27 Oct 2017

#308 Sailing through white clouds

Sailing through white clouds

Prompt: Put your iPod on shuffle/turn on the radio to your favourite station- write a post using the song as your prompt.
The song which got played is Aaj mein upar aasmaan neeche from the movie Khamoshi

Among the white clouds
I fly high in the sky
The plane which houses me
Has spread its metallic wings
Wide and in colour white
I peep through the window
The ground is far below
Which goes out of my sight
I feel like a bird so light
But my journey is destined
Oh! Yes, it is timed
During night time, I find
The sky turning into black
And the ground illuminating bright
The sky and ground interchanging
Their roles so brilliantly
Inside my heart my childish
Desire kept asking me,
“Why could not I get
A glimpse of God here
When I look above at sky
To send my prayer?”  

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