3 Jun 2017

#269 In the end

In the end

I always wonder what matters the most in the end ? Here I’m referring the end to the completion of a task on to-do list that requires the execution of a well devised plan on a long term.

This topic prompts me to scroll down my memory lane. During my school days at KV, I had a dream to see my name painted over the board indicating the names of toppers of class X and XII which was nailed to the wall adjacent to Teacher’s staff room. Along with it, I also cherished a dream of scoring highest marks in Hindi in my school to  accomplish what was never done in the history of my school; a student from non-Hindi speaking state scoring the highest marks in Hindi and also to prove the naysayers that with dedication and hard work, any dream can be achieved.

So, I took up the battle to attain the goal that I had set for me.  English was the subject I had always penchant for and reading anything in English never bored me. I wanted to develop similar interest for Hindi. I knew that to be a good writer in any language, one has to be a voracious reader. So, I started reading as much as I can in Hindi. There were spiritual magazines being subscribed by my father which contained interesting stories with messages at the end.  Reading it not only developed a great vocabulary but also inculcated strong values at the tender stage of adolescence.

Language Hindi, not being very scientific nature, has associated two genders to almost every word. There’s no special category for non-living things as they too are associated with either masculine or feminine gender. This was the major difficulty that I faced in associating the gender with every word, especially with inanimate things. To remove this, I started listening to people primarily belonging to Hindi speaking state, with utmost care which later got converted into an intuitive feeling.

Listening and reading were like the external stimuli for my goal but the actual workout was to practice. I devised a plan to write one essay or paragraph in Hindi every morning and got it evaluated by my sister, whose write up in Hindi always inspired me. I carried out this plan for 2 years and surprisingly it was something that pushed me out of my bed as early as 5a.m in the morning. I practised a lot of mock test under timed environment to build up my confidence. Every time I fell down, I picked myself up, dusted myself off to make me prepared for the decisive day. I did not want to run away from the stage before the final show!

The board exam of 10th got over and I was confident about my efforts. The result came in my favour by God’s grace and a score of 95 out of 100 in Hindi was like a treat to my eyes. It gave me a sense of achievement- done and dusted.   

From this experience, I got important lessons for good,

·        What matters in the end is the satisfaction of accomplishing the task you’ve always thought of more than the result itself. The result always gets reciprocated by the efforts carried out consistently till the attainment of goal.

·        Knowledge is one of the most unbiased entities in the universe. Anybody irrespective of gender, age, religion, caste , creed can attain it.

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Swati Sarangi


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  1. Can you elaborate more on "Language Hindi not being very scientific nature"

    1. Almost every thing ,be it living or non-living, has associated with two genders which I find little non-scientific.It becomes difficult at times for someone hailing from a non-Hindi speaking state to guess the gender of the word correctly.I had to burn a lot of midnight oil to overcome this challenge.Glad I could do that.Thanks so much for going through this post and sharing your view.. :)