30 Mar 2015

#94 A million dollar gift

A million dollar gift

I returned from my college after attending regular classes that day and threw my bag carelessly on my bed which was placed at one corner of my room. Then I pulled my chair and sat hopelessly. I was upset because of my end-sem which was about to commence from next week.  My birthday coincidently felt on the very first day of exam. So, going home for me had now become a dream. I celebrated every birthday of mine with my family. But this time, I would miss this celebration. I became gloomy and stared outside at the greenery from my window panes but didn't find those interesting.

I started rewinding the memories associated with the celebration of my birthdays at home. Blowing candles, cutting cakes, savoring delicacies, dancing and singing loudly with my cousins and friends were the sequence of events performed on my birthday each year. At the end, a group photographs with all family members and friends just an icing on cake.  I felt very nostalgic when I tried to walk over those memory lanes connecting those incidences.

A phone call disrupted the sequence of my thoughts. It was a call from my mom. Initially I did not want to disclose my worries. Later I narrated the entire story.

Me: Mom you know that my end-sem is going to get started next week??

Mom: So, haven’t you prepared for that?? If not, then start preparing from today. Why are you so much worried?? (She pretended as if she didn’t know my birthday falling in the coming week)

Me: Please mom, just try to understand. I will not be able to come to home next week. My birthday will be then.

Mom: Don’t worry for that we will celebrate once you return back from hostel. Now, don’t be silly.

Me: What about my gifts??

Mom: That you are going get after your birthday. Now, don’t ask me many questions. Focus on your study. Bye

Me: Okay mom. Bye.

Then one of my friends knocked the door. I opened to find she had invited me to join her for walk. I felt relaxed after making her listen my worries.

Exactly after one week………

I was flooded with phone calls from mid night from many people. After completing my exam in institute, I returned back to my hostel. I was surprised to find a gift wrapped with pink coloured glazing cover. I was elated and without taking much time, I started to unwrap it. I found a collection of motivational books which my father had presented me. These were “Think and grow rich” by Napolean Hill, “Who will cry when you die” and “A monk who sold his Ferrari” by Robin Sharma and “Seven spiritual laws of Success” By Deepak Chopra. My eyes fell over the sticker of Flipkart along with a tag of 27 coupons. Flipkart has got a wide range of products of varying prices. We had been regularly availing the facilities of e-commerce. The tag of 27 coupons seemed unfamiliar to me as I was seeing it for the first time. Then Google came to my rescue.  From Google I got the information about 27 Coupons which is a service dealing with many stores of India like Flipkart. It provides attractive discounts on customer goods. After enquiring about this, I learnt that I had got these five books at such a discount which I would have never got had I purchased from the book store. All the credit goes to 27 coupons for saving money and most importantly time. What can be a better option than getting your favourite stuffs at your doorstep at nominal prices without moving an inch from your home?

I had already demanded these books before but never knew that I would get these on my birthday. It was a million dollar gift for me from my father. I would call it “A million dollar gift” because it was more precious for that moment. Last but not the least; I would never forget to thank Flipkart for making my day special with those books.



  1. Great story Sweta! Happy belated birthday! :o)

  2. Thanks for reading and my birthday is yet to come!! :)