30 Jan 2014


The light blue colored sky stretched all along. Sitting on the terrace, I took a pause to gaze as far as I could, right there. I wished that I could become a bird and fly higher so that I could view the clouds spread randomly on the sky at a closer distance. The clouds were forming very interesting patterns and merging with other clouds to form bigger and distinct patterns. One could imagine whatever comes into their mind. I started guessing the possible patterns I could form standing there at the terrace. I knew that these patterns would stay for a while but still it compelled me to take a look. All the clouds seemed to be dormant but actually these were changing their shapes so slowly that I could not notice instantly. Like the clouds, with the transient passage of time, my brain started getting packed with loads of questions regarding their existence, appearance, and relativity. How did the clouds merge to form interesting patterns and all of the sudden vanish? This was the question that hit my mind for a while. In order to feed my mind with any answer, I was searching for that, gazing far away.

The entire sky resembles that of canvas on which clouds are painted. As a painter paints different images and preserves those, similarly God is a painter and he paints a picture which is a result of the pattern formed by the clouds. Initially, if the painting does not please the painter, he experiments with the colors and modifies the picture that suits him. So, clouds form and vanish due to the amendments made by God in due course of painting .When a painting is shown to a spectator , he/ she interprets it in his/her own way regardless of the theme that the painter has thought of. On seeing a clear sky with lots of clouds one can apprehend that in many other ways that strike his mind at that instant. But the clarity of imagination depends on the stock of ideas that are innate.   One can correlate that pattern with kite, cartoon characters, boat. Cup, kettle and much more. To some, it may not be visible because it depends on one’s perspective of observation. Sometimes the patterns vanish so quickly that one’s eye can catch.

Like the clear sky, our mind is a canvas where we paint ideas and thoughts. The more we devote time to ourselves, the more clearly the picture forms. In the entire process, soul acts as a brush moving over a mind. Before drawing any painting, it is required to make a rough sketch of that. So, before reaching to any conclusion, it is required to make a rough idea in mind. Afterward, the real thing starts taking its shape. Thoughts get generated unconsciously or consciously within ourselves and with the help of words, these are expressed to the outer world. It is one’s capacity or ability to determine the efficiency of the thoughts. As the shapes of the clouds forming interesting patterns may not be visible to some, in the same way, the depth of the thoughts seems apparent to some. Its existence and significance are real for those who get sublime into its regime. Through meditation and introspection, one can very well judge the power of thoughts and words that create a new scenario in mind. Thoughts can be so powerful enough to navigate anywhere in this universe and overcome all the barriers present (may be social, linguistic or any).

The phenomenon of forming patterns by clouds is a daily schedule. Clouds arrive at a slower pace and form some patterns in the sky and then dispatch. As compared to clouds, thoughts travel much faster and need no time to converge and amalgamate with few more to create marvelous effects. Thoughts require no medium to grow and cultivate but a pure mind and soul are more than enough to withstand their pressure and load. The intensity of thoughts can never be neglected even if it is for short interval of time. Thoughts imparting long-lasting effects are immortal and define one’s characteristic in a better way.

So, the beauty lies within oneself. In reality, everyone is an artist. Daily, one paints something on the canvas of mind dipping soul as brush and words as colors to create something innovative that satisfies him.

Sweta Sarangi


  1. Human mind is a brilliant machine..... It is fine-wired to generate around 70,000 thoughts.... It makes a pattern out of things not in order and but only an up-skilled one can create articles like this........ (y)
    Nice One :)