10 Jun 2017

#272 My Happy Moments

My Happy Moments

Happiness is a relative concept in a sense that the association of this unique order of alphabets to its meaning changes from person to person. It is also influenced by various factors; both internal and external. One important thing that I observed after having travelled through various frames of space and time that the quotient of happiness is situation-oriented. For example, during my childhood and days at school, my happiness was only related to things of academics like good grades, appreciation from my teachers, books, copies, pens, colours and other products of stationary. As I grew older, I found the centroid of my happiness getting shifted to inner satisfaction rather than materialistic possessions. Attachment to materialistic stuffs may not guarantee happiness in a long term.

Reflecting on my happy-moments, here I make a brief list,
I’m happy when I’m with my family. It’s the biggest reason behind my happiness. It stimulates the flow of hormones in my body which are responsible for creating an aura of happiness in my mind.  

·        I’m happy when I’m able to accomplish my to-do list that I always make during the beginning of my day. The sense of satisfaction that comes to me when I strike off the tasks that I’ve completed is simply inexplicable.

·        I’m happy when I keep up my profile of a student alive. The learning experience is not only confined to classroom or lecture halls but also to a live class called LIFE.  Oh! Yes, I’m a student of life and consistently want to learn from every experience of it.

·        I’m happy when I get to do what I enjoy the most. I enjoy getting engrossed in my hobbies in my spare time which includes reading, writing, singing, painting, teaching, cooking, crafts etc.

·        I’m happy when I’m able to help anyone in any possible way. What can bring more satisfaction than using my energy and resources in life of others or aiding to someone in need. The help does not have to be in physical form always. It can be emotional, mental, psychological, moral etc.

·        I’m happy when I’m able to realise the blessings of my life because of family and friends I possess, then I start to feel the flow of abundance in my life.

·         I’m happy when I get the company of intellectual people from whom I can learn a lot to improve myself.

·        I’m happy when like-minded people are around me. It’s when I feel myself being accepted the most and the process of sharing my emotions and feelings becomes very very easy.

·        I’m happy when my thoughts are synchronised and my mind is at peace. As a result of this, I’m able to express myself in a better way.

·        I’m happy when my talent is genuinely appreciated and encouraged.

·        I’m happy when I’m able to reciprocate the warmth of various relationships that I’ve blessed to experience.

Happiness is an eternal bliss that each of us has right to. Being happy is always a choice that life offers us. Our happiness is often snatched away when we start to associate it with something which is ephemeral.  Trying to be the version of myself that I always want to be is what makes me happy. The ultimate happiness will come to me when I’m able to accomplish the reason behind my existence. I’m on that process of discovering that reason! 

Concluding this post with the following quote,“It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness”,Marcus Aurelius

Swati Sarangi

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