22 Feb 2014

#52 Collection of Childhood poetry

Collection of Childhood poetry

This post is about my journey with poetry which grew as a hobby. In this post, you are going to read poems composed by me during my school days out of which few got published in school magazine and others helped me bagging prizes in various competitions.

As a child, I loved sitting in the last bench in the classroom as it offered me enough space to do my own task when I found the things going around me uninteresting. I composed my first poem when I was in class VI which was on “Mother”. During those days I had almost no idea about the feelings involved in poetry rather I focused mainly on rhyming words and schemes. With the passage of time, I got exposed to literary world and work of different poets, fascinated me. At the same time, I started to develop an insight to the connection of language with human feelings. In later years, I found it quite amusing to experiment with rhymes, words and feelings.

My earlier poems might seem boring or immature to readers or you might find few errors in them, but let me remind you about the fact that I composed them as a child. I’m posting them as they were composed because these are what I thought then. I’ve preserved them because they give me an overview of the evolution of my poetry as well as motivate me to create more. So, you are gonna get exposed to the pristine form my poetry.

The poems have been arranged in a chronological order (from Std 6th to 12th) on the basis of classes(mentioned at the end of each poem).

She always bothers
She is sweet as flowers
She is happy as shower.

She looks happy
When I do my work
She looks annoyed
When I do mischieves.

She is active
Sometimes passive
And fills colors in my life
So, I pray God for her long life.

Mother, Mother, Mother
Sweet as flowers
Happy as blowers
And bright as colors.
Class VI

In schools, we invite newcomers
The plants are filled with flowers
Flowers are of different colors.

We eat ice cream
We make our chess team
In the cricket match, India also wins
We don’t forget to swim.

We get a long vacation
In our mind, we don’t have any tension.
We watch movies in television
We think it to be the best season.

We try to complete our homework
Because we have to do other works
It gives the best experience in life
Seasons are of different types.

Village is the place
With which we all are connected
Sometimes in our childhood
We enjoyed in its bed.

It is famous
For its nature’s beauty
The heart of the villagers
Are filled with purity.

Sometimes I go to see
Fares in my village
I play Kabaddi with
My friends in the village.

People are busy
They don’t waste their time
They work hard to
Earn some money

Village gives us the lesson
To not waste the time
To become a good citizen
And to purify our mind.


Many people encountered
With this dreadful event
When it took away everything
Within 2-3 minutes.

It controlled everything
With its fist
When the children became orphan
And many schools broke down.

Who will give
Help to those victims?
But remember
They might be your brother or kin.

I saw a little boy
Who was holding a lovely toy.
He was very cute
And was wearing a black colored boot.
I called him
And offered him an ice cream
He was very naughty
And sometimes became haughty.
I went to his home
It looked like the city of Rome.
I put a cover on his copy.
He said “I’m very lucky”.
He asked me about the father of nation
I suggested him not to take tension.
He showed me many stickers
Of different jokers.
That’s all about him
He was fond of ice- cream.


Give the answer to the question
What is science?
Hey, children do not lose your conscience
Learn more about science.

Do you think that it is easy?
But you see, it’s crazy.
Like the falling of rain
Which can refresh your brain.

Something so special
Can you tell its name, actual?
Which is full of fun
Don’t compare it to the toy gun.

How does the turbine turn?
How does a baby born?
To give an end to your eagerness
Science has formed.

Question Paper
While listening to this word
Some become tensionful
While other remains very cool.

Can you say that it
Is so terrible
It is full of all
Easy and difficult problems.

It can tell about
Your future
When your answer sheet is
Checked by the teacher.

Do not worry
Study and study regularly
This is made of paper
Which tells us not to become a slacker.


While staring at the night sky
Something which sprinkle the ray of light
Thereby form a lovely and beautiful sight
Which attract us towards those little sparkling light.

These stars are very far from us
Can you tell me what is its cause?
But we are very short in height
Twinkle, twinkle all the night.

