30 Mar 2015

#95 Bloganniversary


This blog turns two year old today- a happy moment for me J . I feel amazed at the rate at which the time has passed. I still look back at this day, on 30th Mar 2013, when I started publishing my writings in this platform. And, yes my passion for writing has been in my genes, it’s hereditary. Even though my parents are not into the occupation of writing, yet their written creations have always left an indelible impact on me. It is their immense support that has always provided an audacity to my words. I can still very well recall my father’s composed poems and songs for me in my primary school days which were recited by me, my mother’s fictitious stories preserving all human emotions full up to its brim to arouse the subtle and tender sentiments in the readers, my uncle’s few published writings in newspaper, relatives’s random scribblings and musings, my grandparent’s unparalleled story telling skills - these are all enough to motivate me to write unconsciously. An expression is beyond the discriminatory boundary of language. It does not matter in which language the matter has been expressed, all that matters is that the underlying idea or the thought must be conveyed to the readers well.  I’m always grateful and will always remain indebted to my family members who have taken a great care to nurture my thought processes. That’s because thoughts are tremendous dynamic forces possessing the abilities to transform an individual.

About my journey in life, I’m at the verge of completing my graduation in Electrical Engineering. The environment/surrounding always affect an individual. So, some of my writings have been highly influenced by the surrounding where I lived and the company of people with which I lived. A heartfelt gratitude to my teachers and friends who were always there with me during these evolutionary academic years.     

This journey of writing made me realize that the pen is mightier than sword. The words are many times more powerful than force. It is because the words are the reflections of one’s own thoughts. It is the direct indicative of one’s own state of mind. Some of the powerful writings have got emerged during the time of trials and adversities. I felt that I could write something inspiring when I needed one for myself. So, this entire process of writing helped me to take a close look at my own thoughts and psychological need. In last two years, I could also witness the rewarding side of this passion which boosted up my spirit manifold.

I cannot estimate the length of my journey towards expression in words, all I can say at this point is that I’m still a beginner in this field trying to gain experience each day.

With a promise to continue it, I end this post here.

Happy Reading!! J

Swati Sarangi


  1. Its a wonderful journey.. Keep blogging.
    Best Wishes!

    1. Yeah!! the journey has been so wonderful for me!! Thanks for the wish!! :)

  2. This post made me realize that even my blog crossed its 2nd year anniversary recently :P Thanks for reminding me about that :)

    And, Happy Birthday to your blog. Keep writing till the last breathe of your life :)

    1. Thanks a lot for wishing and motivating!! Birthday wishes for your blog too!! :) Yeah, we'll keep writing in future too..