16 Jun 2017

#276 Gambling with EE

Welcome to the word of Electrical Engineering.
I've opened a new blog in wordpress having domain name- Gambling with EE : Gambling with EE at wordpress 
This is an introductory post. A little about myself: I'm Swati Sarangi and have been graduated in Electrical Engineering from the prestigious institute of Odisha, Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology Sarang, situated in the industrial region of state and the bank of magnificent river, Brahmani.
This blog has been designed to share materials and strategies with aspirants preparing for various competitive exams; technical and non-technical.

Taking up Electrical Engineering and finding a way out through it is no less than playing a gamble. It gets addictive with time, trust me! No matter how much you try to go away from it, it keeps pulling you towards it provided you've spent a considerable time with it in your undergraduate level.
And, now guessing the title of the blog will never be tough for the readers!

Signing off for now

Swati Sarangi
An Electrical Engineering Graduate (2011-2015)

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