7 May 2017

#257 One Quote I live by

One Quote I live by

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I’ve a penchant for quotations and they’ve always rendered enchanting effects on me. Thoughts spoken by famous and successful persons become quotations which are followed by many as life lessons. I’ve pasted couple of thoughts on the walls of my room so that they remind me about the way to act in different situations.

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I remember the days of my schooling where thoughts were shared during morning assembly. “Never give up. Miracles happen every day.”- Zig Ziglar. This was one of the quotations which kept ruling my life during those days. It always helped me to enjoy even the stressful moments of life. Whenever I felt like giving up, this thought gave me a push to try once more at least. I had started believing in the fact that everyday stores a miraculous part in it and at the end of the day, I would try to figure out that miraculous substance of the day. This in turn brought a sense of gratitude for me.
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Over the course of time as I grew up, I came across many situations where my aspirations did not get materialized.  When expectations don’t turn up in reality, the feeling of bitterness crops up. I came to know that “Nothing worth having comes easy” in life. To reach the place of one’s desire, one has to pay the price of it. During the perplexing periods of my life, I seek advice from the ultimate epic Bhagvad Gita; “There is nothing lost or wasted in this life”- Bhagvad Gita. This quote throws light on the importance of everything in our lives. When we start valuing everything in our lives, be it a favorable or unfavorable thing, everything starts to be seemed as an important part of this vast journey of life.  My parents keep quoting Bhagvad Gita and the best one giving ultimate wisdom in all situation is – “Whatever happened , happened for  the best , whatever is happening is happening is happening for the best and whatever shall happen will happen for the best”  Every word of this quotation acts as an antidote in curing anxiety offered by different situations of life.

So, it would be unjust to state a particular quote to define the course of my life. As a matter of fact, I’m influenced by the thoughts and ideologies of many great personalities whose quotations help me to deal with different situations of life wisely. There’s is not just one quote I live by, I live by a guiding and divine mixture of several thoughts that are shaping my life.
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