6 Feb 2014

#48 Telepathy


‘Telepathy’, this word has been derived from two greek words. Tele means distant and patheia means perception, feeling or experience. It is a process of transmission of information from one person to another without the use of sensory organs. It can be regarded as a paranormal activity. It is mind-to-mind communication without the interference of media. Mostly fictious characters, interstitial species and super humans shown in television series exhibit the characteristics of sending message signals without any medium. The message is received by the receiver irrespective of the state of mind.  

Many people have had the experience of getting a telephone calls from someone just as you were thinking about them. Now a new study claims that might not just be a coincidence. It is due to a phenomenon called telepathy i.e communication through minds.

Early researches were based on the experiment of 'mental radio' in which one of a person has to guess the mind set of other person. The experiment involves two persons: sender and receiver. This may include the selection of cards by one person, then mind-to-mind communication. The other one would try to decode the signal by guessing the exact card selected from a deck of cards.

Rupert Sheldrake is a great biologist and author who has been conducting research into hypothesis that our mind extends beyond our skull the way magnetic fields extends beyond magnet or gravitational field extends beyond any planet. The phenomenon of telepathy has been widely experienced by people all around the world.

Sheldrake conducted an experiment to note down the reaction of dogs whether they would able to sense the arrival of their owners. Most of us have observed that pet dogs often go to the door of the house to check whether their owners have arrived or not. In this experiment, the owners of dog would be given a randomized signal by pager, when they were at least five miles away from their houses. They had to travel using other automobiles that they did not use daily so that there was no chance of dog hearing the familiar sound of the vehicle of the owner.  A camera was put in the front of the main window/ gate of the house to record the behavior of the dogs. It was found that fifty percent of the dogs would come and wait at the door when their owners were on their way to home. The most sensitive dogs would wait even by the window when their owners have simple decided to come home.

Most of the pets are telepathic. They are sensitive towards their owner’s emotions, behaviors. They can predict the upcoming changes and act accordingly. One reason could be that, we share a common environment with them. Not only this, but also our thinking processes, life styles, habits etc. effect their well being as they are like family members. Animals are conscious to human beings.

From a research it has been concluded that ninety percent of the population feel that someone is looking at them, turned around to check and find that someone is there. Due to phenomenon called telepathy this happens so. Many people possess the ability to read mind of other staying at a distant.

All most all mothers are telepathic. They are able to predict the state of wellbeing of their children even if they are not in touch with them for a longer period of time. I would like to share one of such incidences. Once I had mild fever, at that time I was residing at hostel and thought not to bother anyone though my phone calls. I would go to the doctor for medicine and take rest completely. Doctors prescribed medicines of very high doses and recommended to take those medicines after eating enough meal. My mother called me that day, on hearing my voice on the other side of the phone; she enquired whether I was alright. I told her that I had caught cold, got medicines from doctor, would be alright by tomorrow (to hide the matter otherwise she would be the one to worry the most). After eating those medicines, I felt restless and vomited out many times. I felt that my health condition had deteriorated than before. Anyhow, I managed to sleep. I did not have sound sleep that night because of rise in temperature and body aches. Whenever my eyes got opened up at night, I used to call my mother in my mind to get relief. At that point of time, I wanted her to be by my side and take care of me the best ever way. Throughout the night I planned to report my relative’s house if I were not alright by tomorrow. Next morning, my mobile ranged, I grabbed that to find a call from my mother. The first question she asked me about my health and she told me that she had a sleepless night too. She experienced a different kind of sensation i.e, voice similar to mine calling her (with pain). After hearing this, I was dumbstruck. How could this be possible?? Even I did not tell her about my sufferings. She was able to decode the signal exactly that my mind sent repeatedly. Similar kind of incidences may have been experienced by many readers.

Telepathy could prove to be a unique way of sending information through the connection of mind, staying at different locations on earth similar to data of transmission of data through one electronic device to other. With the advancement of technology, there may be possibilities of exploring the mind of people and decoding various signals. I end this article with a hope that such kind of advancement may happen in future in the field which is beyond our level of imagination.


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