22 Aug 2014

#73 A dream

A Dream

Dreaming to be on
The top of all stairs
For the obstacles
Not to be cared
A dream so fine and fair
I question myself
What’s my sphere?

A dream with eyes closed
So distinct from the one
Perceived with sensations opened
An unknown wave of doubt
Intimidates the innocent soul
Which yearns to be
Identified and remembered.

It’s this dream that
Drags me up often
And the fear of its breaking
Makes my will toughened.
For ups and downs are the
Parts and parcel
Of this little aisle.

A somnambulist I am
Traversing a path so obscure
Trying to absorb the
Essence of the world
From a divine herald
With a hope and desire
Of an eternal transformation.

Swati Sarangi