9 May 2014

#64 The child beneath

The child beneath

The child inside us
A symbol of innocence
Filled with all virtues
Oblivious to the happenings
And turmoil of the surrounding.

The child inside us
Knows no distinction
Between right and wrong
‘Cause it recognizes
No reason for its elation

The child within us
Is uncontrollable,
Funny, jolly but stubborn
For the things
So uncertain.

The child within us
Is carefree and audacious
Its transformation-
A dynamic process
Ever continuing.

The child within us
Craves for creation-
A manifestation of
Natural instinct and intuition.

The child within us
Longs to be liberated
From the worldly shackles of
Circumstances and obligations.

Swati Sarangi

#63 Mesmerize me

Mesmerize me

Those tiny droplets of rainfall,

Been sprinkled on the ground

From top, resembling pearl drops

Soothing those descending sound

Mesmerize me.

Those waves of ocean ascend

And descend at a particular rhythm

Rays of sun hit the surface of waves

Creating a magical superficial gold layer

Mesmerize me.

Those floating water lilies

 Impart bright colour radiation

Resonate continuously with breeze

 And leaves occupying their peripheries

Mesmerize me.

Those bunch of incense sticks

Being lit up daily at temples

Or any auspicious moment

Spread aroma throughout the sphere

Mesmerize me.

Those minnows in a pond

Constantly gyrate and grapple

For food and essentials

Lustrous in appearance and adorable

Mesmerize me

Those moss of my garden

A carpet of green emerald

Is stretched a wider apart

Tiny yet captures every eye sight

Mesmerize me.


1 May 2014

#62 Angilika


Who’s actually an angel, I wondered
Very hard I pondered
I wish I could just see,
Sing and dance gleefully.

I know that she is
God’s greatest gift (for me)
To guide me to sail with
The life’s terrible drift.

An inseparable shadow
Devoid of even a tiniest ado
A moment without her
Is like a sea without its shore.

She’s governed by heart’s audacity
Can shoo away all calamities
Without being judgmental
She enjoys the life thoroughly.

Very pensive is she
For me an idealist
Or a philanthropist
Of her own kind.

Lucky I’m for possessing you
I never ever searched for any companion.
Since my birth, being with you
 Is like a dream come true.

I feel too blessed
To be under God’s grace
A tie with my sis
Is the divine bliss.

A gift of humble words
To Angilika
I pray for (your) all success and happiness
With a toast I raise….

Edit: Dedicated to my sister on a special occasion..

Swati Sarangi

#61 A special day with special ones

A Special day with special ones
May 1
This was the day when I landed on earth. I got a companion who was 12 min older than me. Of course she was none other than my twin sister. I feel special to get surrounded by many intellectual people, interesting things to observe and learn from them. This post is all about my gratitude towards the special ones in my life who constitute my world and without them I am incomplete. I can’t even survive without their care and support.

My mother: She is compassionate and caring. She is always there by my side whenever I am in need. I cannot hide anything from her. In fact, she understands my silence and reads my mind from my body gestures. One could just imagine how difficult it is to bring up two kids of same age group at a time and fulfilling their needs simultaneously. She is my first music teacher and would never stop to encourage me from learning new songs. She is the one who discovered a singer within me. I could remember that whenever I used to return from school, before going for lunch, I would narrate the happenings at school starting from the prayer session to the ringing of the bell of last period. She would listen all those passionately as if she was a student and very rarely gets irritated. The most interesting thing is that she had to listen to the happenings of my sister also. Hats off to her patience!! She has spent many sleepless nights during my stay at hostel, thinking of my well being all the time.  She insists me what to do and what not to do, being her child I care for her the most and would love to do anything for her happiness. I like her the way she is: simple, natural yet elegant.

My father: He is a great source of knowledge and energy, a man with positive attitude and deep instinct towards various aspects of life. He is my teacher, motivator and a soul healer. Whenever I feel down or low, I would discuss with him and a sense of relaxation comes instantly. He has got the ability to heal my mind. My words, my life are completely influenced by him. All the inspiration of writing is derived from him. He is my role model.  He encourages me to create something new all the time. He provides me a direction whenever I think that I am derailing from the track. In my initial days of stay at hostel, I missed his company a lot and the words that he used to utter would (“mentally I am present with you”) make me calm and relaxed. If I consider myself a ‘train’, he is the ‘engine’. I am most concerned about his thoughts and if I get a chance to admit, I would say that he is the best ‘papa’ in the world.

