10 Nov 2017

#313 Stop not when you're tired

Stop not when you’re tired

Ruk jaana nahin tu kabhi haar k
Kaanton pe chalke milenge saaye bahar ke
O! Raahi ..O! Raahi..

 Don’t stop by assuming yourself as being defeated
On walking over the thorns, you’ll get to face moments of happiness
Oh! Traveller ..Oh! Traveller...

One of the songs that effortlessly flashed in my mind at a lightning speed the moment I saw the topic is the above one. I am not only energised by its powerful melody but also enchanted by the melody of the song.  The song has been a part of the movie Imtihaan written by Majrooh Sultanpuri and music direction of it was done by Laxmikaant Pyarelaal. Who can ever miss the most melodious voice of the era, of Kishore Kumar?

Let me share the tale of my recently found love for the app, Smule, in brief.  I came across this app containing karaoke of various songs few months ago. I enjoyed recording songs in it to the core and the features it contains, adds flavours to the voice being recorded.  Not only has it improved my knowledge in lyrics of different songs but also helped me to collaborate with brilliant singers across the globe; something that I always wanted to do! I recorded this song on the day of Teacher’s day, 5th September as a tribute to all those teachers who motivated me to never give up in the struggle of life and continue to move forward with all might.

So, presenting the recording of the song through app, Smule, in my voice with a talented co-singer before you all. I hope that you’ll enjoy listening to it.

This song has been described among the motivational songs of Bollywood. So, how can I ever miss it in my playlist and learning it was a completely delightful act. Each word of the song has a deep meaning.  We are like travellers, traversing through various frames of time and space. We face many challenges during our journey which either make us or break us. The impact of the challenges that we come across during the journey is solely based on the choices we make in labelling them.

It’ll be unfair if I don’t translate the entire song which serves as a powerful dosage of motivation. Here it goes:

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Sooraj dekh ruk gaya hai ,Tere aage jhook  gaya hai
Jab kabhi aise koi mastaana
Nikle hai apni dhun mein diwaana
Shaam suhaani ban jaate hain, din intezaar ka
O Raahi ... O Raahi..

See, how sun has stopped as if to bow down before you
Whenever someone determined, sets out on his path
Evenings appear even more fascinating even through waiting for the next day
Oh! Traveller... Oh! Traveller.......

Saathi na kaarwaan hai, yeh teraa imtihaan hai
Yoon hi chala chal dil ke sahaare
Karti hai manzil tujhko ishaare
Dekh kahin koi rok na le tujhko pukaar ke
O Raahi... O Raahi...

Oh! Friend ,this is not caravan but your exam
Keep going with the hope in your heart
Your destiny is calling you
Be cautious lest you should not be stopped by anyone.

Nain aansoon jo liye hain , yeh raahon ke diye hain
Logon ko unka sab kuchh deke
Tu to chala tha, sapne hi leke
Koi nahin to tere apne hain sapne ye pyaar ke
O Raahi... O Raahi..  

The tears that your eyes hold are like lamps, enlightening your path
After returning everything of others
You set out on your mission with the dreams of yours  
Even though no one is with you yet your dreams accompany you
Oh! Traveller ... Oh! Traveller.....

So, stop not when you’re tired, stop when you are done- Anonymous

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©Swati Sarangi


  1. Some of us have only dreams to accompany us. Can you imagine trying to walk through life depending only on yourself? Those who are lonely shed many tears; to think of them as lanterns is so encouraging. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

    1. Yes, you are very true.. but don't you think the eternal truth associated with the life of each one of us is that we've come all alone to this world and will be leaving all alone.. the purpose or dreams of our lives act as companions.. Thanks for stopping by..Have a nice day.

  2. True , exactly i wanted to write on this but u wrote first ,, carry on. That's my life

    1. Haha.. and that's how my mind snatches ideas at a lightning speed.. jokes apart. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I love this song. Was humming it as I was reading the post :)

  4. The song is very inspiring indeed and I do remind myself of its words & keep going :)