Sometimes I wonder
Who takes care of them there?
Destroying all the darkness
Spreading the wonderful brightness.

For me those are so special
But they aren’t made up of any metal
One, two, three and infinite
Don’t compare them with the kite.

The environment is very green
Because of the trees
Once I was very keen
To catch the humming bees.

The sweet little birds
Sing us to sleep
By listening to those
We do not fall asleep.

The gentle wind which blows
Feels our heart with great delight
The river which flows
And makes that a bright sight.

The diversities which we find
From the nature
It is very important to be kind
Towards its various creatures.

It is our duty
To enhance its beauty
And to make a city
Full of happiness and prosperity.

Composing poem is a skill
When you start composing
You feel like reciting beyond your will
It is itself an art
You’ll become very smart.

At first , you may find
Yourself completely in water
And sometimes think of leaving this matter
Beating the head and scratching the hair.
And will go out to breathe in fresh air.

Then you lift yourself up
But actually find it very tough
By holding the pen you start concentrating
At one point for sometime
And keep on finding and finding.

At last you are successful
In reciting the poem
You feel very cheerful
And think that it is the best
Method of expression.

This poem helped me bagging 1st prize in Creative writing competition at school level.

God, O God
An invisible prayer
A month, a day and an hour
Shaped by that mighty power.

Over and Over
We bend our head
In front of his feet
But it is difficult to believe
Does he really exist?

It is in our devotion or imagination
Which helps us to believe he exists
We never do wrong
As he always guides.

He , who is the master
And has all the control
No one is deprived of his mercy
As his rules pervade over all.

Published in school magazine

A man was lost
In the dense forest
But he had to reach home
At any cost.

Walked he beyond and beyond
In the darkness of the forest
Discovered a depression in the ground
Where, there sat a saint.

He did not control his excitement
Asked the saint with full confidence
To show him the path
That could fascinate his heart.

Smiled the saint with suspicion
And paused to answer that
There was an unlimited treasure
Which would last forever.

That was a great enlightment
Which was very far away from his expectation
He soon developed an intense desire
Of owning all the treasure.

Thinking about the treasure
He was filled with immense pleasure
He marched forward
Like a gallant but not a like a coward.

At first he found gold shining
Approached near it
At a distance he found a lump of silver
Then some crystals of diameter.

Farther and farther he went
He saw more and more diamond
He was intoxicated in the worldly greed
But was a greatest fool indeed.

At that time he forgot that
He had to return back
When he reached the end of the forest
He was taken aback.

The giggling sound could be heard
Of the beast having long beard
The man was caught up in frenzy
At that time , he was almost half crazy.

The beast introduced himself
To be the supreme owner
And the treasure keeper
Of the extra stretching forest.

He let his eyes to
Fall on the treasure fed sac
He came closer
And gave the man a slap.

It seemed impossible for
The man to escape from his trap
He was conditioned to
Donate his treasure fed sac.

To his surprise the beast vanishes
In the next moment
There was nothing left with him
Except repentance and sorrow.

What can we conclude?
“All covet, all lose.”
“A hen in hand is worth two in bush.”
It is up to us which way we choose.


Mathura and Vrindavan are the places of pilgrimage
Which bear the memories of Lord Krishna
The living, non-living everything chants
One and only one name Lord Krishna.

The natural beauty with holy scent
Creates a paradise
The prevalent eternal serenity
Builds it into a unique city.

The way to the temple over the hill
Was not smooth but full of pebbles
Walking bare footed over those
Made us exhausted and troubled.

I was not alone
Tolerating he scorching heat but
Was accompanied by my family and fellow travelers
Holding the basket full of flowers.

Inspite of those hindrances
We had the spirit to witness the almighty
We reached the temple till evening
It was the time of prayers and offerings.

The temple shone as if it was burning
The devotees were intoxicated
In reciting the hymns
Which described the Lord and his belongings.

For some moment, those prayers
Took us to Krishna’s time
We could no longer think about that
When the bells were made to chime.

