15 Jun 2014

#70 You were there

You were there

You were there to lift me up,
You did smile seeing me holding a cup.
You never let me lose my spirit,
Sometimes u said “yeah,you did it”.

You were there to make me happy,
Which made me feel very lucky.
You did absorb my tears and pain,
You cheered me up again and again.

You were there to hold me tight,
You inspired me to think something bright.
I always enjoyed your company,
You drove me to another stream.

You were there to motivate me,
In my most darkest period of time.
You were there to say “u can”,
“Untill unless u have a strong stand”.

You were there when I was in need,
You will be there when I will be in need.
I was pleased the way you handled,
Every situation with a different angle.

You were there like a strong wall,
Of support, what I could very well recall.
You trusted me the most,
You were like a sea on a coast.

You were there to shower your love,
When I tried to overcome a terrible loss
For me, you were my first love,
With you, my worries would dissolve.

You considered me as an adorable doll,
And a “super power”, I would like to call.
I am blessed to have you as my father,
And wish to be under your shelter forever.

On the occasion of Father’s day,
Something special I would like to say.
You are the best father all over the world,
And no one can replace you in the world.

If I always become a reason for your smile,
I’ll consider myself lucky, for a while
I promise to fulfill your expectation,
And will try to accomplish your mission.

**Dedicated to my father**