12 May 2017

#259 Out of the blue

Out of the blue

I have never ever doubted on the uncertainties of life. Life is uncertain and yes, it always will be. It’s a mixture of suspense, thriller, mystery, joy, sorrow, despair, victory and all those ingredients required to make a movie successful. Life is no different from a live movie.

I have a habit of going on a small walk after dinner. Yesterday too, I went on a walk after my dinner as a daily ritual which I follow too religiously. Before I left, I locked my room. Never ever I imagined that many things would change after I enter my room. After my walk, when I turned the key and stepped in, what I saw was nothing unusual to be noticed by my eyes. Everything was put perfectly in its place as it should be. Since I don’t believe in super natural phenomenon, whatever my expectation regarding the physical arrangement of objects before and after locking the room, was completely met but I never knew that I was going to receive unexpected news shortly. I switched on my laptop and from one of the sources; I got to know the declaration of the result of an exam in which I had appeared in. To my surprise, I was not in the list of selection. I could not believe my own eyes and might have checked my roll number for about 20-30 times. I felt as if the bed over which I was sitting, had slipped away and letting me to fall down suddenly hitting the floor very badly because I was quite sure about myself making it to the list.

What I realised from this experience that there are always changes happening around us. Those changes are sometimes visible or invisible. Some invisible changes are the most powerful ones. If those changes have the ability to push up down, they too have the ability to drag us up, if we think optimistically.

While I was contemplating hard on these subjects, I received a call from my mother, probably out of the blue (unexpected for that hour). Holding on to the suspense of the event was the best I could do at that moment. “Let the moment of shining glory come. I’m eagerly waiting to embrace it”- I escalated my energy through these words of consolation.

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  1. Just amazing!! May you reach the place where you wish to!!

    1. Definitely , I'll through the power of imagination! :)