eliminated one negative trait from your personality that made you fail and added another positive trait to rise up. Hence, you have moved a bit close to success.  This is nothing but application of trial and error method for challenges of life.

Life is all about tackling challenges. No one has ever been successful by moving away from difficulties and hardships. If the time is tough for you, let it be. It won’t remain the same for long. Everyone has been given a life to achieve something significant and produce some desirable outcome. I would like to mention a statement given by Martin Seligman,
It is the combination of reasonable talent and the ability to keep going in the face of defeat that leads to success.

Sweta Sarangi