It is the result of their
Love and deep devotion
Which made people think that
Lord Krishna is still alive.

The experiences of my visit
Left a deep imprint on my mind
Indeed a heaven on Earth
A place for visit.


Theme: Through this poem, I want to convey the message that Beauty does not alone lies in the outer appearance (All that glitters is not gold!!). When we try to rely on the outer appearance, we tend to miss out so many relevant things. 

An island of the dark
Situated amidst an unknown ocean
Uncountable drops constitute that ocean
Like any other ocean.

Though similar as other oceans
Yet it is different
Specialties are its parts
Hidden in its core, deep inside
Lies a treasure of unusualties
And certain mysteries
Who has bothered  to unveil those?
No one.
So it lays there the same forever.

Dark island gets darker
As the hours pass
The sky above it lays still
With few birds and scavengers.
Yet there is much hope in it
Because it is a site of
Enormous food and breathtaking beauty
An ordinary bird can’t behold it,
As they rely upon the outer appearances
Very few having faith on them
Enter it to avail
Those amenities and absorb its splendor.
So eternal and divine it is!!
Which has been designed for that purpose.

But, it is rarely used.
Those who have discovered it
Are now thriving on it.
How fortunate are they!
Because they followed their heart at first
Rather than their eyes.
They accepted the unusualties of the island
As gift from god to possess
Rather than blaming them.
They know the natural process
So, they don’t see it differently.
They are now parts of it
And respect each of its component
And dream of dying on its land
And it is very true that
They find their souls in heaven
Resting in peace.

15.The World of Poets

The world of poet is
built up of words with imaginations,
which express his internal feelings,
which is like a music in air
creating an eternal effect
around the readers who can
catch each expression thrown out
by the poem as it advances.

The poem is a flow, an unique one,
depends upon the direction
in which it has been made to flow.
All its components are its own.
It flows forth and collects
the things coming on its way
and its flow also reveals
the purpose behind it.

And how do these flows flow?
These are the flows of ink
flowing over a piece of paper
which are born out of emotions and imagination
and get directions from it.
It carries issues or messages
wrapped in Literature, a medium.

Such is the world of poet
narrative and imaginative
full of pictures to be seen.
It may have resemblance with
the world of a painter.
It means how it is
interpreted by others.
The owners of such worlds
can create something out of nothing,
which is quite unusual.

Class XII 

16. A Speechless Warning
To my enemies,
I warn you all.
Get stuck to your place
Lest you should fall
From the pinnacle of hallucination
Which might set your wit in motion.

Shed off the feeling of being superior
As it would never let you feel
The experience of a
Gallant warrior.

Do notice that I warn you
Through my unsaid dialogues
I do not curse any catastrophe
To cause any havoc
Cause that’s of no use.

Oh! How foolishly you believe what you see
And you claim that’s why you are distancing me
Your each attempt of belittling myself
Is doing nothing much (to you)but
Multiplying my will reinforced with tolerating capability
I doubt if you’ve ever discovered a
Slightest part of my ability
In fact, you’re unknowingly lifting
My spirit up but unwittingly
Making your roles great flops.

Remember!! Your steps can never distract me
Unless I allow your intensions to overpower me
Ironically, you’re heading trouble for yourself
Which you don’t realize
And pretend to be sympathetic
Which is not required at all.

I neither point you out
Nor do I ever think to shout
To highlight your silliness
Cause I don’t wish to transform those
Who are never meant to be transformed

Use of slangs never display your smartness
But only my smartness to neglect them
Unfortunately your humiliating words
Have never been able to drive me back.

In spite of your deeds
I stretch out my arms
To embrace you when you require
To comfort you
When you feel desolated.

It shows my greatness
To always shadow your weaknesses
See, how uniquely you’ve
Invoked my literary taste.
And I should not forget
To appreciate.

I’m not going to dissipate
My wrath in form of ugly revenge
As you may expect
You must see that, this is my
Concept of forgiving.
Class XII

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