17 Oct 2017

#304 Diwali

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An echleons of zillion lights adorn
When visualised from the space above
Our houses shimmer radiantly
Making even the tiny gleam rejoice

This season of festival
Makes the arrival of my relatives possible
A get-together with my near and dear ones
Makes me crave for their company even more

Pre Diwali preparation with my cousins
Lending few helping hands to my mother
Sweeping away even a lil dust
The concept of cleanliness is must

Mouth watering delicacies
Stacked up in a row over the table
Even a minuscule glimpse of whose
Can transform everyone into gluttons.

As the day fades into night
Darkness is driven by manifestation of lights
Amidst the cry of noise and celebration
I get lose of the track of time
Oh! These treasures of memories
 This festival has gifted me
Leaves an indelible print in my mind.

 Image result for Diwali wishes
© Swati Sarangi