30 Apr 2017

#253 Poetry goals with Project Moets


The passion following voids
Between time, space and work
Nothing different from juggling
With poetic and rhyming words.

Swati Sarangi

Project Moets

29 Apr 2017

#252 Book Review

Run; The secret destination

AuthoR- Prakash Hegade

Genre- Non-fiction

Pages- 87 (E-book)


Rating- 4.7/5 (Self)

Review- The book opens up with a beautiful poem describing the author’s desire for a perfect world devoid of any negative feeling of wickedness, selfishness, greed etc, then follows another short poem for identifying the state of your search for the secret destination.

The book has been divided into 24 chapters with catchy titles and meaningful discussions follow the topics. One can find a poem after few chapters describing the run in the most appropriate way; its types, implications, consequences. Every chapter ending with a sentence, ‘The book is not about this run’ accelerates the suspense to go through the subsequent chapters.

The conclusive part of the book describing the Real run with this arrangement of words;

Runs of untamed minds
Controlled by the concerned heart,
Prisons the feelings.

My Experience-

First of all, a HIGH-FIVE to the writer because I agree to all the points that he has mentioned in this book. Going through the pages of the book gave me a feeling of hearing the words of experience from my father, grandfather or an elderly person of my family who has accumulated all his words just to show me the essence of life.  Gratitude! This book too comes to me as the most desired time, I would call it the result of Law of attraction which I’ve started to believe in vehemently after I finished Rhonda Bryne’s The Secret. 

I could find the Haikus of writer from the book 100 Haikus so well placed to supplement the ongoing discussion. Influenced by the idea of creating a directory in laptop to put inspiring stuffs like pictures, songs, videos, movies, quotes, articles, I straight away created one in my desktop to ponder about beautiful things of life. Needless to say, if one doesn’t feel gratitude for every little thing in life, he won’t be able to appreciate the essence of life. This feeling of appreciation is well reflected in the words of writer.

It’s never easy to write something in the genre of non-fiction as most of the things are well known or experienced by us all. So, to put so-called-obvious things in words and arranging them in a systematic way is a work worth applauding for. My favourite chapters are- The F-runs, The ruins, Don’t be surprised, Loneliness needs a note, Pin the problems , The real run. Reading this book has made me feel strong and more focused!

Last but not the least, the book is never a one –time read. I’ve saved it in my gallery of books to be read again and again.

Swati Sarangi


#251 Critic of Boishakh issue of Agnishatdal

Critic by Troy David Loy

Critic by Troy David Loy

27 Apr 2017

#250 Book Review

 100 Haikus: 3 line poetic stories

Author:  Prakash Hegade

Genre: Poetry

Pages: 56 (E-book)

Publication: Smashword

Rating: 4.8/5 (Self)

Review: This book is a collection of 100 Haikus. Haikus are short poems -a culture of art from Japan, 3 liners describing the depth of emotions briefly. In this book, there is no particular theme on which these have been composed on. Themes vary from philosophies of life, observations, love, emotions, nature and many more.

My Experience: It is the first book on Haiku that I’ve picked up to read and believe me! all haikus are super awesome. Haikus; 3 line poetic stories, indeed! This book did not disappoint me in any way as I could get to read on variety of themes on moving from one page to another. Reading each one is like treat to soul because of the ways the words have been arranged so meaningfully. Haikus are not that easy to compose because of constraints on word limit. Kudos to the author for blending all emotions beautifully with limited words!
Here are some of my favourite Haikus that I would like to mention:
the results you see,
when your thoughts are your sources,
are thoughts turning to things.

Oh! Dear subscriber,
For  the nations magazine,
Be an author

Fiction or real life,
You’ll see that pain and gain,
Rhyme for a reason.

Brain has fantasies
Brain does not know direction.
Brain sure has no brain.

 ©Swati Sarangi


24 Apr 2017

#249 Book Review

PhD – the messy desk

Author: Prakash Hegade

Genre: Non-fiction

Pages: 16 (E-book)

Publication: Smashword Edition

Rating: 4.5/5 (Self)

Review: This book is about the experience of a researcher who is on a journey of attaining a doctorate and narrates about the pros and cons of it. Unlike most of the novels, it lacks index as the chapters get unfolded in the most epic way. With PhD, begins a saga of madness both in personal and professional life because of the length of duration of the course.

