19 May 2017

#265 The defeated devil which once tried to master me

The defeated devil which once tried to master me
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“Hahaha, see how you’ve come under my grip so easily”, laughed the devil vehemently creating a lasting impact.

“YOU CAN NEVER BEAT ME”, shouted I at the top of my voice as a reply to the devil.

“When I have been victorious in many such battles, winning the battle against you won’t be that tough for me, do you understand it very well, girl?”, asked the devil very confidently.

I replied him at an even more confident tone as, “I am bigger than you and my existence definitely has a greater purpose, I believe it strongly.”
  The above has been a figment of the conversation between me and the devil sitting inside my mind. Of course, the devil has no physical existence. It has no resemblance with anyone else in real life and I can never blame my surrounding or people for anything. The devil is the result of some distorted thoughts which might have born unknowingly out of failures, insecurities or unpleasant experiences of my life. These conversations used to get so intense at times that I feel my condition to be no different from a wanderer searching for his destination.

I had to make a move as I could not tolerate the devil winning the battle against me. I soon realised the reason behind my mood swing was only the non-refinement of my though processes. Now the pertinent question arises, how I controlled myriads of thoughts that kept affecting the course of my actions.

I could do this through a series of actions listed below-  
1.     I had to select something, be it a goal or an emotion from past or any fear that would push me to get out of my bed early in the morning as per my time table.
2.     I chalked out a plan for my long term goal so that I am not deviated from my goal.
3.     I started noting down the way I spend each hour of my day.
4.     I started doing physical exercises at least for 30 minutes in a day.
5.     I kept some time for my hobbies apart from professional work that I’m engaged in.
6.     I focussed on completing a task at a time before moving on to the next.
7.     I meditated on how I want to be and how my future should be and chanted shlokas and mantras for peace of mind.
8.     I limited my time on social media.

What acted like a challenge for me yesterday, is no longer a challenge to me for today. Everything that I have thought to achieve is completely achievable- a thought that came after carrying out the above activities seriously.

I learnt that it is the action that brings utmost satisfaction in life. After all, whatever we’ve wished to achieve in our lives is always out of our comfort zone as very aptly quoted by Joseph Campbell, “Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.”  

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Swati Sarangi