13 Oct 2017

#300 Enticing loneliness

Enticing loneliness

Theme:  Loneliness is inevitable. All of us might have felt lonely at one or the other point of time ; be it for any reasons. The truth is that we’ve all appeared to this world alone and will be leaving it alone.  If we try to analyse it in a different perspective, we grow matured under such conditions for instance we try to get connected with our true existence, so I regard loneliness as an enticing state.

Amidst the world of wilderness
Between the masked faces
When the alluring smile; mystery
Encompassing untold history

Occurrence of every event
When looks so superficial
But no one knows when it
Turns out to be legal.

There’s a powerful individuality
Standing tall all alone
And so is the surrounding
Existing in its uniqueness

A strong sense of loneliness
When lends its strong grip
Then how terrible it seems
To try out a release

Sending uplifting thoughts
As you’re not alone
Someone’s looking from sky
Urging you to try

No state is permanent
Just like a nomad’s tent
When it stays at a place
After covering different traces.
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© Swati Sarangi


  1. Loneliness is depressing, no one wants to be lonely. But you always have yourself beside you!

    1. Very aptly pointed out. Thanks for going through my poem and stopping by.

  2. Loneliness is a very difficult emotion to get over. At some point in our life we all go through it. I pray that whenever it hits us, we have someone by our side to help us through it. Your poem brought out the emotion well.

    1. Your prayer is very genuine, Ma'am but most of the times someone's presence is not possible. So, it becomes quite challenging to deal with it.Through our thoughts we can definitely feel the presence of our near and dear ones. Thanks for going through my poem and sharing your views on it.

  3. Great words. Loneliness is tough. I've experienced it often and while I like being alone, being lonely is different..it's akin to being disconnected

  4. You are correct about writing that being lonely and being alone are completely different . The later has much positive impact over the former. Thanks for going through my article and leaving a comment. :D

  5. Loneliness tends to strangle the one encountering it while being alone need not be depressing. Often we wish to be alone for sometime to collect our thoughts, plan out things, handle difficult situations, etc. well. In fact everyone should be alone for sometime or the other to be able to understand life and people better.

    1. Yes, I agree with your points but the feeling of loneliness should not linger on. Thanks Ma'am for reading my post and commenting. :D Happy me!