29 Jul 2013

#15 A Prayer

A Prayer

I fold my hands and
Bow my head before
An invisible power
Without knowing its form
To strengthen my conviction
Reinforced with greater insight
To decipher each action
Its cause and reaction.

Oh! God, a sincere prayer to render.
Let all our fears-
Fear of being alone, rejected,
Unsuccessful, lost,
Of not knowing identifying others
And our own selves,
Sublime into optimism and courage.

Mould each of us into
Recipients of all virtues and
Appraisal of every value
Residing in your creations.
Transform us into tough contenders
To survive all odds
And extract the essence.
Never let our quest for perfection
Exhausted by kindling our enthusiasm.
We understand that
We are frogs in self created wells.
We are like tiny drops
Constituting an enormous ocean.

So, empower us,
Awaken our weary spirits
So that we can come out
Of our not-so-deep wells.
When situations torment us,
Please widen our visions
To be able to see through
The bright side.
Your presence lies in
Your absence- in our images.

Be a torch bearer
And a pathfinder.
Oh! Lord, it’s my prayer.

By-Swati Sarangi 


  1. May Lord hear your prayer and give you more vision and power to create more such lively prayers.

    Composition is very nice and each word gets its deeper feeling.

    Keep on writing such poems which will one day give you a unique recognisation.


    1. Thank for the praise, Bapa!! I'll soon be posting so more poems in this blog (a special poem on the verge of completion)..