13 May 2017

#260 A letter to Mom

A letter to Mom
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Dear Mom,       

I just wanted to say that I’m the luckiest daughter ever born on this planet. I can never ever forget to thank God for helping me to find the safest place in your arms.

I always cherish the moments of togetherness with family till I got the chance to be at home. You have always been under my observation, being a home maker. How well you play different roles of yours so fantastically, I always wonder. You’re a perfect daughter, wife, daughter-in-law, aunt, sister, sister-in-law and most importantly the best mother on this planet. Treating twin daughters with equality so that no feeling of jealousy and rivalry has ever bloomed is the benchmark of your upbringing that has made you a role model for many.

Your handmade delicacies can never ever compete with the best cuisines of the world, I believe. I literary crave for the magical dishes that your culinary expertise can invent.  Not a single guest has ever left the doorstep of our home unsatisfied by your hospitality. Your way of feeding empty stomachs with the handmade dishes has always attracted me. You have always surprised us with your eagerness to learn new things and implement them in your life. How can I ever forget your talent of making something out of nothing and by turning a garbage into something magical! You’re among the rare species who gets satisfied even with little things that life offers. This character trait of yours always makes you feel contendent with yourself in every situation of life.

You’ve always gifted your daughters the biggest asset of life i.e your good wishes. You have always been successful in deciphering every unsaid word of us .Gratitude for everything you’ve done for both of us which can never be expressed by mere arrangement of words.

At the end, thanks for giving life to me and please forgive me for all the mistakes I’ve committed. Your voice acts as drops of water for my parched soul and the tenderness in your touch makes my paralysed soul functional. You are the saviour of my life. Thank you for being very patient with me and supporting me in every situation. You’re the one whom I turn up to during any adversity. I will always pray God to be under your shelter for million births. Never ever give up on me. I promise to grow into a better person than ever before.

Please continue to be my torch bearer and path finder.

May you be blessed with all happiness and good health. Wishing you a very happy Mother’s Day in advance! J

Your loving daughter

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Your loving daughter

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