14 Mar 2015

#93 The Moment Of Joy

The moment of joy
My poem in spot poetry of Anweshan’s Poetry writing Competition , 2k15.
Duration: 1hr

Being surpassed by the fear
Of facing the battle
The heart pounded faster
Urging a need to move forward

Mind’s enormous motivation
Stirring the self from seclusion
How to move across the wind
Came a question from the stubborn instinct.

What the result would be?
How would the consequences look like?
Numerous haphazard random queries
Turned the possibility- a reverie.

Is the game all about
Victory and loss?
When the things get reversed
With just a single toss.

Pacified all my thoughts
To step out of inner dearth
Froze entire scene in front
The battle field- turbulent.

When came the moment of show
Then I realized it was
Something lot broader than
What I had ever thought of.

I stood firm all through
Like a pillar- not so tall
As I knew that
United we stand, divided we fall.

At last the trial got over
Leaving moments to be preserved forever
I felt the victory was in struggle

The moment of joy- I would call.

By Swati Sarangi


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