18 May 2017

#264 Book Review

Beyond 24

Author: Prakash Hegade

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Smashword

Pages: 42( E-book)

Star: 4.8/5 (self)

Review: Surprisingly, the story starts with my birthday introducing the lead character Keerthi about to face an interview. She gets rejected in the interview and surprisingly next day , she meets one of the members of the interview panel who is supposed to have the same name as her. The main player of the story is the destiny which keeps adding an extra our each day for them to spend time. A  bonding starts to exist between them which later turns into a lifelong partnership. Beyond 24, adds another member (to their family) to be recognised by them in future.

My experience: From the title of the book, I was anticipating it to be something related to experiences of life beyond the age of 24 years but soon all my anticipations turned out to be incorrect. I’m fascinated by the lines written under dedication. Research is among the mind boggling tasks and requires a lot of focus and dedication to accomplish. It was great to find how writer chosen writing his passion out as a medium of stress buster. A great storyline making use of the concept of time so beautifully and keeps the interest of readers alive through out.

Swati Sarangi



  1. You have put this review neatly. :-)

    I am so glad you enjoyed reading it. The day I had the concept in mind, I left out all my works and started scribbling this and finished it in 2-3 days. Then a few edits and lot of thoughts for the ending.

    I am glad you liked it. Gratitude. Thank you so much, heartily. :-) 4.8 is an awesome number. :-) A happy dance!

    1. I completed reading the book within 1 hour as it was so difficult for me to keep my suspense aside! I not only read it but also narrated the story to my friends who also appreciated the concept and the cleanliness of the narrative part of the intimacy!

      Reviewing the book after reading has become sort of a habit for me and getting words of appreciation from the writer is a moment of joy for me! :)

      Keep Weaving stories through words!

    2. It feels to so good to hear that. Thank you for the narration and many have complimented for that one line chapter. :-)

      Thanks a lot for all the support and encouragement. :-)

    3. That's the dexterity in your writing skill.. :)