11 Feb 2014

#49 I wish, I were

I wish, I were

I wish, I were a bird flying very high
Flapping wings to touch the sky.

I wish, I were a candle that illuminates
The prevalent darkness.

I wish, I were a incense stick
Spreading aroma that sense can pick.

I wish, I were a mountain
That stands rigid, tall and vibrant.

I wish, I were a river flowing anonymously
Giving life to a large vegetation instantly

I wish I were a flute, my melody of music
Percolates souls of every music maniac

I wish, I were a beautiful flower
Surrender myself for the devotional hours

I wish, I were a national anthem
That citizens hum with a rhythm.

I wish, I were a book
That binds the readers to its look

I wish, I were a bell
Chiming and awakening dead cells

I wish, I were a dove
Spreading peace across the globe

Every animate and inanimate store
Within an exceptional spark of glow
Recognizing the worth of oneself
Is the quintessence of being raw.

Sweta Sarangi



  1. God made everything..... and gave everything a purpose....... god made us sentient beings we should be ourselves while borrowing the 'good things' from our surroundings and mother nature... as is depicted in the poem..
    NICE ONE !!!(y)

  2. Mother nature has got all the elements which can be taken into consideration and observing these components provides inspiration.Thanks for reading!!