3 Nov 2017

#311 The Timer

The Timer
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I’ve a set of thirty minutes to write this post. When I convert this duration into seconds, then I’ve an entire set of 1800 seconds. The moment I finished this conversion of minutes into seconds, my mind gave me an indication of having surplus of time because of the figure along with the hint of the rate of passage of these seconds. I’m now more focused on what to write as I feel that I won’t be left with much time to redraft or correct anything. So, my level of consciousness with each thought and the way that can be expressed through words rises.

With this thought of timer, I wonder how our lives are no different from the stage whose plays are well timed and yes, we are the actors. The director has designed everything perfectly and the allotted time can never be distorted or changed. Like each particle of sand falling down to the lower chamber of an hour glass, each second of our lives passes by and most of the times we are unconscious about it. We tend to think that we have much more time to accomplish tasks which we think we can, until certain deadlines approach and intimidate us. Without the knowledge of certain time frame or deadlines, it becomes difficult to focus or use our potential to its maximum.

I wonder how efficient our lives will turn out to be when we set the timer for each task we want to accomplish. The timer has to be set inside the mind for obvious reasons. This will enable one to completely drive out the background thoughts and focus more intensely in meeting the deadlines. This is what I’ve realised over this on-going session of thirty minutes. One more important aspect which is associated with the concept of having limited time is that our thoughts get more streamlines. We tend to limit all sorts of background thoughts which are irrelevant in completing the task so that the probability of achieving it becomes high. The background no longer disturbs us when we indulge ourselves completely in a task. I have luckily experienced this state during my school days and my stay at home. As I stepped out of my home to embrace the life at hostel, I felt a hell lot amount of distractions.

Our mind is constantly in motion. It produces zillions of thoughts each second which is difficult to be deciphered. It keeps on creating or recreating circumstances which are mostly imaginary. An idle mind is devils workshop, this is something we have been hearing since ages but a wandering mind is equally unproductive. Setting a timer or constraining time limit to perform a task will always act as a filter for irrelevant thoughts leading to the state of distraction from the main stream. It will not only help us achieve our goals but also let us discover our potential without thinking much. Planning is always an important thing but too much time spent on planning does not result in fruitful implementation.  

Mind, Oh! My mind,
Why do you wander so much?
Whenever I try to control you
You produce even more thoughts than before
Is there a simple rule to conquer you?
I have tried to search for many clues
But got none as a result.

I would like to conclude this post with this line, “The one who has conquered his mind can conquer the world.”

P.S: I enjoyed writing this post and it is a one-time drafted post. Each word of this post has been written by setting a timer of thirty minutes and adhering strictly to it. Thanks to my typing speed because of which it has been possible for me to complete it within the prescribed limit.

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WOW - 30 minutes timer to just write!
 ©Swati Sarangi

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  1. So nicely written the Post on this week's WOW Prompt, Swati Sarangi.. The concept of time and how the mind tricks one in continuous indulging without a final meaning to the life in front.. Truly an inspiring 30 minute Write-up!

    You may kindly read a similar Post of mine on mind https://sreedharb.blogspot.in/2015/06/oh-mind.html

    1. Thanks a lot Sir for your encouraging words. I'm glad that you liked my effort. I read your post and left a comment there. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. You are so right, Swati.. .we just take it for granted that we have a lot of time at hands. On the contrary, our sand clock started draining to the other side with a fixed amount of sand in it, the very day we were born. Better focus and achieve more!
    Profound read!

    Anagha Recently posted Sifting Sands Of Time and Thoughts