My sister:   My companion, my friend and my admirer. She is my shadow in the sense that I am with her from the day I was born.  She knows everything about me from my ATM password to password of my facebook and gmail account. I am like ‘a story book’ for her. My emotions and feelings are open to her. She reads me daily and likes to comment after reading me. We are inspirations for each other. She can never become angry over me for more than hour. She stays in my mind and resides in my soul. I like to do chit-chat all the time with her and she would never leave a single chance to tease me. But, I don’t mind because I know that in doing so, she enjoys a lot. We have spent many years together which we had never thought of. After completion of 12th standard, coincidently we got admitted to the same govt. institution but our branches were different. By luck or chance don’t know, we became roomies with other two for four years. From that day onwards she is my ‘alarm clock’ and wakes me up early in the morning by calling out my names loudly (very difficult for me to wake up early morning as I believe in late to bed and late to rise). She contradicts me in this case. Till now, she is present with me in all the stages of my life.  We share many similarities in hobbies and thoughts apart from appearance and our interests lie in singing, painting, writing. I wish to find her in each and every moment of my life so that I can share my happiness and sorrows.

My relatives: My supporters and true admirers. They have provided me emotional support when I was away from my parents. They have taken utmost care so that I may not feel their absence. I have spent many holidays . Diwali, Holi and many festivals have been celebrated by me with them. The delicacies made by my grandma would shoo away all my worries. The care that I have got from her is inexplicable. Even when she is ill, she would cook the items that I like the most, whenever I return from hostel for vacation or holidays. My uncles would buy the necessary stuffs that I need and demand. I share all my happiness and worries with them and feel relieved. I always enjoy companies of my cousins starting from age group of 6. I play many video games, computer games rather than by being a spectator. I can consider myself as a ‘cotton’ when I am with them because they make me feel as light as possible and completely drag me to another world(world of fantasies).

My teachers: For me teachers play an important role in shaping future. They can be regarded as incarnations of god because they excavate the winner within you. They are like light houses in the midst of the ocean. They fill life with knowledge and wipe out the darkness of ignorance. They guide you in a better way than anyone else. In all most all stages of life, need of a teacher can never be neglected. I have always come across many teachers who have inspired me and encouraged me to move ahead in life. I am blessed to have such teachers in my life. I respect them for whatever they have done for me. 
My friends: My friends are true critics and admirers. They are the ones with whom I can freely share my feelings without even thinking whether to express or not. I am very close to my friend circle and like to gossip a lot with them. I show them my work and they appreciate it and if something extra I need to add or omit they suggest. I take their suggestions positively and heartily. Some of my friends are very true and genuine. They advice me to take the things as lightly as possible to make life tension free. When I show them my short stories, they would read those with a great interest and come up with lots of possibilities and suggestions to make it better. Their company comforts me and whenever I am with them I forget every pain and stress. There are the “keys of synthesizer” which I would love to play all the time irrespective of mood. They have recommended me to include some new topics which I am probably going to do.

Blog Readers: Last but not the least, readers of this blog truly inspire me to write more and more. Their words are always positive and encouraging. They have sacrificed their valuable time in reading my articles and poems. It is a great privilege to get positive feedback from them. I thank them for their blessings and support. I hope that they do well in their life and their support and care will never go in vain. I feel special when I see readers residing in different corners of earth, express their feelings regarding the blog. I promise that I will be writing in future and keep on publishing my work in my blog.

*I am glad that after a gap of 12 months, I am spending the most special day with my special ones which I have longed for (my pa, mom). Hope that you people rock in your own spheres of life.* Never miss a chance to express your gratitude to your special ones in your special moments of life because once they stood as a GREAT WALL OF CHINA for you (in your dark period of life). The words that come out of your heart should reach the heart of your special ones to let them know, their presence in your life is remarkable. They possess the power to transform you completely to a new individual.
Thank a lot everyone!!!!!
Here is a poem that I had composed some months before and has got published in the website called learning and creativity, Please follow the link: Feeling Obliged*Dedicated to the readers of this article*.Happy labor day!!

Sweta Sarangi