26 Nov 2017

#319 A center for fitness enthusiasts

A centre for fitness enthusiasts
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A call for all fitness enthusiasts out there!

Who does not want to be fit and fine but are you all ready to invest enough effort which is required to make you fit and fine? If your answer is in affirmative, then you’ve found out the destination to live your dream.

Fitness is a word that everyone is acquainted with. It is not confined to any age group. It’s like a balanced diet to a family. A family can never be considered to be a happy one if one or two of its members are ill. So, fitness is definitely a factor for the well being of a family.

This centre for fitness constitutes a group of fitness experts, doctors, dieticians, trainers who are going to guide you through your journey to fitness and there will be separate batches for different age groups. Let’s pledge to make the nation healthy.

So a cordial invitation to all to join the inaugural ceremony to be scheduled on 1st of Dec at Galaxy Palace. Other relevant information regarding timing, strength of batches, membership fees etc shall be discussed over there.

Till then for any other queries please contact +91 98xxxxxxxx or drop your queries at contact@centerforfitness.com

Looking forward to your participation! 
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