27 Dec 2016

#222 It never happened

It never happened
This poem is about different moments which we come across in our lives. Moments of joy are always cherished and recalled frequently in future. Their recalling brings a smile in our lips whereas for moments of adversities, we wish them not to happen but we rarely realise that they’re preparing us for something great!
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There are many moments
In which you’ve enjoyed to live
Treasuring them for future’s revisit
When recalling them widens your smile
You forget the moment of present
You’re living in, for a while
The occurrence of those
No less than a packet of blessings
Their transient passage
Lends them golden wings
Dwelling in past may not
Be a good sign
All episodes of distress
Not reasons to whine
You wish it never happened
The voice within yourself
Cries, “It’s not the end.”
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P.S: This is the last poem of mine for this year (Meet you all poetically in 2017, :) ). 2016 has been a wonderful year for me. Thanks to my roommate for giving me a topic to write as I was running short of ideas.

Swati Sarangi



  1. This is just a perfect poem to end this year..I pray that may the next year bring a lot of achievements for you..

    1. Yes, I too am wishing for all best to come! Thanks! :)