31 Dec 2016

#223 THE SEASON Anthology

Here is the greatest surprise for me at the end of the year 2016. The most exciting thing of this list is to find both of our names in the list. What can be a better gift than this from year 2016?

Swati Sarangi

27 Dec 2016

#222 It never happened

It never happened
This poem is about different moments which we come across in our lives. Moments of joy are always cherished and recalled frequently in future. Their recalling brings a smile in our lips whereas for moments of adversities, we wish them not to happen but we rarely realise that they’re preparing us for something great!
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There are many moments
In which you’ve enjoyed to live
Treasuring them for future’s revisit
When recalling them widens your smile
You forget the moment of present
You’re living in, for a while
The occurrence of those
No less than a packet of blessings
Their transient passage
Lends them golden wings
Dwelling in past may not
Be a good sign
All episodes of distress
Not reasons to whine
You wish it never happened
The voice within yourself
Cries, “It’s not the end.”
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P.S: This is the last poem of mine for this year (Meet you all poetically in 2017, :) ). 2016 has been a wonderful year for me. Thanks to my roommate for giving me a topic to write as I was running short of ideas.

Swati Sarangi


25 Dec 2016

#221 The Year in Review

The Year in Review

Year 2016 is making its preparation to leave. The time has come to bid a good bye to this year and welcome the upcoming year with a sense of optimism.  Before stepping into a new year, I want to reflect upon the lessons that 2016 has taught me or the gifts that it has offered me.

As per the academic curriculum In India, the beginning of the year expects every student to be sincere as it brings forth a series of exams to write. This year began with the similar note but the fortunate thing was that I got the chance to be at my home with my family. I got this chance almost after 18 months! I was lucky enough to receive the extra care and attention from my family during the peak time of exam. The session of writing competitive exams lingered on till June. I faced the situations of uncertainties and disappointments but the thought that ‘everything has a purpose in life’ kept my hopes alive. Thanks to my parents who were always there for lifting my spirit.

I’m currently pursuing Masters Degree in Power Electronics. The process of exploring life and facing the challenges is still on. By the end of July, I was at Indore- a completely new place for me, that I could have ever imagined about. New place-new challenges and blessings. Life at IGIT, Sarang had already made me adapted to any situation or surrounding. I did not face much trouble in adjusting with this new place. I came across wonderful people in form of friends, teachers, seniors and roommates. I am so satisfied to share that, whatever I wrote at Indore, got acknowledged readily. That may be the reason of the efforts that I put earlier in the field of writing. I tried to grab many opportunities in the field of writing.  Whenever I felt low, surprises at times made me smile.

I came across the book “The Secret” that gave me enough encouragement to look at the positive side of everything. I could come to know about something called “The law of attraction”- a law so profound. This year has taught me a very important lesson - What’s important in life is always going fine. If something is not going fine, then that thing has no importance in life. So, I am not the one that I used to be during the beginning of this year. Every challenging situation that I faced, urged me to be stronger than ever before.

This NEW YEAR will be a different one as I won’t be with my family but I expect it to be memorable! I look forward to wonderful memories in days to come. Last but not the least; I would like to thank everyone whom I came across as I got to learn many things from them.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!

©Swati Sarangi


24 Dec 2016

#220 December Issue of Agnishatdal

Words of fellow writer- Troy David Loy
Here is the link of review

20 Dec 2016

#219 Winners of Chocolate Alphabet Contest

11 Dec 2016

#218 Jazba- जज़्बा

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हो सबमें कुछ करने का जज़्बा
कुछ बनने का सपना
हो सबका पूरा
हिम्मत न हारें क्योंकि
आने वाला है नया सवेरा
चमकेगा भाग्य का तारा
युध्दभूमि ही आमंत्रण देती
समय चक्रव्यूह रचाता
जीवन अब व्यर्थ न होगा
हर क्षण साहस से जुड़ा
असंभव तो बस मन का धोखा
सम्भावना को जो हमेशा रोकता
जीवन का लक्ष्य है अब पहचानना
कायरता से पीछे नहीं हटना
आये हैं कुछ करने के लिए
हम हैं न बूझने वाले दीए
ऐसा हो सबका जलता जज़्बा
कुछ बनने का सपना
हो सबका पूरा
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- स्वाती सडंगी

8 Dec 2016

#217 December issue of Agnishatdal

6 Dec 2016

#216 Kuchh likha hai maine aaj

कुछ लिखा है मैंने आज
बड़ी कोशिशों के बाद
जब मिले  प्रेरणा के स्रोत अनगिनत 
बन जाएँ जीवन के पल अनमोल
मुश्किलें भी लगे आसान
मन करे छूलूं आसमान
चुनिंदा शब्दों के साथ
कलम  को पकड़ी मैं एक रात
लिखूँ तो लिखूँ क्या अब
भावनाएं मेरे करें मुझे निशब्द
खोलूँ मैं शब्दों का पिटारा
दिखता जैसे झिलमिलाता तारा 
सजालूँ मैं उन्हें अब कागज़ पर 
जिनसे मेरी हटी न नज़र 
कुछ लिखा है मैंने आज 

कई सदियों के बाद 

- स्वाती सडंगी

5 Dec 2016

#215 Contributors of December Issue of Writer's Ezine