The book opens up with a note about its organisation. It is divided into two sections: Part A; about the non-technical details and Part B; about the technical intricacies.

PhD has been acronymed as Permanent Head Damage by the author because of the complexities involved in it. It’s not just a decision to obtain a higher degree rather it’s like going for a chance to transform one’s life in many ways.

The reason for numbering the chapters from 101 is that many things have been left to be added in future. Every chapter has got a very attractive starting line associated with the topic of the chapter.

Part A has got following chapters:
101. The initiate
102. The journey
103. The Guide
104. The Community
105. Art of story telling
106. The Shitty Mess
107. The motivation

Part B has got following chapters:
108. The Plans
109. The research phases
110. The rest
 Concluding Thoughts

My Experience: This short non-fiction novel based on the life of a researcher on his journey of attaining PhD comes to me out of blue but at the much needed time. What prompted me to read it is the length of the novel which is of 16 pages long and related to the field I’m currently into i.e higher education. Even though the actual technical field is different yet I can connect to every point mentioned here. Thanks to the author to put his views honestly about pursuing PhD and “not giving up” is the strongest message of the hour for me. I like the concept of initiating every chapter with a sentence defining the crux of it.

Overall, the novel gives an insight to the world of research in brief and acts as a guide for those planning to pursue PhD in future.

Swati Sarangi


22 Apr 2017

#248 Halfgirlfriend

Half girlfriend

Looking at the sky filled with uncountable stars like diamonds being scattered over a black sheet and the moon radiating its light, she raised her brows in despair and replied to a question which was asked by him multiple times, “I can’t be your girlfriend but can I be your half girlfriend?”

Out of sheer amazement, he uttered, “What does half mean? We have been together for more than three years. But how has this ‘half’ word come to your mind??’’

She said politely, “It simply means that Dost se Zyaada, Girlfriend se kam (More than a friend but less than a girlfriend friend). I am not ready for a complete relationship. And I can’t assure you that.”

He felt as if someone broke him into a number of pieces of emotions. He was not convinced fully to whatever she told. In his mind, he had already set an answer and perhaps that was a fact for him which could not be changed. He only asked this question to her in order to calm his mind which had been in turmoil for a couple of days.

“Why did you say like that? Don’t you feel that I am capable enough to take care of you as well as your emotions?” He asked impatiently. A lot of questions started to get building up in his mind and these were strong enough to destroy his peace.

For him, she constituted his world. She was every reason of his existence. Her beautiful eyes were so mesmerizing that drew his attention each and every day. Her voice was as sweet as a nightingale. He had never expected her to say something like this. It was a bolt from a blue.

Their conversation took a pause. There was an eerie silence for few minutes. Both stood apart, still looking at the sky and this distance was what created in their mind.

The girl broke the silence, “ Let me explain to you what I meant through a short story. Once upon a time, there lived the sun and a moon in the sky. They were in deep love with other. Even they used to live together. They used to share same space as well. Their friendship grew stronger with the passage of time. It seemed that as if they were united as a single body. Sun wanted to confirm that whether they are in a true relationship not. Sun wanted to live with Moon forever and make this relationship to another level. To this moon was not agreed. They had their priorities and that’s why one can never find both of these celestial bodies shining at the same time.  

Our relationship is like that of sun and moon. We are together but we can’t stay together. We all know that the sun shines in morning and moon at night. But they are known for their source of light. Similarly, you are like Sun and I am the moon. I may fill your life with light but this light may not remain for long. I neither want to betray nor disrespect you. According to me, this is the right decision and we have our commitments and priorities. And friends are those who can never be taken away from life. They are always special and you will occupy a special space in my heart no matter where I go.”

“Thank you very much for having explained to me what it meant really. And yes, you can be my half girlfriend. But the space that I have in my heart for you can never be filled by anyone else.” He said with a spark in his eyes. Suddenly they witnessed a shooting star, they closed their eyes and made a wish together with a hope that it will be fulfilled someday or other.

The post should include the line “I am sharing a Half relationship story at BlogAdda in association with #HalfGirlfriend

Sweta Sarangi


13 Apr 2017

#247 Boishakh issue of Agnishatdal

Troy Thompson's critic for my article

5 Apr 2017

#246 Selection in Another Anthology