29 Apr 2017

#252 Book Review

Run; The secret destination

AuthoR- Prakash Hegade

Genre- Non-fiction

Pages- 87 (E-book)


Rating- 4.7/5 (Self)

Review- The book opens up with a beautiful poem describing the author’s desire for a perfect world devoid of any negative feeling of wickedness, selfishness, greed etc, then follows another short poem for identifying the state of your search for the secret destination.

The book has been divided into 24 chapters with catchy titles and meaningful discussions follow the topics. One can find a poem after few chapters describing the run in the most appropriate way; its types, implications, consequences. Every chapter ending with a sentence, ‘The book is not about this run’ accelerates the suspense to go through the subsequent chapters.

The conclusive part of the book describing the Real run with this arrangement of words;

Runs of untamed minds
Controlled by the concerned heart,
Prisons the feelings.

My Experience-

First of all, a HIGH-FIVE to the writer because I agree to all the points that he has mentioned in this book. Going through the pages of the book gave me a feeling of hearing the words of experience from my father, grandfather or an elderly person of my family who has accumulated all his words just to show me the essence of life.  Gratitude! This book too comes to me as the most desired time, I would call it the result of Law of attraction which I’ve started to believe in vehemently after I finished Rhonda Bryne’s The Secret. 

I could find the Haikus of writer from the book 100 Haikus so well placed to supplement the ongoing discussion. Influenced by the idea of creating a directory in laptop to put inspiring stuffs like pictures, songs, videos, movies, quotes, articles, I straight away created one in my desktop to ponder about beautiful things of life. Needless to say, if one doesn’t feel gratitude for every little thing in life, he won’t be able to appreciate the essence of life. This feeling of appreciation is well reflected in the words of writer.

It’s never easy to write something in the genre of non-fiction as most of the things are well known or experienced by us all. So, to put so-called-obvious things in words and arranging them in a systematic way is a work worth applauding for. My favourite chapters are- The F-runs, The ruins, Don’t be surprised, Loneliness needs a note, Pin the problems , The real run. Reading this book has made me feel strong and more focused!

Last but not the least, the book is never a one –time read. I’ve saved it in my gallery of books to be read again and again.

Swati Sarangi



  1. This is one of my favorite works that I have penned. I was in absolute happiness reading this. Thank you so much for the kind rating. :-)

    I was damn happy when I had published this one. I was equally happy when I read this review. This book is very close to my heart for several reasons. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to relive that moment again. :-)

    Means a lot to me. Thank you so much.. :-)

    1. I enjoyed reading this one very much! It is a complete package of inspiration and motivation. It's among your favourite works , no doubt ! How would I ever forget to review such a wonderful book!

  2. I shared this on Facebook today. I wish if there was a direct share button on wordpress blog. :-D

    Will link up again in my blog post sometime soon.. :-0