18 Nov 2017

#316 A peep through my window

A peep through my window
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Observation is a unique way of looking at God’s creations.  The things appear with their innate beauty and charm when we try to observe them silently for some time. The beauty or charm that those things confide in them, start to inspire the observer, that were once obsolete to him.

In my room, I’ve put my study table close to the window. The time I open the windows in the morning, I find two benches kept in front of my eyes. There comes a guava tree in proximity with those benches providing a shade to those who sit on these benches during the days of summer. Yes, you have guessed it right. It’s a small park that my act of peeping through the window of my room leads me to. Not many people come here; it seems to be an abandoned one, surrounded by boundaries of the houses. I imagined the scene when the park would have got filled with people of different age group; number of toddlers with their parents, old age people who have come with their friends for appreciating the beauty of the nature, couples sharing love with each other. In the evening, the park would have got a great venue for hangout for teens when they had found the stalls of different vendors selling mouth watering delicacies; snacks near the park.

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I’ve spent almost 2 years watching this abandoned park through my window. Sometimes, there’s a rustling sound which is produced by the movement of people over the leaves that have left their origins. I become anxious to watch those fellows who actually remember this place. Days after days when I sit near my window to watch all those before my eyes with different emotions of mine inside my heart, I can conclude that this park has proved to be a faithful companion for me; staying the same in all seasons as if it has beautifully proclaimed, “For men may come and men may go but I go on forever” [Lines from the poem Brook by Alfred Lord Tennyson]

A queue of small red coloured ants carrying things heavier than their weights distract me from my series of thoughts and remind me of a famous saying, “The harder you work, the luckier you get.” I could sense the commencement of evening and without any delay, I started to pull the windows back so as to prevent the uninvited scourge of mosquitoes to enter my room.   

I also realised how important it is to peep through the windows of our hearts; an act of observing inner feelings without any sense of judgement. Yes, there’s always a need of self introspection, I believe. It acts as a remainder; a guidance to what should actually be done in one’s life. The process of peeping through the window of our mind and soul is little bit different from that of the peeping through a physical window of my room as former requires a meditative perspective and most of the time, it is a challenge to concentrate on our inner thought amidst so much noise.

The act of peeping through the window takes me to my memory lane where a similar incident from the past gets revived and I feel very grateful to those inanimate things doing wonders. Never had I known the power of observation until I started to peep through my window!

Look Outside Your Window. WOW.
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  1. Wow wonderful read. Very minute observations and introspection.

    1. Welcome Creative Constellation! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. Loved the description of ants and how you have described the entire scenario.
    Keep writing such wonderful posts.
    You deserve this badge, "TOP POST IN INDIBLOGGER

  3. awesome.. superb :) description capturing all minute details is too good :)

    1. Thanks for going through this article and sharing your views on it.. :)