24 Nov 2016

19 Nov 2016

#213 From unknown to closer one

From unknown to closer one

“Hi, This is Priya’’. She said with a smile in her face.
‘’Hi, This is Sweta, nice to meet you. Where are you from??” I enquired to know more about her.
“I am from Lucknow. What about you??’’She asked.
“Wow, near my place. I live in Kanpur.’’ I was delighted to hear this.
We exchanged our mobile numbers.
This was a short conversation between me and my roommate that day.

Next day I returned to my room with my luggage and accessories.
It was a pure coincidence to share a room with a first year MTech student from same state.

We were completely strangers then but later she turned out to be a ‘jug’ in my life. She is the one who holds a closest spot in my heart.
Our friendship started the day I occupied a room in Opal Hostel. Her smile and attitude drew me towards her. We gossiped a lot that day. It was no less than a miracle to find a roommate sharing most of the qualities of yours. The famous proverb hit my mind that day, ‘Like attracts like’ which was quite apt for the situation.

I am overwhelmed to find a roommate who is a ‘talking queen’ because I am considered as a chatter box in my family. We never go out of topics while taking with each other. Our gossips would start from childhood memories to end with trending news of institute. We share a common hobby of sleeping. She accompanies me in this too. In our leisure hours, we sing Bollywood songs together. When we forget the lyrics of the song, we browse from the internet but we continue singing that for long. Some of the songs have become our "room anthem’’ also. I am also amazed the way she learned an odiya song properly in a short period of time.  

Our friendship grew day by day. Moreover, I discovered myself through her.

We have been together for few months only but I feel as if we know each other from a long time.  There is a kind of special bond between us which is above the level of friendship. With her I can share my secrets, insecurities, anxieties and pleasures without having a second thought. There have been numerous instances when I found solace in talking with her. She is never impatient to hear my words. She is a kind of helpline during my tough times.

I find the following qualities of her quite attractive---
1.     Helping- She is always ready to help people. When someone asks her for some help, she never denies. I consider her as my alarm. It is her duty to wake me up from sleep most of the time.
2.     Caring-She plays a multiple roles by being a sister to mother and grandmother. One day I was suffering from fever. At night, my body temperature had risen up.  I was shivering a lot.  She woke up from her sleep to cover me with a shawl and moved her healing hands over my head gently. She played the role of my mother that night by being  by my side. This act of her touched my heart.
3.     Genuine- She is very genuine. By genuine, I mean that she never pretends to be someone else.  I find this quality of her to be superior among all other qualities.
4.     Care free- She is a kind of girl who takes no tension. Rather she insists others to be tension-less. I have never found her repenting for something.
5.     Friendly- She is too friendly with everyone. Wishing everyone good morning every day to everyone in the wing of my hostel proves so.  She invites everyone to mess for dinner. That’s why she is famous among all the residents of hostel starting from B.Tech first years to PhD Seniors.

She always motivates me whenever I feel low. She never leaves a reason to tease me. She is the one who is always there to laugh over my silly jokes, question my points, read my stories, experiment with my hairstyles and dance with me on a song. My happiness gets doubled and worries get dissolved by being with her. I am blessed to have her in my life who not only makes me laugh in tough times but also lend a helping hand during the time of need. This is the essence of a true friendship. 

I wish that our friendship continue forever.

Sweta Sarangi
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#Dear Zindagi

18 Nov 2016

#212 The Jug in my life

The Jug in my life

The biggest blessing that the life has offered me is my twin sister. Our evolution has been a very mutual one since the very early stage of embryo! I befriended someone even before appearing in the world! True, the first 12 minutes of my life handed the responsibilities of an elder sister over my shoulder. That’s how my life has gifted me the best friend of my life in form of my sister.

We completed our education of under graduation from same schools and college. I always feel so fortunate to be able to experience the bliss of these combinations of relationship- friendship and sisterhood. I’m always made to realize the essence of this biggest gift by my fellow friends and teachers who have always appreciated the existing bonding between us. Sweta was the one with whom I spent most of my time during my school and college days.

Life has always presented enough opportunities for us to be together. The detour of my life arrived when I appeared in entrance exams for getting into an undergraduate course. Coincidentally, we got into the same college of Engineering but in respective branches of our choices. Our joy knew no bounds when we saw our names in the allotment list of same room number in the wall of Girl’s hostel. That was the happiest moment of my life as far as I can very well recall. Hostel days brought us even closer as roommates. I could witness the evolving state of our friendship from a very close angle. Even though we were roommates for 4 years, yet we never ran short of topics to discuss. I thoroughly enjoyed each part of her company. Sharing with her the moments of joy and disappointment was always something divine.

