29 Dec 2014

#86 New year resolutions

New Year Resolutions

A fresh and new year is approaching. We all wait eagerly for this day with endless hopes and aspirations. It is a general ideology of people to make resolutions on this day. In most of the cases, resolutions are made keeping in mind those habits that are required to be changed. These are just commitments for oneself in order to get rid of bad habits and replace them with some new ones. In other words, resolutions are statements that our minds frame, to be followed by us in time period which are in contrast to our behavior.

These resolutions are dynamic in nature because these can’t stay for long. Once these are broken, next time another set is formed apparently. It’s obvious to make resolutions but not obvious for one to clutch to those for long. That’s why these are not static. If these are followed strictly, then these can inculcate positive developments in one’s behavior and bring transformations.

Here are listed some resolutions –
1.   Pursue your interest
2.   Eat healthy food
3.   Be more consistent
4.   Be happy
5.    Be grateful
6.   Meditate on yourself
7.   Stop procrastination
8.   Maintain routine
9.   Spend time with family
10.         Be focused

So, don’t wait for any special moment, make resolutions in any hour and day. If possible, stick to those for long. New Year provides just a way to start something new.

I am wishing every reader of this article “A very happy and glorious new year”. May this New Year open up all channels of success and happiness for you and your family and bring new opportunities.



  1. My resolution is to make No resolutions. Take each day and each moment as it comes. That Mantra works for me. Hope you achieve your goals too. Happy 2015 :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by!! Happy new year to you as well!!

  2. resolutions are meant to be broken nowadays ,it's only a formality because you won't wait for a particular day to accept or leave something .

    following your blog now

    1. Yes,that's true,Cifar Shayar!! Welcome to our blog!! Thanks for commenting! :)