22 Apr 2017

#248 Halfgirlfriend

Half girlfriend

Looking at the sky filled with uncountable stars like diamonds being scattered over a black sheet and the moon radiating its light, she raised her brows in despair and replied to a question which was asked by him multiple times, “I can’t be your girlfriend but can I be your half girlfriend?”

Out of sheer amazement, he uttered, “What does half mean? We have been together for more than three years. But how has this ‘half’ word come to your mind??’’

She said politely, “It simply means that Dost se Zyaada, Girlfriend se kam (More than a friend but less than a girlfriend friend). I am not ready for a complete relationship. And I can’t assure you that.”

He felt as if someone broke him into a number of pieces of emotions. He was not convinced fully to whatever she told. In his mind, he had already set an answer and perhaps that was a fact for him which could not be changed. He only asked this question to her in order to calm his mind which had been in turmoil for a couple of days.

“Why did you say like that? Don’t you feel that I am capable enough to take care of you as well as your emotions?” He asked impatiently. A lot of questions started to get building up in his mind and these were strong enough to destroy his peace.

For him, she constituted his world. She was every reason of his existence. Her beautiful eyes were so mesmerizing that drew his attention each and every day. Her voice was as sweet as a nightingale. He had never expected her to say something like this. It was a bolt from a blue.

Their conversation took a pause. There was an eerie silence for few minutes. Both stood apart, still looking at the sky and this distance was what created in their mind.

The girl broke the silence, “ Let me explain to you what I meant through a short story. Once upon a time, there lived the sun and a moon in the sky. They were in deep love with other. Even they used to live together. They used to share same space as well. Their friendship grew stronger with the passage of time. It seemed that as if they were united as a single body. Sun wanted to confirm that whether they are in a true relationship not. Sun wanted to live with Moon forever and make this relationship to another level. To this moon was not agreed. They had their priorities and that’s why one can never find both of these celestial bodies shining at the same time.  

Our relationship is like that of sun and moon. We are together but we can’t stay together. We all know that the sun shines in morning and moon at night. But they are known for their source of light. Similarly, you are like Sun and I am the moon. I may fill your life with light but this light may not remain for long. I neither want to betray nor disrespect you. According to me, this is the right decision and we have our commitments and priorities. And friends are those who can never be taken away from life. They are always special and you will occupy a special space in my heart no matter where I go.”

“Thank you very much for having explained to me what it meant really. And yes, you can be my half girlfriend. But the space that I have in my heart for you can never be filled by anyone else.” He said with a spark in his eyes. Suddenly they witnessed a shooting star, they closed their eyes and made a wish together with a hope that it will be fulfilled someday or other.

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Sweta Sarangi



  1. Half Girlfriend has touched a nerve with young Indian Readers and its happy ending. Start with basketball court and end with that.

    1. Thank you for going through the post. Yes, trailer of the movie is amazing.

  2. Loved reading your story. I have a humorous take on the topic on my blog. https://durgadash.com/2017/04/22/girlfriend-by-two/

    1. Thanks for going through my story. And I will definitely follow the link of your blog..