The Shah Rukh Khan’s way of playing the role of Jug in Alia’s life is no different from the role of my twin sister in my life. My twin sister, Sweta enunciates the qualities of a true friend. Enlisting some of her qualities below that reflects the quality of a true friend-

1)    Helpful: She is the-girl-next door who’s always ready to help others and in return expects nothing.
2)    Loyal: She is someone who can be very well trusted upon. She always lends an ear for the worries and
3)    Selfless: She has a selfless demeanour. She does not keep any kind feeling of jealousy for others.
4)    Counsel: She’s a good counsel. She offers wise advises during the time of need.
5)    Motivator: She is a brilliant motivator. Taking doses of motivation from her is like building your own life.

Sweta is someone with whom I can share everything. There’s no barrier between our thoughts. We almost share similar interests. Now, we are no longer together. When geographical distance acts as a barrier between us, the law of telepathy works wonder. I realized it very soon. There have been times when I’ve missed her and the next moment I get a call from her surprisingly. Thanks to the way of upbringing of my parents that has never let even the slightest feeling of jealousy to crop up between us in any circumstance. She is someone whom I can torture with my silly chattering and she bears the patience of hearing them. She is someone over the shoulder of whom I can keep my head to de-stress myself. She acts like a motivator and guide. I feel that she is the one who understands me the most.

At the end all I can say is that I want this friendship to become concrete reinforced with the experiences of life. May this friendship last long. *Touch Wood*. May you have all success and happiness in days to come, my dear friend and thanks for being an integral part of my life.

Swati Sarangi

am writing about Jug in my life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda“.

9 Nov 2016

#207 When God mixes in life

When God mixes in life

When God mixes in life
Ecstasy with adversities
Handful of adventures
With the events of tortures
Moments of success
With a series of failures
A set of trust worthy friends
With double faced traitors
The feeling of being accepted
With the stark reality of being rejected
The feeling of being on top
With the height of being flopped

Then comes the real enjoyment
Of life’s every moment
Where there’s no scope
Of any kind of judgement
Where everyone experiences
By learning each minute

These all develop maturity
Giving perception a clarity
Just to remind us that
God is a necessity.

P.S: My Entry For The GOD Father Contest
Write a poem of about 14-25 lines in English.
Starting with the line: "When God mixes in my life"
Ending with the line: "God is a necessity"

Swati Sarangi

6 Nov 2016

#206 A letter to Zindagi

A letter to life

Dear Zindagi,

What a wonderful companion you turn out to be! Thanks for everything that you offered or snatched away from me which made me realize the worth of every little thing that I've come across.

I started to receive blessings of my life since the day I landed on my mother’s hand and surprisingly I was not alone! I was accompanied by a sweet little angel in form of my twin little sister who happened to be 12 minutes younger to me. So, you handed the responsibility of an elder sister over my shoulder the very -first- 12-minutes of my life. Then my childhood was spent in a joint family in Bhubaneswar with many supervisors who at times made me very pampered. Being the first child of a big Indian family, I was the apple of everyone’s eye. All my needs were always met without any fail or delay. You put me in an intellectual family whose values were very strong and I received all needed support and care from family members. I was always surrounded by my friends in my family which included my grandparents, uncles, aunts and parents who took a keen interest in my activities by always encouraging me. I was enrolled in a very religious Hindu-school who implanted the seed of spiritualism from the early stage of my life. I learned to recite Sanskrit Shlokas and play with numbers. My talents were very well nurtured and groomed.  My mother’s birthplace Puri, happened to be a place of get-together of all my cousins during vacations. Memories of staging plays with my cousins are still alive.

You gave me an opportunity to complete my secondary education at Kanpur where I grew to be a very matured and disciplined girl. Knowing about my reticent nature, you introduced me to the world of words, numbers, colours and melody who became my virtual companions very soon. I have started to enjoy their company without expecting much from the surrounding. How penning down feelings over a piece of paper acts as a medium of introspection- you taught me that very well. The kind of people I came across left an indelible print in my mind. You fostered my spirit of competition in a positive way by keeping me away from the poisonous feeling of jealousy. Equal treatment of us (sisters) by my parents never let even a dint of jealousy to flourish. You presented me a set of exemplary persons whom I stated to consider as my teachers and a set of friends for life. I can never forget to recall the wonderful trips I made to the cities of Allahabad, Mathura,Vrindavan,Jaipur,Khajuraho,Agra,Lucknow, Pantnagar,Nainitaal,Jammu

So, my education revolved around cities like Bhubaneswar, Kanpur, Sarang (Talcher),Hyderabad ,Indore(and continuing). I got an opportunity to come across people of different states, languages, cultures and religions because of it. You’ve made me appreciate the beauty within yourself. You’re the embodiment of all emotions- the storehouse of all experiences.

