2 Oct 2017

#296 The pattern-less truth

The pattern-less truth

It’s 2nd October; Gandhi Jayanti; the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi. This day is for remembering the ordinarily appearing person made up of flesh and bones who once walked on Earth. The biggest question is: Why do we take pain to remember someone (whom neither most of us nor our family members have never met in their lives) who had left this mortal abode 69 years ago? The answer lies in the teachings and principles of truth and non-violence that he spread across the world. His teachings were so profound and universal that it spread across the world like forest fire.

During my primary school days, I came across this legendary figure in my text books. Gandhiji’s talisman was something which appeared most frequently in introductory portion of NCERT books. Simply reading it every time ameliorated my troubles. It helped me to shift my focus to that section of society which is living in a sheer deprived state. Then ‘My experiment with truth’ caught my focus lying in the shelves of library of my school.  The apostle of peace and truth beautifully described incidences from his life where he applied his own principles. I learned that two concepts are of great importance in the life of a student; economy of words and economy of expenditure.
Since childhood we’ve been taught to walk on the path of truth. Truth is a universal concept and I feel it to be sacred. Sometimes, the religious beliefs of committing sins are attached to it. I regard truth to be pattern-less and it is in reality. When someone speaks the truth, he need not memorize many things about what he said. Our minds are capable of recalling events which have happened actually or which we believed to have happened actually. On a contrary, when he speaks a lie, he has to cook up many stories to hide his skill of lying. In our society, lie has been labeled as a vice.

Another question arises here, why do we have to lie when we know that it is a vice? That may be because we don’t want to share the truth with the person we are lying to or we lie in order to handle situation which we think, can be handled in a better way through a lie.  Truth may have a devastating bitter effect at the beginning but in a long term, it is never going to fetch any sense of regret for its practitioner. Truth is that quality which a wise man ornates.

The concept of truth has been alive since ages. Our religious books have praised the quality of truthfulness. The national emblem of India possesses a statement declaring ‘Satyameva Jayate’ which translates into Truth always triumphs. Quoting Gandhiji, “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.” The aforementioned quotation provides a logical answer to the question made by majority of the people who keep following other’s immoral qualities to survive in this world.

In the words of Gandhiji, “You must be the change you want to see in the world”. When we complain about someone else’s tendency of lying, we should keep in mind to set an example for others to get inspired by our habit of practicing truth.

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Swati Sarangi



  1. One has to be the change so see a change. It's a very important message that most people miss seeing. The truth is here and now and like they say, within us.

    1. Thanks a lot for going through my post and commenting. :)

  2. I do agree with some of his quotes especially about being the change and an eye for an eye turning the whole world blind. I think sadly, the latter is occurring these days.

  3. I agree, it may be difficult to speak the truth/ accept it initially, but in the long run you benefit by it whereas a single lie can lead to a thousand lies. These lies can drive away your sleep.

  4. great post..thanks a lot for recalling the principle of Gandhiji. and yes! it is true that truth may have a bitter effect initially but in long term it will always give you a sense of calmness inside your heart.

  5. agreed. He is a true inspiration.