How wisely you have made me realise that the little sacrifice like staying away from home for a bigger purpose of life is nothing as compared to the countless sacrifices made by my parents for me! You have taught me to be brave and develop a never-give-up attitude no matter how hard the situations turn out to be. Now, I’ve developed the patience of going through the struggling phase of my life. Thanks for surprising me with those wonderful rewarding experiences during the time of disappointment. Thanks for believing in the uniqueness of my existence.

Last but not the least, I have no words to express my gratitude for you for having silently taught  me different experiences of joys,tears, ,success,failures,hopes,disappointments. 

Thanks Zindagi! 

I could have never asked you for anything more!

With love
Swati Sarangi

“I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda.”

#205 A letter to Zindagi


Dear Zindagi,
 I love every aspect of sweet memories provided by you. I don’t remember when I embraced you. But I remember most of the mischief done by me in my childhood days.  Yes, you were the reason for my existence. It can be hardly expressed by words. At the same time, I am thrilled to write that you had gifted me a sweet companion and she is none other than my twin sister. I am lucky enough to have spent most of my wonderful days with her. Those days of togetherness will always be cherished for life time.

Coming to school days, I had always been an active participant of many co-curricular activities. I used to enjoy my role as a prayer leader; initiating a prayer by singing in rhythm with other classmates at stage every morning. This is a most common ritual performed in every school. In KV, we had a formal session in morning assembly. Four students from different houses had to conduct the morning assembly according to the turn of the house. This assembly would comprise of thought, news and special item in English, Hindi or Sanskrit according to days. There used to be regular meetings of the houses in order to keep record of the active participation of students as well inform them about the upcoming events.

I can very well recall the incident when I was compelled to participate in one of the Hindi poetry recitation competitions. This all happened because the student who had already submitted his name in the competition, withdrew it one day before. Unfortunately, the teacher who was in-charge of this event was my Hindi teacher. Without taking my consent, she wrote my name in the list of participants. I had no reason to deny because I had to be present in morning assembly being a prayer leader. The competition was scheduled to begin the very next day. I narrated this case to my mom, who ignored it by saying that ‘’you have never participated in such kind of activities, why don’t you give a try.’’ Now, I had no option left other than to search for a good Hindi ‘’Desh Bhakti Kavita’’. I got a very good Hindi Kavita book from my best friend and started mugging up a poem from that. Now, the biggest challenge was to recite this poem with some expressions. From expression I mean, variations in tone to give special effect and touch to this poem.

The next day was the day of performance. We had 8 participants from four houses in the battle field. My Hindi teacher reminded me to recite it with confidence and loudness in voice so that it could influence a larger audience and impress the esteemed judges. My name was announced from the stage, I gathered courage and stepped forward. I held my breath for few minutes and recited,
वही है सच्चा देश भक्त जो बलिदान देश का होता है
जिसको करके याद देश का बच्चा-बच्चा रोता है
जिसकी चिर समधी पर हम सब श्रद्दा सुमन चढ़ाते हैं
जिसके पावन जन्म दिवस पर मिल त्योहार मनाते है
ऐसा देशभक्त बलिदान, बीज कीर्ति के बोत है
वही है सच्चा देश भक्त जो बलिदान देश का होता है     

I was contented that I recited all the lines without taking much pause. It was spontaneous and loud enough as told by one of my classmates. The poems recited by others were also very effective.  In the end, result was announced and I was shocked to find that I had grabbed second position! 

You had presented many unexpected glories. I am blessed that I had given many such opportunities by you. And later on, those turned out to be in my favour.

You are the only one who introduced me to this world. You have gifted me many genuine friends. You are a carrier of fortune and happiness.
I am grateful to you, Zindagi for being by my side every time.

With love,
Sweta Sarangi


“I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda.”

1 Nov 2016

#204 Birthday Wishes to a friend

Birthday Wishes to a friend

A girl of utmost wisdom
Adept at solving
Various relationship problems
A sweet smile that
Never leaves her face
Maintaining a unique personality
In this mortal world of race
Someone who never tolerates
Any sort of mess
Whose amiable demeanor
Always makes me amazed
She’s one of her kind
Possessing the most stable
State of mind
The more you come
Under her influence
The higher will be
 The revelations of life’s trance
Image result for friends girls clipart

Sincere prayer for you
My dear friend
Some words of wishes
For you, to send

Image result for friends girls clipart
May you touch the sky
With all your efforts high
May you keep inspiring
And continue to be a
Part of this (friendship) blessing
*Touch wood*

I know I’m not late
Because the end has
Not yet arrived for
This November’s 1st date

Swati Sarangi